1. CJ says

    Once again, instead of coming together, bi-partisan politics is dividing the nation through these silly acts. The future does not look good, in fact it looks BLEAK.

  2. TJ says

    Agreed. Bipartisan shenanigans at its best. Like calling Reid a racist and demanding his resignation. This helps the people how?

  3. says

    The right-wing smear machine is truly disgusting. They ran Bush’s 2004 election on the backs of fear that gays would get married if Kerry became president and fear of terrorism… so we’re back to terrorism scares? Conservatives are mentally ill.

  4. josepe says

    how long is going to take us to understand, all of this is just a mere curtain of lies and understand this is just a none found terror, obama is picking up all of the undone bussiness left by bush and everything he promised he will not do , the economy is bad, the money is going to the wrong sectors and poverty is at it worst,
    this group is getting richer,have you read this book? i send the link

  5. Chicagoan says

    actually, it took obama 10 days to make a formal appearance on the bombing while it took Bush “only” 6 days.

  6. says

    it’s important to remember the former President was NOTIFIED about the fact that Bin Laden wanted to use airplanes as bombs and take down buildings in the US—about 1 month before it happened—while he was on one of his frequent vacation in Texas at the ray-yanch.

    then there was the time that same President was NOTIFIED that the towers were coming down, and it took him 7 fucking minutes to finish reading My Pet Goat to a bunch of kids, when a simple, “The President is busy and must leave now” would have taken less then 7 seconds. in 7 minutes we could have been nuked for all that coward knew.

    and don’t forget when that same President NOTIFIED us that the Mission was Accomplished.

    yes, that former administration is all over the notifications.

    it’s time the Cheneys were notified their input isn’t needed or wanted and lacks all credibility.

  7. Markus from Seattle says

    “Actually, it took obama 10 days to make a formal appearance on the bombing while it took Bush “only” 6 days.”

    My parents taught me not to lie. Where our your morals. This statement is absolutely not true.

  8. alguien says

    every time liz or pops opens their ugly maws, aside from the toads, spiders and snails the drop out, comes a lot of whopper lies. lies that they’re always called on.

    everytime one of these evil cheney’s says something in the press they’re pwned.

    they must really be gluttons for punishment or just completely oblivious to anything except the swill they they both exude.

  9. says

    actually, it took obama 10 days to make a formal appearance on the bombing while it took Bush “only” 6 days.

    actually, you’re wrong. Obama’s first public mention of it was in 3 days.

    and don’t forget that one of the 4 Al Queda ‘organizers’ of this latest attack was released from Gitmo by BUSH/CHENEY so he could attend an ‘art therapy’ designed to rid him of the ‘terrorism.’

    you will never be able to promote falsehoods about Bush/Cheney here. don’t even try.

  10. Jane Roe says

    But the Cheneys support marriage equality so they are better than Obama, or something.

    If there is a any justice in this world, Dick Cheney’s fate will be the same as that Nazi officer in the Twilight Zone episode “Death’s Head Revisited.”

  11. Harry says

    I hope they get sued for using the “24” music. Who care what Dick and Liz have to say! Dick needs to hang it up! I have news for you Dick baby. Your just a normal citizen like the rest of us stop with the dellusions of granduer.

  12. tofer david says

    it is sad that the president and most liberals did not see the harsh reality of what happened that in detroit until after the majority of the country was fed up.

  13. deevee says

    They spend so much time and effort creating distractions. Imagine if they put their energies into something positive. On a side note, oh, Lord, I just sounded like my parents.

  14. Jane Roe says

    yeah right, Tofer. it’s only you pants-wetting scared little conservatives who running around like little girls because some idiot burned off his junk.

    The rest of sane America responds appropriately goes about their own lives. Check out the new CNN poll if you don’t believe me.