1. Joel says

    If anything, I imagine Stanford itself will be pretty displeased about this. Stanford’s the sort of place that prides itself on its diversity and its gay-friendliness.

  2. B says

    (I posted this comment but it is not showing up)
    Andy, this game was this past Saturday. Only NFL games are on Sundays.

  3. Jack M says

    As a Baltimore resident, I am ashamed of Coach Harbaugh’s comments, even if they were said in the heat of the moment. I have lost a lot of respect for him now and am very disappointed in his behavior.

  4. J. Bocca says

    Disgusting, and YES if the N word wouldof been used the city wouldof been shut down. Gays are truly the only minority that isn’t taken seriously.

  5. Interested Bystander says

    Thank goodness this blog continues to expose this kind of unabashed, latter day bigotry. He’s a role model at Standford University but he can allow himself to behave in this way, because the consequences are? We all know the consequences would be severe if he had used a racial slur, or really any other kind of slur, except against the gays.

    Does anyone know whom we notify via email or telephone at Stanford that their personnel training programs need a review.

    I’m especially unforgiving because its not like this guy was born before World War II or something. He should and He does know better.


  6. Nick says

    Harbaugh is a product of UM in Ann Arbor-another liberal oasis in the mid-west and it wouldn’t fly there either. However-the elephant on the field of NCAA football is the preoccupation with fundamental religious beliefs and the tracit endorsement of “conservative values”. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Solid Rock Foundation, among others dominate team sports and coaches use religion as a foundation for control and influence over their players. After nearly every play-players all over the country lift their hands in the air to give thanks to their maker “read -christ” and on field prayers are common after each game. The dogma of fundamentalist christianity is favored over all others and their usual homophobia, sexism and prejudices are thereby supported and endorsed. So Harbaugh’s actions aren’t surprising at all.

  7. Larry says

    You may remember that the University of Hawaii coach was suspended for 30 days earlier this year for using the word.

  8. Curtis Atkisson says

    I suggest e-mailing something like the following. An e-mail similar to this received a large response from Hawaii when Greg McMackin did something like this.

    I am deeply disappointed at the recent conduct of head football coach Harbaugh. The video of his tirade against the officials in last weekend’s game clearly contains derogatory words. The words that he used are derogatory in any context and should be punished to the greatest extent possible. Imagine the pain that each and every one of his gay football players feels every day at the hands of Coach Harbaugh. Imagine the taunting that is tolerated, the abuse and ridicule that is allowed — or even perpetuated, as shown recently — by Coach Harbaugh. Derogatory comments are derogatory in any context, and they are never justified in being used in a fit of anger. If a person is willing to yell this on national television, imagine the conduct of this coach behind doors. This matter is of such extreme importance that it should be dealt with harshly and swiftly. I will also be notifying Coach Harbaugh and Athletic Director Bob Bowlsby of my concerns. I look forward to a swift response to the disgusting behavior of Coach Harbaugh.

  9. Chitown Kev says

    Leave to good ole Jimmy Harbaugh.

    As a lifelong Michigan fan who loved it when he was QB, he never could keep his drunk ass mouth closed. Guarenteeing a win against THOSE PEOPLE (he stayed true to that one but…you just don’t do that) Then he wanted to go off on the University of Michigan and their academics but didn’t have the nerve to do it until after Bo S. died.

    And now this…and U of M needs him so we can get rid of this hillbilly fuckwad coach that we have.

    But this would be unacceptable in Ann Arbor, as I expect it would be in Palo Alto. Maybe he’ll get the job at ND after all then I’l really, really hate him more than I do at the present moment

  10. Republican says

    As a Stanford alum, I am very disturbed by this news. This kind of remark is not acceptable. I’ll be making a few phone calls soon.

  11. johnny says

    @Nick: It’s not often you see christian fundies using words like “F*cking A**hole”, regardless of the fa*got part. I don’t get how these OTHER words are OK in that frame of reference, either. I guess maybe they forgave the sinner but hated the sin. Typical of the hypocritical right wing, “do as we say, not as we do”.

  12. KevinD says

    I emailed the president of Stanford. If enough people send him emails maybe we can get some action!

  13. Henry Holland says

    Zzzzzzzz….here we go again. I can tell you, not predict, but tell you how this will play out:

    It’ll cause a stink in Palo Alto, possibly causing protests. Stanford’s PR people will get involved, Harbaugh will do a press conference in which he expresses sorrow “if I offended anyone” (aka the non-apology apology). Big group hug, everyone sings “Kumbaya” and on to the next faux controversy.

    Sorry, this stuff is so predictable and boring any more, it has lost any power. It’s just a farce with the various actors playing out their parts: Outraged activists chanting and waving signs! Online people calling and e-mailing! Head of organization expressing sorrow at the remarks while reiterating his orgs commitment to diversity! Person forced to walk to the guillotine of public opinion (the podium at the hastily arranged press conference) and beg forgiveness! And….no attitudes are changed, just people being wary of saying anything. It’s kind of sad that Towleroad is enabling the whole charade.

    I lost respect for Josh McDaniels when he participated in the Denver version of this bullshit. His original “Too bad, what were mics doing where they don’t belong anyways?” was perfect.

  14. Henry Holland says

    I hope Stanford’s athletics department tells everyone that calls about this to fuck off and get a life.

  15. Mark D says

    There’s a lot of outrage here for what’s still a hypothesis by the blogger.
    Are you sure he used the slur? Maybe he said f–khead? Just pointing out that this is not irrefutable proof of anything.

  16. Henry Holland says

    “Thanks for the erudite comment there Henry. Care to elaborate why?”

    See my post at 12:04. This is all a lame charade that will play out like all these other faux outrages will. Good god, by some of the reactions here, you’d think Harbaugh had committed 30,000 more troops to an imperialist war that has no chance of being successful. Oh, wait….

