1. Frozen North says

    That’s it?! Seriously? Must be an extra slow day for news and interesting(!)/relevant(!) social commentary at TR

  2. Kevin says

    They’re so weird. Reminds me of frat boys. Some people never grow up, I guess. There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s just weird to see grown men act so primal.

  3. CJ says

    Kevin: Exactly. This behavior isn’t just limited to hetero males, sadly many in the gay community have fallen victim to the “Gay1N1″. Early signs point to a need to dance to vocal club music, lifting heavy objects, attending circuit events, and spending 1/2 your income on drugs, steroids and needless b.s.

  4. Mark (Marcito) says

    Ouch!!! CJ’s words smack harder than Favre…
    “Gay1N1″ is one term to remember. Thanks.

  5. Dixon says

    I’d gladly “assume the position” for this guy anytime — preferably with my pants on the ground!