1. Chris says

    It’s probably also worth mentioning that the current favourite to win the show is a young guy named Joe McElderry, who (though nothing’s been said publicly) certainly seems to be ‘one of us’ – I’ll be interested to see if he makes any big announcements after this weekend’s final. Even if that doesn’t happen, he’s still a fantastic singer and seems like a nice guy.

  2. KyleinNM says

    Yes I think the real story, and talent, on xfactor 2009 is Joe McElderry. The finale is this weekend and he’ll be singing a duet with George Michael. I agree he is a fantastic singer and seems like a great guy….and very handsome too! Check him out on the xfactor YouTube channel.

  3. Jane Roe says

    I’m probably the only person in America who thinks British accents are a total turn-off. Homeboy needs to shut it. Other than that, he’s ok.

  4. jack says

    amen to little joe. not only is he so pretty it makes your teeth hurt, but his singing is beyond reproach. he is to x factor what jakob carr is to so you think you can dance.

  5. sparks says

    I think Olly is totally adorable. But I agree, Joe should win this season – by a long shot. He’s got wonderful range and tone, and apparently perfect pitch as well.

    I’ve really enjoyed watching both of them.

  6. Waynesf says

    I was a total Olly fan (esp after the Tina Turner track) but since Joe did “Don’t Let the Sun go Down on Me” he’s won me over.

  7. Ed says

    Joe is ok but Danyl Johnson is the real talent this year. He should win but probably will come in 2nd, which is frankly better for his career anyway. He’s had some diva issues and the press havenm’t been nice to him but check out his audition, it’s second to none: