1. Grimmlok says

    1) That hair is NOT working, girl.

    2) Hillary was apparently fooled by Bush, and voted for military action on Iraq claiming she was “misled”. So either she’s a complete mental incompetent or a liar.

    3) She’s part of The Family. Look it up.

  2. Brian in Texas says

    I like Hillary and think she’s doing a great job at the state dept, but i don’t at all regret Obama getting the nomination. Hillary is a lot more George W. when it comes to foreign policy matters and she would have kept just as low profile on GLBT issues during the first term as Obama has; she’s too politically astute to do otherwise.

  3. gradysdad says

    One thing about Hillary is that she has consistently supported LGBT issues throughout her political and appointive careers. I give Obama great credit for appointing her Secretary of State. LGBT issues have a higher priority in our foreign policy because of her. That is some of the change for which I voted.

  4. says

    @ Grimmlock: only a “mental incompetent” would keep trying to circulate that crap about Hillary being “part of The Family” just because she might have prayed with some of its members at one time or another.

    Or do you also believe that Barack HUSSEIN Obama is a Muslim terrorist just because there are people who claim he is?

    Look this up: your lower intestine because your head is definitely up your own ass.

  5. hephaestion says

    Hilary was used by the Family for a while, but she has never agreed with their beliefs. She attends the very liberal and very gay-friendly Foundry United Methodist Church in DC. I know, I live near it and have often seen her going there. That church is the exact opposite of the rightwing C Street Family group.

  6. Brian says

    Yes. A country with a rich history of fighting for LGBT rights should lead the fight in protecting other country’s LGBT people’s rights, a leader where all LGBT people have protection against employment discrimination, and can freely marry their same sex partner, a nation where sodomy has never been against the law, or if it has been, it’s been legal for decades. Oh, wait, that’s not the US.
    What’s going on in Uganda and Iran, and many, many other places is tragic. I’m not trying to detract from that. But the US being a fighting force for LGBT people everywhere is ever so slightly hypocritical.

  7. TANK says

    Hillary’s a smart girl, hephastion. She wasn’t used; she does the using. In her defense, after being burned so badly with her initial foray into healthcare reform, I don’t think she’d let healthcare reform become a bailout for the insurance companies.

  8. Precious Magillicutty says

    Oh girls there she is again Miss Michael Matlubbabavitty Kitty. Girl we can always count on you TO ALWAYS PROTECT HILLARY! She has neevr done anything wrong in your book!



  9. Jason Moreland says

    Magillicutty-Folks who actually work for a living , didn’t go to Harvard and don’t live on Wall Street hate Obama with a passion for selling them and the nation out to the corporations. The man is Ronald Regan in black drag.

  10. Derrick from Philly says

    “….hate Obama with a passion”

    But Jason, why are some recent polls saying his approval rating is at 55%? Even that surprised me, and I’m one of that majority.

    The fact that some of you use the word “hate” is telling. There are those in his own party who believe he has been too much “Mister Nice Guy”–too much of an appeaser to the Conservatives. One can be disappointed in him, but “hate” him? No, that tells us something else about the hater.

  11. Joe32 says

    i love Hillary, u can hear her actual concern and astonishment that human rights are still violated like this today in almost 2010

    as far as the Family goes, she talks about how she was an early republican in her book, and why she is now a democrat and how she has seen what ignorance was first hand

    shes not getting the credit she deserves as SOS

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