NBA Player Tim Thomas Accused of Anti-Gay Slurs at Denny’s Brawl

A brawl involving Mavericks forward Tim Thomas has been reported at  allas-area Denny's restaurant. According to reports, Thomas, another man, and three women responded to a greeting from 29-year-old Daniel Pettie with gay slurs before a melee which involved the throwing of chairs.

The Dallas Morning News reports: Thomas

"Pettie told The Dallas Morning News that someone else — not Thomas — threw the chair.

He said that when he and his friends passed by Thomas’ table and he addressed the player by saying, 'What’s up?' Thomas responded that that he didn’t talk to 'faggots.'

Pettie said he later passed Thomas’ table again, and that Thomas made another remark derogatory remark about gays. 'I asked one of the guys, ‘What the hell did you say?’' Pettie said. 'As Tim continued to instigate the situation, one of the guys hit me in my mouth. Another one of his friends hit me. They pushed me down onto a table.'

Pettie says he picked up a chair to defend himself. One of the men who hit him in the face then picked up a chair and threw it, he said. Pettie said he caught the chair, but not before it (hit) Kissick.

He said Thomas then yelled out that the police had been called and that it was time to leave. 'It was juvenile,' said Pettie. 'It was like a bunch of high school kids. It reminded me of high school. The popular kids picking on lower classmen. That’s how they acted. (Thomas) acted like a big bully kid in high school.'

Pettie said that he is not gay, but that some of the friends who were with him are lesbian."

A local sports anchor for KRLD was reportedly a witness to the brawl and will be telling his version of events this afternoon.

UPDATE: KRLD's Emrich provides account.


  1. interested bystander says

    Accusations of a player displaying unabashed homophobia, especially with associated violence, should be investigated by the police and NBA.

    BTW, I don’t eat at Denny’s and I don’t have an NBA player’s salary by a long shot.

  2. SFshawn says

    Just reinforces the stereotype that these overpaid ‘athletes’ are nothing but big spoiled brats with nothing to really contribute to society except their ability to throw a ball through a hoop,slap each others asses and talk bullshit 24/7.

  3. says

    The NBA is in a downward spiral because fans choose to not support gangs and street thugs. Ever since the Pacers and Pistons turned Detroit into a riot scene I’ve lost complete interest – just like most of America. The NBA is a joke.

  4. CJ says

    Well stated SFSHAWN. When society places athletes on pedestals for no other reason other than playing a sport, most don’t deserve the lives they lead. I lost count how many “jocks” in high school were literally given passing grades for classes they barely attended in order for them to take their high school sports team to regionals and more, thus gaining recognition and (possible) funds for the school. Then when they are let loose on society, they’re under-educated and ignorant, yet are thrust into the spotlight for kids as “role models”. WTF? Our priorities are hella out of whack. We pay actors and athletes MILLIONS yet our teachers, fireman, policemen – people who actually educate, protect and make our lives better are barely scrapping by. GET IT TOGETHER PEOPLE.

  5. niles says

    What kind of sports reporter who is a witness to a major story just gets up and leaves the scene? Sounds like this guy is covering his bud’s back with a slanted version. Typical Dallas sports mentality.

  6. patrick nyc says

    Why would I care what this monkey has to say?

    I hope that is not a racist dig at this douche bag. Monkey has been used often as one and has no place here, if that is what you meant. If it is not, you should apologize to any who are offended by such remarks.

  7. John in Boston says

    No human being should be worshiped the way some athletes, entertainers, even politicians are; and not just in America, but all over the world. It’s pathetic. The big goof throws a fucking ball through a hoop. Wow.

  8. New Jersey Girl says

    One needs to understand how much money is gambled on the average professional sports game each and every day to clearly understand why these athletes are paid so much and why they have a separate set of rules for their conduct.

  9. Q says

    All these negative comments toward Thomas/star athletes and yet the sportscaster, WHO WAS ACTUALLY THERE, clearly exonerates Thomas from guilt. Yet, no one talks about the possibility that Pettie is a lying sack of shit. Oh no, the point of this story is that all star athletes are overpaid douchebags. Incredible.

    And fuck you, Doug Berman.

  10. jmdrwac says

    Moral of the story: don’t eat at Denny’s.

    Oh, and Patrick NYC, lighten up. Most people use “monkey” to refer to idiots. The only racist comment here was made by you. Doug owes no one an apology. He did nothing wrong. If other people took it as racist that is their problem.

  11. John in Boston says

    Of course sports gambling is BIG $$$$……but that still doesn’t mean so many people have to be jock sniffers. Ditto other entertainers. It’s beyond bizarre to me an average person will shell out hard earned cash to support grossly over-paid entertainers and team owners/management. It still astonishes me some municipalities will publicly subsidize pro sports franchises, and tax payers are either apathetic or think it’s cool.

  12. Matty In NY says

    Well I think any Man who would date your stupid ass JohnInBoston is beyond GAY!!

    And to Doug Berman stop sucking Monkey Dick you idiot I see your Mother taught you well!

  13. phillip says

    There’s gotta be more to this story. The SUPPOSED response by Thomas and the SUPPOSED innocuous greeting by Pettie do not align. I have a strong feeling Pettie did not just say “What’s up?”. It is becoming extremely easy to tear a person’s character by mere accusations given the speed at which they spread via the internet.

  14. says


    The word “Monkey” was chosen specifically because the man is Black, we ALL know that.

    Sometimes I wonder if the haters don’t have trolls on TRoad just to stir up racial shit. All the other comments addressed the situation, not race.

    Btw, Andy, I love your blog, but, you have a bad habit of spotlighting Black Homophobes and White pretty boys. Just want to point that out because I hope you don’t realize that. If you do, it’s race baiting.

    I’m sure you don’t.

  15. jamal49 says

    Derek, honey, I think Andy’s been pretty balanced putting out news reports about homophobes in the news whether they be black OR white. So, don’t even try to go there. We probably don’t have all the facts but it is still fair to ask, why would Mr. Thomas react so negatively to someone saying “hello” to him?

  16. Matty In NY says

    Well Jamal49 it’s not about Andy and being fair it’s the DAMN posters who likes to throw racial epithets when it’s African Americans being homophobic.

    So Derek as usual good ranting response!

  17. Thomas Quigley says

    The NBA is full of thugs. Who cares what this thug has to say.

    And I like to look at pretty white boys. Which is why I come to this page.