UPDATE: Bouncers Assault Gay Man for Dancing with Another Man at Nightspot in Queens



A gay man was assaulted by bouncers at a Mexican bar/restaurant in Queens after he got up from his seat to dance with his partner on Saturday.

The NY Post reported on Thursday:

"Tarlach MacNiallais, 47, was punched and kicked and had a chair smashed over his head in the attack by two security guards at the Guadalajara De Noche restaurant in Jackson Heights at 12:43 a.m. Saturday, police said.

The attack is being treated as a possible hate crime. '[The bouncer] said, 'You can't do that here, this is not a gay bar,' MacNiallais told cops. 'I said I have just as much right as anyone else.'

MacNiallais — spokesman for the Irish Lesbian and Gay Organization, which is best known for its annual fight to march in the St. Patrick's Day Parade — said the bouncers wrestled him to the ground and dragged him away from other dancers before they attacked him.

He was treated for cuts and bruises at Elmhurst Hospital Center."

Maciallais MacNiallais gives a much more thorough account of what happened to the Irish Voice. He says he went to the bar with his partner Juan, who is Mexican and four of Juan's brothers:

"When a song that MacNiallais liked came on, he suggested to his partner
that they dance. They got up, and MacNiallais led his partner to the
floor. This simple act signaled to onlookers that they were probably
gay…But before they had even got started, a man, described as an
employee of the nightclub, came over to the couple and said: 'You can’t
do that in here. This is not a gay bar.' … 'To be quite honest I thought he was joking. I didn’t even look at him,' continued  MacNiallais. 'I turned around and said, ‘We have as much right to dance as anyone else.’' Immediately, MacNiallais was yanked from behind. He was thrown against a wall and then punched repeatedly on the face and chest. 'They
knocked me to the ground. They started kicking me. They were shouting
‘this is not a gay bar’ over and over. I didn’t fight back because I’m
not a violent person. But I did think I wasn’t going to let them throw
me out. I did have a right to be there. If they had asked me to leave I
would have, but they didn’t do that. Instead they beat me and
physically dragged me to the ground.' …According to MacNiallais, the two employees were laughing as they
assaulted him. One of them stomped on MacNiallais’ head with his foot,
then picked up a chair and hit him, again on the head. Two of
MacNiallais’ partner’s brothers stood up and persuaded other customers
not to join in the assault."

The incident was partially recorded on a cell phone. Read more about the incident HERE.


  1. Keith says

    Wasn’t Queens the one borough where almost all the Democratic senate members voted against marriage equality? What’s going on in Queens, and how did it get so homophobic?

  2. TANK says

    It is revolting, and it’s apparently filled with trash. Usually I take the bouncer’s side…but if this is true (and I’ve no reason to doubt it), these bouncers deserve customers who carry knives and use teeth on noses and ears…and who know how to gouge an eye out with a thumb.

  3. hall says

    Jackson Heights and other Queens neighborhoods have lots of great restaurants. This crappy roachtrap is not one of them. I don’t know why anyone would end up there. There are lots of gay bars on those same blocks of Roosevelt so I guess this place was defending it’s macho turf

  4. ty says

    Dude, it’s called pepper spray. Carry it when going out at night. Homophobes deserve a face full of it, we have to fight back this nonsence !

  5. elcamino says

    Thing number one: he is not a gay activist. The New York Post called him a “gay activist” to imply that he looks for confrontation. This is not true.

    Thing number two: you can defend your “macho turf” without resorting to horrific violence or hitting someone head with a chair.

    Thing number three: if you attack a gay person because his or her sexuality is not to your liking you are, in fact, committing a hate crime.

  6. says

    We need to educate ourselves – and not “blame the victim” – but make sure ALL LGBTQ folks realize how they are being extremely naive and almost “reckless” if they are OUT in public without some kind of weapon. You esp. HAVE to be able to identify when you are entering “dangerous territory” and be prepared.

    America in 2009 is NOT safe for all gays 24/7.

  7. hall says

    Yes I agree. Not blaming MacNiallais. As a neighbor of this place. It is a weird restaurant to pick not only for its clientele but also its health code violations. If a business has a “we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone” policy that shouldn’t involve a beating with a chair. I’m sure we’ve all been annoyed by a certain kind of straight couple making out on the dancefloor at a gay club, we wouldn’t resort to beating the crap out of them.

