NY Governor Paterson Signs Order Protecting Transgender Workers

New York Governor David Paterson is scheduled to make an announcement this morning at New York's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Community Center. The NYT reports, according to its sources, that he'll be extending anti-discrimination protections to transgender state employees:

Paterson "Mr. Paterson will carry out the decision through an executive order, to be signed on Wednesday, that will require state agencies to include transgender individuals in their nondiscrimination policies, these people said.

Though state antidiscrimination law includes gay men and lesbians, it is silent on the issue of transgender people. And while Mr. Paterson’s order will not have the sweep of a statute enacted by the State Legislature because it will apply only to state agencies, gay and transgender rights advocates said it would be a first step toward including gender identity and expression protections in state law.

Advocates for transgender people have succeeded in winning broad antidiscrimination protections in a number of cities throughout the state, including New York, Buffalo, Albany and Rochester. But efforts to add similar protections to state law have so far fallen short. The Assembly has passed a transgender antidiscrimination bill, but the Senate has refused to vote on the issue."

According to the paper, "Twelve states and the District of Columbia have broad laws prohibiting
discrimination based on gender expression or identity, according to gay
and transgender rights groups. In addition, more than 100 cities and
counties across the country provide similar legal protections."

UPDATE Paterson signs order!


  1. walter says

    Gov Paterson has been attacked by republicans and even obama for his ability to govern, but look at the record He is a
    staunch supporter or civil rights and on issues of the states economy has made tough decisions so unlike many of other politicians who at the sign of controversy hide under a rock. as an exrepublican for many years I would be very happy to vote for him. Truth honesty and the courage of your convictions are avery rare trait in an American politican

  2. graphicjack says

    This guy “gets shit done”… good for him and great news for the trans community, which is great news for us all… the States needs more politicians who actually take a stand on hate and backs it up with actions, not just empty words.

  3. nicole taylor says

    i think its completely ridiculious. now tyour gonna see freaks walking the streets kissing the same sex its disgusting .. i will discriminate all i want aint no governor gonna tell me i cant i know that …he must be a freak himself…his wife better watch out …

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