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Santa's Got a Boyfriend


Some brief holiday promo fun from the social networking site DaddyHunt, AFTER THE JUMP....

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  1. Great, just what the gay community needs, another anonymous sex site. No, don't go out and actually MEET people, sit behind your computer and order sex like fast food, your way, right away. Who needs communication, human contact and growth?


    Posted by: CJ | Dec 23, 2009 12:18:28 PM

  2. Ugh. Why is gay Santa in cahoots with The Salvation Army by standing alongside them ringing one of their shitty bells? Doesn't he know The Salvation Army very pointedly refuses to offer domestic partner benefits to it's GLBT employees? One would think Santa would keep better company.

    Posted by: peterparker | Dec 23, 2009 12:33:07 PM

  3. It's time to invoke the new internet sensation, Moff's Law - just enjoy it for the cute bit of fun it intends to be! (And I know the irony of said statement, hence Moff's Law)

    And CJ: networking sites are what you make them. It's like people think bigmusclebears is a big sex networking site, but it's really just as good as facebook for finding decent people for dinner dates, discussions, etc.

    Posted by: DJ Sean Mac | Dec 23, 2009 12:48:52 PM

  4. Well, I thought that Santa was hotter than hell and liked the ad. But yeah, the Salvation Army thing had me perplexed, but overall, it was cute.

    Posted by: Bobby | Dec 23, 2009 12:55:55 PM

  5. that's an awful young "daddy"... I'm about his age (late 30's) and we're already being relegated to "daddy" now?!? yeesh.

    Posted by: DR | Dec 23, 2009 1:09:31 PM

  6. false advertising, the guys on that site are not as hot as those two.

    Posted by: qjersey | Dec 23, 2009 1:27:00 PM

  7. RE: CJ

    I tried the "non hookup gay social networking site" Connections, and got hook up messages all the time. Boundaries people.

    Posted by: qjersey | Dec 23, 2009 1:28:17 PM

  8. "Great, just what the gay community needs, another anonymous sex site. No, don't go out and actually MEET people, sit behind your computer and order sex like fast food, your way, right away. Who needs communication, human contact and growth?"

    Yep, totally agree. Why stay home when you can go out and stand around in some club calling and texting? Sorry folks but there is no such thing as socializing any more - thanks to technology.

    Frankly I rather stay home and avoid being exposed to all the self-centered fools who think the entire world wants to listen to their one-sided phone conversations. Just once I'd like to go to dinner or see a movie or a play without being bombarded by other peoples phone conversations.

    Posted by: ThomT | Dec 23, 2009 1:33:24 PM

  9. didn't notice the Salvation Army bit.. I was focussing on how hot Santa was. :) I'd bake him cookies anyday. I think the whole "daddy" thing is more of a look than an age thing..
    and as for Sally Ann... (that's what we call the "army" up here in Canada, go figure..) its as synonymous with Christmas as gingerbread houses.. so.. the connection is okay. imho

    Posted by: NorthoftheBorder | Dec 23, 2009 1:33:27 PM

  10. THOMT: Completely agree.

    Sorry, didn't mean to be a negative Nancy. It's been a sad conversation topic with my friends and I as of late. We were discussing the social change(s) in the gay community from our early years in the 1990's (were 30-somethings) - which is even more apparent to my 40+ year old friends. Bigmuscle, Connexion, Manhunt - most were initially developed to "connect" people in a marginalized segment of society, but the gay "community" has transformed them into sex sites. It is amazing to witness how few people generally venture out, it certainly demonstrates the true intent of some.

    Further, it's not just the gay community. As you pointed out, technology that is meant to facilitate social communication has created a society dependent upon technology. First faxing, then emailing and now texting and social networking (and even this blog lol) have created a world with a serious lack of social skills. The anonymity of the internet and technological communication has also spurred further disrespect amongst society - just read some of the comments on YouTube videos. It's a pretty sad statement on humanity that when given the chance most people utilize the negative versus the positive aspects of newer forms of communication.