  8. jamal49 says

    I walk by this place sometimes on my way home from work. The picture more or less captures its “hole in the wall” ambience. There are several of these types of restaurants up and down Roosevelt Ave. and 37th Ave. They’re popular with Mexican guys as a place to go hang out, eat some home-style food, pay to dance with house-ladies, maybe take a date, dance and listen to Mexi-pop, and also get drunk, very drunk. It’s not unusual for those dives to have bouncers. Those Mexican boys can get pretty rowdy on a Saturday night. Mexi-boys are a pretty homophobic bunch so I can’t figure out why that guy would go into such a place and think he could dance with his boyfriend with no problems. Even so, the bouncers were wrong and I hope he sues that place. The City of NY doesn’t investigate those places like they should either. They’re unsanitary as hell and I wouldn’t eat food from there if I was starving to death.

  9. Hollywood, CA says

    The Bouncer was wrong, and since they took it to the physical level, there should be a lawsuit. BUT…

    If a beautiful woman gets shit faced drunk, and goes down a dark alley in the middle of the night by herself, and gets raped. Yes, teh rapist is in the wrong, but what in the hell was she doing there in the first place?

    If everyone starts trying to make a point by going into places where gays are not welcome, to bait homophobic reactions and violence, you’re taking away from the resources to combat discrimination in places where we sould be able to go (The Eagle/Atlanta, The Rainbow/Fort Worth, Marriage) without violence. Does that make sense?

  10. g_whiz says

    I’m sorry, but gay men shouldn’t have to segregate themselves to show a little PDA. He has every right to go where he wants and this is going to make a beautiful lawsuit. I hope he sues the pants off these wankers.

    On the converse, the next time a straight couple comes into a gay bar and show each other affection, are we supposed to break chairs over their heads? This is just infantile logic and it needs to be made an example of.

  11. Bayley says

    SUE! SUE! SUE! The hoodrats out of business. Guadalajara De Noche restaurant will hopefully be out of business for good and realize THIS ISN’T GUADALAJARA…This is NEW YORK…and gays are everywhere. Don’t like it? go back to the hell hole you came from.

  12. elcamino says

    Word to the “Hollywood, CA” troll:

    “If a beautiful woman get shit faced drunk she still has the RIGHT TO GO WHEREVER SHE FUCKING PLEASES WITHOUT FEAR OR FAVOR, and by the way who deputized you or teh mens as the sole dark alley walkers, dumbf***?

    God, too stupid to live; too dumb to know it.

  13. John says

    Let’s stop defending the actions of the bouncers or any homophobes. Let’s get our crap together and speak as one GAY VOICE. Stop frequenting any business and stop buying any goods from companies that don’t treat gays with respect or offer us the same rights as the heteros. Why would any self-respecting gay man want to stop and shop in Queens after the past couple of weeks of blatant HOMOPHOBIA?

  14. TCW says

    Adam Lambert is speaking out on this: “Well, you know, (the bouncers) did something that’s not necessarily very nice, but I’m sure (they’ve) got some sort of justification for it.”

  15. Hans says

    Naturally, all the blame lays with the bouncers, but I have to say, where the hell were his partner and his partner’s four brothers? Why didn’t anyone help this guy? The second article says he didn’t want them to so that it didn’t look like a “drunken melee,” but pulling two assailants off the victim is hardly a drunken melee.

  16. DR says

    *sigh* 2 gay men, four straight men, and yet another situation where “we don’t want to fight”. Grow a pair guys, seriously. You would think that his lover and brothers would have done SOMETHING to help. Yet another sad statement on the fact that gay men refuse to learn to defend themselves.

  17. Marty says

    I’m sorry, but I gotta admit I”m a little “shocked” that a gay guy gets beaten up in the presence of his PARTNER AND FOUR BROTHERS and nobody lifts a finger??? seriously?

    If your partner and family won’t step in, nevermind strangers who don’t know you.

    we’re doomed. (the “we don’t want to start a melee is bs”….)

  18. Gabe R L says

    He didn’t want to fight back because he is not a violent person? Oh my. Another gay man passively accepts a beating he didn’t deserve, passively stating that he accepts homophobia underneath it all. He didn’t even try to run! Worse still, the five men he was with let it happen and its not certain if they even tried calling the police. And you just know that the homophobes are going to brag about the beating they gave him and the way they he took it- like a ‘pussy.’

  19. Rowan says

    Hmm, after reading more about this….I think this was also racial. Why did they beat HIM and not the brother he was dancing with? This Irish guy is real dumb. If you ask me, this smells like a ‘set up’. It’s too dodgy and doen’t add up-AT ALL.

    I think the boyfriend set it up.

  20. MCnNYC says

    Wow ONCE AGAIN I can’t believe the self hating apologists like HOLLYWOOD and other commentators here blaming the victim and his brothers here.
    READ THE ARTICLE not the POST’s Murdock report…there was no indication they were drunk they just ordered their first round.
    they do have every right to be there…and I do not want to recommend messing with bouncers…a lot of times they may be armed.

