1. Nick says

    Why are these fame-whores getting even more publicity? She has been trying to get on reality tv for a very long time. This is not news- let the Secret Service deal with it privately. This couple does not deserve any more airtime. But-I forgot-this is what Americans consider news.
    Nevermind healthcare, Afghanistan, etc.

  2. gregorybrown says

    Trash is Trash, and ought to be put out of sight quickly and quietly. Of course, either of these folks might be on track for the Palin Administration’s cabinet…

  3. says

    Their lives “have been destroyed”? Have they actually worked, sweated, struggled in their lives? What have they done that entitles them to the fame for which they aspire? Have they contributed in the fields of science, music, or the arts? No. They are whores, pure and simple.

  4. patrick says

    I can’t wait until someone overdoses or crashes into a fire hydrant so we can stop following this story that hasn’t had anything NEW added to it in days and days and days….

  5. Butch says

    They wanted publicity and Today can’t act fast enough to give ’em what they wanted. I’m not sure who is worse.

  6. michael says

    Stop feeding the Media Whores, let news outlets know we want real news not yesterdays trash. If the media would cover true news trash like this would fade away.

  7. PEDRO M-G says

    If this had happened in other countries, they would had been arrested and processed for risking security in an official event.

  8. TPL says

    Kind of interesting that she refers to the White House as “THE house.” Pretty much says it right there.

  9. corkystclair says

    I totally agree, these people are simply enjoying some spotlight time in the hopes of making it onto a reality show. As a really good article in the Washington Post details, the couple is deeply in debt, they lie about events and connections, and they’re generally pretty crazy egoists.