  17. Gregus says

    @ Henry Holland:

    Thanks for elaborating. Would you say the same about Sally Kern who was secretly taped saying that gays are a cancer, that they’re a worse threat to the US than terrorists?

    Also, just an observation, but white college kids don’t use the word nigger because they have been shamed into not using it. Does this mean that racism doesn’t exist? Of course not, but it’s a start. The language people use, and the way in which they use it effects their thoughts and actions.

  18. Trevor says

    How about you faggots go back to what you do best, suckin dick.
    Harbaugh doesn’t like the brown eye and said faggot in a way of disgust towards the official. Why? Because faggots are disguting human beings.
    Go Harbaugh
    Fuck you faggots

  19. Trevor says

    Yep Gregus clearly from my post about you sick bastards that is exactly what I was trying to convey.
    I hope you get aids, if you don’t already have it.

  20. Gregus says

    @ Trevor

    You should check some of the research, it’s fascinating. The most homophobic individuals are always the ones getting boners to gay porn. Feel free to go whack off to some right now Trevor.

  21. TANK says

    Ya know, you poofs can complaiy all you want. If you really want this guy to drop the f word from his vocabulary, hold him out of a moving car. It’s guaranteed to work.

  22. Henry Holland says

    “Would you say the same about Sally Kern”

    Yes. Let her talk her rubbish, people will agree or disagree with her, so what? Forcing people to toe a line of “this is acceptable” or “this is not acceptable” is a minefield. Who decides? My line is different from your line which is different from your corworkers which is etc.

    I much prefer mockery and scorn and sarcasm to pitchforks and torches.

    “The language people use, and the way in which they use it effects their thoughts and actions”

    Sure but do you *really* think that the pitchforks and torches method has stopped some 17-year old turd from bashing someone’s skull in because that person is gay or black or transgender or whatever? I sure don’t, the only thing that stops them is the possibility of getting caught and thrown in jail, not the Language Police coming down on them.

    Again, all I’m saying is that the situation with Harbaugh is utterly predictable and all it does is make the gay community look ridiculous for freaking out over a word while most GLBT people sit on their asses and don’t do anything about getting, say, ENDA passed. Of course, it’s easy to fire off an e-mail to Stanford and never think of it again, not so easy to get major legislation that will actually have a real-world impact passed.

  23. Stanford_07 says

    Stanford alum who’s met Harbaugh–great guy, obviously a fierce competitor (NFL QB is no joke). My take is, this stuff is common in football and on the sidelines. If u want to change the injustice, u have to make it unacceptable for any coach to use such language (if for no other reason than out of respect for gay/questioning players).

    Re: Harbaugh. I just hope we don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater on this one and unnecessarily get a bunch of right-wingers shouting censorship bullshit. A censure is appropriate, firing is certainly not.

    May not matter anyway if he’s going to the pros.

  24. Gregus says

    @Henry Holland

    I see your point. It definitely does feel like a very worn out path of ‘sorry if you were offended’ and so on. As you say, very predictable.

    I also agree the ENDA and other legislation are vital. I just think that we can do both – fight for legislation AND call people on their bullshit. I’ll also agree that calling people on their bullshit is usually best done with mockery, scorn, and sarcasm.

  25. Anonymous says


    this is why we don’t respect gay people. no one cares, it wasn’t even said towards a gay person. please go die in a fire, and fuck off.

  26. Gregus says

    Thanks for clarifying ‘Anonymous’, I’ve always worried why gays don’t get respect 😉

    By the way, I personally don’t respect people who post anonymously on blogs.

    As regards to ‘die in a fire’ – umm whaa? As opposed to any other horrible death? Even Trevor’s lame ‘hope you get aids’ made a little more sense. Though I don’t believe you can get HIV from having it ‘wished’ on you :-)

  27. says

    Thanks to those who who have proven that only people who actually want gay people to do (get AIDS, die in fires) talk the way Harbaugh does or are willing to defend people who do.

    Yes, hateful bigots will stand up for other hateful bigots.

    Here’s the proof

  28. Jim says

    Um, can somebody explain to me again how people like ‘anonymous’ and ‘trevor’ end up at Towleroad? Any why do they then stick around long enough to not only post a comment, but post a reply to a reply? Perhaps, once they land here, that inexplicable confusion they’ve always felt suddenly clarifies and a long-repressed ache at last sighs ‘hoooooome!’

    And we’ll hear Coach say, “some of my best friends are gay” in 4-3-2-1…

    PS @tank: i love you! 😉

  29. Gregus says

    @ Jim – you called it I think.

    Interesting study at the University of Georgia. In VERY rough summary researchers looked at a group of self-describe straight males. They divided the group into those with homophobic attitudes and those that were gay-friendly. Guess which group got raging boners when presented with gay porn? Umm, yeah….’Trevor’ and ‘Anonymous’.

  30. New Jersey Girl says

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    Why do you think hundreds of millions of us world wide are gay? Cause it feels great!

    So stop fighting the funny feelings in your scrotum.

    Come out, Come out, Wherever you are…and see the faggot Trevor who fell from a star!!!

  31. mg says

    Ummm…can anyone actually prove that he actually said the ‘f’ word? I mean, anonymous youtubers putting up word bubbles is pretty solid evidence, right?? But has anyone even entertained the idea that he might have said something else??? I wasnt sure what he said when I saw the video.

    Even if its just a 20 or 30% chance its absolutely ludicrous that people are jumping all over this and making protest calls. Wow, some people just love to create BS controversy.

  32. Bill says

    Trevor @ 3:07:23 PM embodies ALL that is wrong with humanity.

    Now, if you don’t mind, I’ve got some dick to suck, you fucking pussy.