  21. Toby says

    Sorry but if someone is kicking your head and breaking a chair over it – if you don’t fight back – you could end up dead. He looks like a big guy and mexicans usually are not that big – throw some dang punches.

  22. FunMe says

    At this point, just FREAKING sue the ass of that restaurant and have it closed.

    I would actually file personal lawsuit against each of those attackers, too.

  23. DR says

    MCNNYC, let me break this down for you. If I am in a bar, I don’t care WHO is beating up my lover, my butt is off my chair and I’m gonna fight, or at least try to break things up (I do recognize that not all fights need more punches, just a bit of distance to cool off).

    No one here is blaming the vic for the assault (at least I’m not). What I do question is the continued cowardice of gay men who claim “I’m not violent” and just lay back and take a beating. That’s BS. 6 on two, and the party with the gay guys does nothing? Just like the assault outside the club a few months ago where ONE bouncer beat up THREE gay men.

    What is going on here?!? Learn to defend yourselves for crying out loud. Pacifism and turning the other cheek is all well and good, but there’s a difference between not looking for trouble and defending yourself when it comes to you when you don’t want it.

  24. Davey says

    DR, i agree with you that there seems to be a clear “pattern” in these bashing instances, and that is gay men seem unable or unwilling to defend themselves.

    Let me be clear for those who think we’re blaming the victim. We are not. This is a separate observation which should, in no way, be interpreted as condoning the attack.

    I would have a major problem if my partner did nothing while I was being attacked. I simply couldn’t look at him the same way. Here we have literally 5 men watching while their brother-in-law/friend whatever is getting his head bashed and they did nada.

    On some level, the straight guys must have been in agreement that “this is not a gay bar” in order to let it happen, but even the partner did nothing?

    That part is even more disturbing than the actual bashing.

    What have we become as gay men?

  25. JT says

    BGKEV : Sometimes bashers do wind up in the hospital. But that’s never reported. In fact, if someone even tried to report it, the liberal gay press doesn’t even want to hear such stories, so that gays can be seen as the perpetual victims.

  26. TANK says

    jet=scum. He denies that hate crimes exist, and is always the first on the scene to blame the victim. He’s likely a basher, or a self loathing closet case…in ANY case, he’s one fucked up dude.

  27. Loren M says

    MacNiallais made the comment “I didn’t fight back because…etc” That is what the know and count on, Gays NOT FIGHTING BACK. I can assure you that once we starting fighting back this shit will stop. I may lose the fight but I be damned if I go down alone. I WILL get some licks in if someone is beating me up, I am not going to lie there and take it. WAKE UP SISTERS.

  28. John in Boston says

    What the fuck was he (a husky middle aged white dude no less!) doing in such a place, at such a time, on such a day, attempting to dance with his Mexican B.F., in Jackson Heights (!)?

    And WHY didn’t he fight back?! He looks like a big dude!

    People have to take some responsibility for the bad situations they find themselves in. Use the fucking brain God gave you. It is a fact of life EVERYWHERE in the world that some locales are off limits for everyone be they black, white, Hispanic, Asian, male, female, gay, straight, martian, whatever….and some behavior just doesn’t fly everywhere….so get your head out of your fucking ass. This is how people get killed.

  29. Contrarian says

    In 2010 where will the LBG community be on the so-called immigration reform bill? Well, given the usual alliances on the left I suspect in lockstep support. Let’s hope not.

    Mexican illegals by religion, tradition and culture, (not to forget poor education) are not friends of the community. Sure there are exceptions but they are few and far between. Moreover, this Latino wave strengthens the hand of those denominations (RC and evangelical Protestant)who want their foot on your neck (and if Uganda is any example they want you dismembered and buried!) Oppose amnesty in any form for these folks.

  30. Philip Wester says

    Countdown until when the bouncers will first use the “They were practically having sex”-defense!

  31. Bucknaked says

    Good…Gays need to keep that perverted crap in the privacy of they’re homes and not promote that garbage in public..It could’ve been some kids around trying to eat their food..Who can eat with 2 gay dudes prancin’ around with each other as if they’re a man and a women?..Everyone doesn’t like to be around that garbage and the bouncers were just doing they’re jobs..If you allow two queers to skip around then what’ll be next? A man and his sheep??

  32. ED2 says

    For all non-NY’ers.
    Queens has always been homophobic.
    Having said that it’s surprising how dumb this establishment is, because I can’t imagine in Jackson Heights that this will turn out good for them.