1. Jack M says

    Brett needs to be introduced to the concept of how to age gracefully. I don’t think he is gay or bi, just a little boy that can’t grow up. Bit of a diva too.

  2. Drew says

    Does everyone find Brett sexy around here? I do, but some folks say they don’t, so I guess he’s the George Clooney of sports (love him or ignore him).

  3. Drew says

    Ok, I actually watched that now and admit that Brett butt-smacking 300lb men is a special kind of strange.

    I can understand a straight man smacking his wife’s boo-tay, but even gay men don’t do this to other gay men (in public, lol). Very peculiar!

  4. robert says

    He’s still my all time favorite QB! I hope he takes the Vikes to the Super Bowl-it would be great if he could top off his career with a Super Bowl win.
    Also think he’s way sexy at any age. As my sainted Irish Grandma would say “there may be snow on the roof,but there’s still plenty of fire in the basement” Amen to that Granny!

  5. Alex says

    I hate Brett Favre. I’m a Packer fan working in Downtown Minneapolis (I can see the Metrodome from my office) and this season hasn’t been fun until the past few weeks. Good things the Vikings fail at the end of every season no matter who the QB is – Favre doesn’t deserve to even make the NFC Championship, much less the Super Bowl.

  6. Coffee & chicory says

    HOME.FIELD.ADVANTAGE. haha sorry! had to be done! WHO DAT say dey gonna beat dem Saints?1?!?!?!?!?! NOLA rocks!

  7. nedwiththebigguns says

    I’m happy that Brett Favre is finally having a great season after retiring, coming back, retiring and coming back again.During his long football career I hope for his sake he has tasted and allowed other football players to ‘taste’ the fruits of his success.If spanking is just a little bit of that taste-then I guess he is willing to settle for that.

  8. Rob says

    There’s a way that’s usually done and this isn’t it. In fact we’re seeing less and less of it by everyone, which may be why the players looked so surprised.

    If only 50 percent of men are a Kinsey zero (100 percent straight) I’m not sure that coin toss comes up straight. As a seasoned veteran of the male grab-ass culture of a straight college fraternity, I know what it looks like when men yearn for each other- and they take the opportunity to touch when it presents. The only time he can touch a handsome black man is there and then. In the shower? well, not gonna happen. (Gotta go to Steamworks for that.)

    The lines of male teamwork, male bonding, male affection and male desire get blurry in what is essentially an entire society of men- thrown together for many hours, and under stress. I don’t think that the testosterone fueling the rest of that enterprise suddenly turns off when they are mixing off the field.