1. Butch says

    People have seen too much of Jaws. We’ve scuba dived (deliberately) with black tips, white tips, lemons, nurse, hammerheads, tigers; you leave them alone, they leave you alone.

  2. Dave says

    I’ve dived in a feeding frenzy of nurse sharks. The only complication was one overexcited shark knocked the mask off of one member of the dive party, but dealing with that is part of the basic training for becoming a scuba diver.

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    Tough, fearless homos….I love it.

    Well, I’ll just have to remain a pussy…cat because there aint no way I’m going anywhere near a damn shark–not even at the Camden Aquarium. Although I have been in the middle of a feeding frenzy of queens when some rough muscle boy came in the bar.

  4. Bizzle says

    It isn’t that sharks are really ferocious animals…it is that they have lots and lots of really really sharp teeth and when they mistake a human for food, sometimes an arm comes off in the process. I’m with Derrick on this, I’m not running the risk of a nice little sharkey mistaking me for a seal (not that that would happen since I’m so svelte) and ripping a leg off.

  5. patrick nyc says

    Derrick all you had to do is say Project Runway was filming outside, problem solved.

    Perhaps the Shark Wisperer should read about or rent, Grizzly Man, about the life and violent death of Timothy Treadwell, a controversial wildlife activist who spent 13 summers living among bears in the Alaskan wilderness.

  6. Frozen North says

    Hm. If he’s so sure about their docility, why isn’t he in the water with them? He doesn’t even have to be near the whale carcas, he could be 20ft away. No amount of arguement will ever get me near tiger sharks in the wild. Kudos to those who dive with sharks, whatever kind.

  7. FizziekruntNT says

    Seems a bit oxymoronic to me, calling oneself a “conservationist” while simultaneously glorifying a personal moment on video with a wild animal, in the animal’s habitat.

    I also love how the intro bar is titled “JOSH WALL REPORTS The taming of wild WA tiger sharks”

    Really? How so?


  8. Trevor says

    Are you crazy? Those sharks aren’t docile. The only reason they aren’t biting the researchers is because there is a larger carcass already in their mouths. Anyone who thinks that sharks who are one of the longest living and unchanged species throughout evolution have done so because of their “softer side” is an idiot and needs to be completely rejected as a researcher. This is like saying that people on death row are peaceful because they couldn’t reach you from behind the bars. Gimme a break.

  9. john says

    I’m sorry but this proves nothing other than sharks have their minds on one thing, eating…you can pet them all you want but this doesn’t mean they wont mistake your shit for nice juicy floating steak once that carcass is gone. It’s like me, you could pet me on the head all you want while I’m eating nacho’s because I don’t see, hear or feel you, I just see those nacho’s. I dove with black tips in Fiji and yes we kept our distance but that didn’t help get that damn theme song from JAWS out of my head while I sat on the bottom of the ocean poo-ing my wet-suit.

  10. Jesus says

    I think, in terms of giving sharks a better name, this video is really cool to watch, but whether or not I would encourage people to approach them and pet them, well that’s probably not a smart idea. Conservation efforts of course sometimes necessitate the re-imaging of an animal in the collective imagination.

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