CBS Considering Gay Dating Ad Featuring Kiss for Super Bowl


CBS is reportedly considering running an ad from gay dating site Mancrunch, FOX News reports:

"The 30-second spot shows two men excitedly watching the game, before their hands brush as they both reach into a bowl of chips. Suddenly, the two begin making out, much to the shock of a guy sitting close by.

According to a rep for the dating site, which operates under the slogan 'Where Many Many Many Men Come Out to Play,' the ad was submitted on Monday, January 18th. When the site followed up on the status of the ad on Friday, January 22nd, they were told by CBS that 'the spot hadn’t been officially approved yet' by network standards, and that 'all the Super Bowl spots were sold out.'

“ManCrunch requested the spot get reviewed anyway just in case another advertiser drops out and a spot becomes available, as often happens, and CBS agreed,” added the site’s rep.

ManCrunch officials said they believe CBS has no intention of airing a commercial for their gay dating service, 'but do not want to officially ‘reject’ the spot out of fear there may be a backlash from gay advocacy groups.'

However, a representative from the network told Pop Tarts that advertising spots were still open, and was unsure where that comment originated. 'The ad is still under review, the process takes a little while,' a rep from CBS said. 'We still have a lot of ads we have yet to review.'

Its important to note that the ad from Mancrunch is not an "advocacy" ad by any means, and accepting it would not indicate that they have made good on their word that ads from groups like the UCC would now be accepted.

Now, if CBS rejected it based on the fact that it contains a gay kiss, that would be an entirely different story, given the fact that a few years years ago they accepted a homophobic ad for Snickers which mocked a gay kiss.


  1. Shallow says

    I might have to watch the Super Bowl after all. I stopped, years ago, when they went to the practice of having the athletes come out of the locker room to make comments to the press.

    I don’t know (or care) who the teams are this year, but can anyone tell me if at least one team will be wearing tight, I mean white, pants.

    Oh, for another photo like the one of Favre’s jock-strap encrusted heine.

  2. Gianpiero says

    From their home page:

    “Man Crunch is the premier service connecting men with other men and allowing them to open up about the down low.”

    Wait, wait. I thought “the down low” was precisely about NOT opening up…

  3. Walter says

    Expect CBS to be in it for the money — and make the decision based on a nation full of bigots and not wanting to offend THEM.

    Sure they run an add by an organization that has 100’s of web pages with hate content – including insisting Gay Men are pedophiles — but heck that does not offend the bigots so they will run it.

    It is an illusion to think this is a sane country in 2010.

  4. demand equality says

    If they can show two men kissing in the Snickers ad, they must be able to show two men kissing here.

    This is all win: They either will be cornered on their hypocrisy, or they will run the ad.

    Mind you they are also running an anti-abortion ad.

  5. Rolph says

    I don want to see that. 2 guys who suddenly make out with each other tends to always turn out to be a parody. I’d much rather see a pro gay ad with a bunch of gay frenfs watching the game together, or how bout a same sex family watching the game. It always turns out to be make out commercials. It’s been done already

  6. peterparker says


    Premier service connecting men with other men so they can open up about the down low…?

    They sound like the gay version of I’m not sure this is the sort of visibility we want or need.

  7. LetoLeto says

    This seems stupid. Gay men are totally wired. We certainly don’t need an ad on the Superbowl to figure out how to hook up online: Manhunt, Grinder, Craigslist, etc. Wonder who the genius behind this marketing campaign is? Definitely not someone in the know.

  8. DR says

    I’m with PETERPARKER. I’d rather see another ad like the gay couple ad as opposed to an ad for this. The chemistry ad had some class. This just sounds tacky.

  9. D.R.H. says

    If this were a gay dating site I’d be all for this but it’s a hook-up site. Their homepage features two guys making out on a bed. This will only reinforce the stereotype that we’re a bunch of whores only interested in random hook-ups. If we’re so concerned about marriage equality then we should represent ourselves as such to the nation.
    PS – is it just me or is their cover guy fugly?

  10. says

    personally, it just sounds really tacky. i think dating sites are tacky straight or gay anyway, and this ad sounds a bit over-the-top, especially for a Superbowl crowd. i don’t think this is the way to win the hearts and minds of the general american populace. i hope it doesn’t air ttytt.

  11. Jamie says

    I don’t think Mancrunch had any hope at all of that ad showing on CBS, what they hoped for was making the news for being turned down by them. In marketing it’s all about getting your name out there. Has anybody even heard of this down low site before this? They can charge ad revenue based on the number of hits they get, so if the ad generates the curious, they get hits, odds are some will hang around, some will leave in disgust, and some will be back. But more than anything, they have created a brand for themselves, as the group “too controversial for CBS to run” or “banned by CBS.” It’s genius really, but it doesn’t help anybody but them to get denied. I really do believe that is the goal here – certainly not gaining more acceptance for gay equality from the Stupid Bowl crowd.