    Posted by: CJ | Dec 23, 2009 1:50:24 PM

  11. Just goes to show you queens can bitch about ANYTHING. Seriously, they should make competitive snark a part of the Gay Olympics. I, for one, thought this was cute and Daddy Santa is hot! And daddyhunt is a fine site, much friendlier than all the other hookup sites. So blow it out yer noses you mean-spirited moes. ;-P

    Posted by: adam | Dec 23, 2009 2:50:17 PM

  12. Adam: Yes, Towleroad does seem to have a higher quotient of bitchy condescending posts compared to the other gay blogs I read.

    but then again, it also seems to be the same half dozen posters doing all the holier than thou judgmental opining.

    Posted by: qjersey | Dec 23, 2009 3:24:04 PM

  13. LOL @ Adam. So mean ;).

    Posted by: CJ | Dec 23, 2009 3:30:28 PM

  14. Daddyhunt was sold this year to people who are about to launch a new redesign and switch it from a free site to a site where members pay, like Manunt.

    They will lose members in droves. It's one thing to flirt with older men for free. It's another thing to have to pay for it.

    Posted by: Tom H | Dec 23, 2009 4:02:48 PM

  15. "bigmusclebears is a big sex networking site, but it's really just as good as facebook for finding decent people for dinner dates, discussions, etc."

    Seriously? I don't know how many sex websites the gay community needs, but I guess that is part of status quo. A state of affairs in which gay people aren't allowed to marry and exemplify that there is more to life than getting off.

    Posted by: Rafael | Dec 23, 2009 6:08:03 PM

  16. those two guys look like twins... neither old enuf to be a "daddy."

    Posted by: DrTheopolis | Dec 23, 2009 6:10:49 PM

  17. Salvation Army? Who cares? The true crime is ... his laptop wasn't from Apple!

    Posted by: joe c | Dec 23, 2009 7:46:34 PM

  18. When registering for DaddyHunt, you're forced to give info about your penis. How serious of a dating site can it be if you *have* to provide that kind of info to register an account?!? Sorry, but a real dating site isn't going to ask me to publicly provide info about length, girth, and circumcision.

    No, I did not complete a profile over there because of this.

    Posted by: DR | Dec 23, 2009 10:21:22 PM

  19. @ CJ: Be the change you want to see. I met my now-husband some years ago through PlanetOut and it did not start as a hook-up, but a coffee date.

    @ PETERPARKER et al.: I thought the Salvation Army bit was priceless—sure, use them in a DaddyHunt ad, perfect!

    And yes, enjoy it for the cuteness it offers, but don't expect oscar-winning anything.

    Posted by: David R. | Dec 23, 2009 11:32:35 PM

  20. Oh, and JOE C, I'm pretty sure the laptop was a MacBook (just like the one I'm using now—a couple years old, but still mighty fine).

    Posted by: David R. | Dec 24, 2009 1:49:08 AM

  21. And then my friends wonder why I would rather stay home than venture out into the bars and such. Because it is just as bitchy-snide-snarky-and mean spirited as 90% of the posters here. I am not a twink or a muscle queen, I do not have a glamorous job in the fashion industry, I do not wear designer clothing. I do not have 3% body-fat(or less) I am just an average guy. But, unless you are all these things, it seems that I am unwanted. So, why should I go out and subject myself to that? Even on hook-up sites, you must be that "type" to get laid, so I say F*CK em all. Hope you all have a merry christmas. I know I am gonna try. :)

    Posted by: Crash | Dec 24, 2009 7:06:57 AM

  22. Just out of curiosity, what are the best gay dating sites on the net? I'm genuinly not familiar with a single one, and seeing this posting just reaffirms how I would have never heard of this particular site, nor know of any others out there.

    Anyone know of an effective gay dating site that worked for them or a friend had success with?

    Posted by: Bayley | Dec 24, 2009 8:44:07 AM

  23. Wow, that's Ash on our site. You can see his XXX movies here!

    Posted by: Dominic Ford | Dec 24, 2009 3:01:45 PM


    Posted by: Luv Me N E way | Dec 24, 2009 7:06:10 PM

  25. ok,you're with your hot boyfriend both in your sexy undie wear he gives you a present and you go ahead and browse in cruising websites with him happily in your arms?!..FTW?..ridiculous..

    Posted by: dgrin | Dec 24, 2009 8:39:28 PM

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