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Belgian Archbishop: Homosexuality Like Anorexia


Radio Netherlands reports on some remarks by the new Archbishop of Belgium Andre-Joseph Leonard. He'll probably get a gold star from Papa Ratzi for this:

"'Homosexuality is not the same as normal sex in the same way that anorexia is not a normal appetite,' says the new Archbishop of Belgium. Archbishop Léonard's comments were made in an interview with a Belgian television station. He added that he would 'never call anorexia patients abnormal.' A few years ago, when he was serving as Bishop of Namen, he caused a storm of controversy when he said that homosexuality was abnormal. Last week Pope Benedict XVI named him as the successor to Archbishop Daniels. Archbishop Léonard is also a well-known critic of abortion and stem cell research."

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  1. No one would turn to a scientist to explain spiritual matters to him. Yet experts in religion continue to spout off on matters of science (e.g. human sexuality). I know that if you felt sick in a medieval Irish village you would call the local priest. But, um, we're beyond that now.

    Posted by: patrick | Jan 26, 2010 10:00:09 PM

  2. ...but your purse is on fire.

    Posted by: Bryan | Jan 26, 2010 10:57:26 PM

  3. Sorry Mr e comparing the catholic church to Christ is not even close He preached love tolerance and compassion where as the catholic church preaches hate and bigotry they preach to everyone but fail to practice. they hide child molesters and pay big sums to keep that quiet. Dont think that was what God had in mind But where else
    can you be a drag queen and people to pay for your costumes

    Posted by: walter | Jan 26, 2010 11:50:41 PM

  4. What the fuck would you expect from someone who licks the asshole of the Nazi Pope.

    All these assholes think they are going to heaven. Too bad the assholes of the Islamic world won't make up for 9/11 by sending them str8 to hell.

    Anybody who gives a red cent, penny, guilder, franc, etc to this church should look in a mirror, and ask what is wrong with his own views.

    Posted by: Stan James | Jan 27, 2010 1:05:45 AM

  5. Ah, it is a sad world we live in when my first reaction to this was, "Well, at least we're moving up from man-on-dog and child rape."

    Posted by: gbm | Jan 27, 2010 9:32:52 AM

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