  12. Tone says

    In this big old word it is likely that every ad that CBS runs will somehow offend someone why is this any different? Do they think that “he” men won’t tune in if the ad is scheduled? Memo to heterosexual America, get over yourselves already.

  13. Brooks says

    OMG, no! NO NO NO NO NO! I will totally BOYCOTT this site if this gets AIRED…during SUPER BOWL…against a PRO-MARRIAGE AD!?! That’s JUST what the homophobes want to see… a gay site where many many many many many many many many many men come out to play!! As if we don’t have a bad enough reputation as being sluts as it is!

    In the immortal words of Mrs. Norbury:

    We have GOT to stop calling each other sluts and whores. It just makes it OK for bigots to call us sluts and whores!

  14. says

    Super Bowl, Super Bowl.
    Really taken my soul.
    Here again u’ve come!
    pleasure, brought more than some.

    I’m looking forward to attend the games; I even got ma tix from and waiting for February!

    Come on February!
    what surprise u carry!
    who’ll win who’ll loose!
    the latter is a moose.

  15. john says

    Mancrush: where many, many, many men go to play with eachother. Thats our counter-advertisement to an ad that talks about how family needs to be protected? Yeah America will love watching two guys kiss, that’ll show em!! Here America, gay men want family too!! But first, we need to PLAY WITH EACHOTHER, NOW GIVE ME THAT NUMBER TO MANCRUSH AND SCREW EQUAL RIGHTS, MY DICK COMES FIRST!!

  16. Jersey says

    The whole thing sounds fake to me. I’ve never heard of mancrush and wouldn’t be surprised if it was made up on the spot to get CBS some attention. If they were serious put up an ad for Manhunt staring Francois Sagat, that’d crack me up.

  17. Doug says

    Am I the only person who thinks this ad and its website are a joke? A parody? Trying to put one over on CBS — and us? I’ll be interested to see the background of this website see the light of day — but not that interested.

  18. hephaestion says

    I don’t think Mancrunch even exists.

    Has ANYONE ever heard of Mancrunch before?

    And the clueless “down low” comment on their web page is a mistake a straight guy would make. I think it’s a phony company created by anti-gay people to make us look bad.

  19. hephaestion says

    See the video on YouTube and you quickly realize this ManCrunch company does not exist and the ad is a sick joke by stupid heteros. The guys who kiss in the video would never kiss in real life:

  20. Jess says

    I’m not entirely sure if it’s a fake site, although I would not be surprised. It is aimed at married heteros, though. On their “Terms and Conditions” page, it mentions that the site serves as a way for men to pursue “extra-marital relationships.” Of course there’s also that bit about the down-low. It’s either fake and evil or real and trashy.

  21. Paul D says

    Personally I think this was a business tactic and it worked for them. I talked with several friends and not one person heard of this site, however after the story hit about the commercial being rejected by CBS it was free advertisement. The site seems to be a primary “hook up” site and personally I think this would be a bad ad to show on Superbowl or any prime time slot. This would be no better than showing a “Girls Gone Wild” commercial during that time. I cannot say weather the business owners of the site have the capital to pay for the ad as they claim they do. It will be interesting to see if CBS changes its mind and if they do the owners of the site actually pay for the advertisement.

  22. hephaestion says

    Man Crunch does not exist. It is a ruse to make fun of gay people. Google them and you will see they do not exist. Their web site was created last week. It is not “a premier gay dating site.” IT DOES NOT EXIST.

    The joke is on us.

  23. hephaestion says

    Man Crunch does not exist. I keep telling Towleroad this but they don’t pay attention. Man Crunch is a phony, non-existant company. Their web page went up last week. THEY DO NOT EXIST. It is a ruse. They made it up to make fun of gay people.

  24. j says

    I don’t want to see 2 guys making out. Not because I’m straight, but because it is inappropriate. I don’t want to see a man and a woman make out either. I have nothing against gay people at all. I have friends that are gay or bisexual. The only thing I don’t like about a lot of gays is that they have to flaunt it and let everyone know. Who cares if you are gay, just like who cares if we are straight. I don’t like to see a straight couple making out in public either.
    I have been with my wife for about 15 yrs, still very much in love and physically attracted to her as she is to me, and we have never hung all over each other in public. MAYBE a quick kiss or hold hands. But I’ve seen people (straight and gay) who are completely inappropriate with their partners in front of other people. But sometimes I feel that gay people are doing it on purpose.
    Like I said, I have nothing against gays. While I don’t understand how someone can be attracted to the same sex, I have nothing against it. Whatever makes you happy, go for it.

    Here’s a quote from a gay person a few posts before me that said it best that can be understood by both gays and straights…

    “If this were a gay dating site I’d be all for this but it’s a hook-up site. Their homepage features two guys making out on a bed. This will only reinforce the stereotype that we’re a bunch of whores only interested in random hook-ups. If we’re so concerned about marriage equality then we should represent ourselves as such to the nation.
    PS – is it just me or is their cover guy fugly?”

    Posted by: D.R.H. | Jan 28, 2010 12:11:49 PM

    …Couldn’t have said it better.

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