Watch: Brett Favre Loves Smackin’ Football Butt


Back in his retirement speech of March 2008, Brett Favre talked about what he would miss away from the field:

Favre1 "...the friendships you make along the way, they come and go to a certain extent. But they are special and that I think I'll miss, grinding together. Football, I think is very unique in that of all the sports because you have to rely on one another so much more than the other sports and it's a physical sport, which I think in turn mentally challenges you more so than any other sport. And I am a little biased, but I will miss that. Sitting in those meetings with the receivers and figuring out how we're going to beat the upcoming team and challenging each other and doing it in a fun way, slapping our big linemen on the butt, which I don't think I'll be doing that anytime soon. But all that stuff, man that's just what it's all about. And I will miss that stuff."

Before last night's game against the Bears, ESPN aired a segment on Favre, now, of course, a Minnesota Viking, which revealed he's definitely still enjoying his favorite things.