1. Lee says

    I think the Village People should be very grateful and thanking him. At least he’s reminding the public that they still exist. That can lead to sales on iTunes or Amazon. It’s free publicity.

  2. Beef and Fur says

    If they used their licensed image, music and intellectual property without paying for it, then they stole it.

    The Village People shouldn’t be grateful or honored for that, they should be asking for remibursement, which they are.

  3. says

    I agree. He should have obtained permission first and offered to pay a royalty for the use of the VP image. You play one silly song by Taylor Swift in a gay bar and she comes down an sues you for copyright infringement. The VP have the same right and should exercise it too.

  4. Fred says

    Perhaps the Village People would be wise to work with Jamie Oliver – they may benefit by riding his shirt tails… I think the promo is great and VP should be honored by Jamie Oliver’s funny reenactment.

  5. Paul says

    well…I thought it was cute. I have to agree with other posters here that it does pay homage to them and it does not disparge them…plus, it keeps them relevant.

  6. Ruddigore says

    The lawsuit is not about copyright, but about trademark. Presumably, the producers of the commercial paid for the use of the song, but The Village People are suing for the use of their trademark of the different characters as a group depicted in the ad. Jamie Oliver, however, is doing a PARODY of the Village People, both as an example of what the Brits perceive as American values and culture, as well as a self parody of Jamie Oliver himself. Chances are this will be seen as Fair Use for what it is, a parody, which is protected under the right of Free Speech.

  7. Beef and Fur says


    The parody angle of the infringement of the Village People’s intelectual property and trademark is not applicable in this argument becasue:

    1) The parody is being used for commercial purposes and monetary gain.

    2) Parody use is not a broad get out jail free card for copyright infringement.

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