Virgin Wants You to Hook Up with a Hot Gay Angel


Virgin Mobile has launched a nationwide ad campaign featuring a hot gay kiss:

"Agency of record Juniper Park created the new work to extend the 'Fearless' positioning introduced in September. New brand-focused television, print and out-of-home ads encourage consumers to 'hook up fearlessly' with secret lovers during the holidays–including one execution of two men kissing which Virgin says will run nationally."

(image by clark nikolai in vancouver via rex wockner)


  1. robert says

    Great ad! I remember Levi had a similar ad featuring a young guy pulling on jeans and a hot guy appears out of a phone booth and they go off together. A straight version aired on network TV with the same guy but with a woman emerging from the phone booth. I would love to see this add on both cable and network TV!

  2. BradK says

    “…ads encourage consumers to ‘hook up fearlessly’ with secret lovers…”

    Looks like someone forgot to tell Tiger.

  3. Jon says

    Anybody else notice the CBS logo at the top? Wonder if there will be “legal consequences”…

  4. Nick says

    We will never see this ad in the theocratic states of America-
    maybe on premium cable at 4 a.m.- on alternate February 29ths.

  5. Callie says

    Gotta say, it looks like they got the idea from the UST of Dean/Castiel on the show Supernatural. You dont have to agree or say I’m wrong, it’s just how I see it.
    Makes me like it very very much =D

  6. says

    Very interesting development in the corporate marketing strategies – I don’t know how to feel about this. They’re using gay culture and the push for gay rights as a selling point for cell phones – it kind of seems wrong.