1. JD says

    No, these photo concepts with the “semi” autobiographical writing remind me more of Cavellini, Italian neo-dada mail-artist. GAC wrote on the bodies of naked women, buildings, etc., he’d sign almost anything too.

    These pics aren’t original, but are cute, sort of like puppy pictures. DROOL ON!!

  2. nic says


    if you are trying to develop a thesis statement, you may want to reconsider. i can’t imagine that an art major would make such statements. matthew mitcham is a master at his own craft, and the straight forward presentation of his face and body are good.

    as far as i know, nobody suggested that these pictures were art. for you to take a critical view of these pix annoys me. btw, wtf is a “neo-dada MAIL-artist?

  3. Joe Mama says

    @ DaveB

    Exactly, he just came out. Mitchum competed as an Out athlete in the last Olympics. He deserves attention. Not as a twink but as a courageous person who embraces his sport and his sexuality.

  4. clint says

    “OK, enough with the twinks…” Matthew Mitcham is a beautiful man who makes the most of his body type and looks hot hot hot. Not everyone is built like a rugger, and not everyone is built like a diver, and not everyone is built like a runner, or a football player, or a basketball player, or can have the hot legs of a soccer player or the perfect chest of a gymnast. The subject at hand is an accomplished athlete who looks great. I can go out to the bars on any night of the week and see flocks of twinks, and this one most certainly is NOT a twink. Look at those hot arms, those great legs, etc.

    However I kinda hate the 80’s hair, boo. Otherwise, c’est magnifique!

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