1. tweedle says

    I don’t mind you posing the question, but we already know the answer. The answer IS NOT that they are “really shocked at the horrifying legislation that they are greatly responsible for.”
    They are only speaking out because they have been outed in the national media.

  2. Matt says

    BRAVO Rachel!!! Can this woman get some awards please? I cannot express my gratitude enough to her for being a real force in getting this into the national consciousness in a very real way. Anderson Cooper should be ashamed of himself.

  3. Mike Burns says

    In all truth, Uganda leads where the religious conservatives in this country would like to follow. Try to remember that the next time a Democrat does something stupid enough to make you want to vote Republican.

  4. New Jersey girl says

    …Uganda Follows where the US Religious Conservatives with US AID DOLLARS are leading. This is their test country for executing gays. And they almost got away with it.

    Imagine if we had no Internet. No instant communication. It would have been passed and enforced for months before the world found out, all to the anticipatory JOY of the Religious Right and their Nazi Republican candidates.