1. drifterbob says

    So now we’re gratuitously making fun of Christians? Is that what the public sphere has come to?

    These people aren’t doing anything wrong. I do like that the younger one had a good attitude about it.

    And for the record, Rick Astley was one of my earliest crushes, and God was definitely involved in those dreamy eyes…and that friggin’ awesome hair!

  2. Blake says

    Yes we are making fun of christians and we’ll continue to do so. If nothing else (and there is, of course, much MUCH else) their beliefs are ridiculous and deserve ridicule. Just like the stupid wacky beliefs of Muslims, Scientologists and people who think Elvis is still alive. Sorry but you have a right to believe in whatever retarded shit you want to, and the rest of us have a right to say how stupid and harmful it often is. Welcome to the civilized world, if you’d rather live in theocracy, you know where to go.

  3. says

    “So now we’re gratuitously making fun of Christians?”

    We hardly need to make fun of them when they’re unintentionally hilarious all on their own. The young one seems to know Rick Astley’s music just a wee bit too well.

  4. TANK says

    Damn religious people are dumb. For the most part, anyway…that is, not all christians are stupid, but most of ’em are.

    And ridiculing religious people is–christians in particular–richly deserved. It is cancer of the mind, and causes much needless suffering.

  5. drifterbob says

    I believe in love, too. Is that ridiculous? Is that a cancer of the mind?

    I don’t know — I live in Massachusetts, and there were a lot of Christians and other religious people on our side of the marriage equality debate. They gave good cover for other religious people who speak that language to be able to imagine the possibility of full gay rights along with their deeply-held Christian beliefs.

    I get that it’s fun to paint with a broad brush, but I don’t think it reflects reality.

    Just my opinion, of course.

  6. Willy says

    Please, just SHUT UP about Jesus. Chances are you’d believe in whatever Invisible Sky Dude was the most popular flavor during your childhood, but that doesn’t make it MORE real than anyone else’s. It’s all trying to codify joy, and that JUST CAN”T BE DONE!

  7. TANK says

    “I believe in love, too. Is that ridiculous? Is that a cancer of the mind?”

    In addition to invisible sky daddy defined outside of empirical testing? That is, SOME THING that exists outside of spacetime, and through the centuries has undergone subtle shifts to elude detection through empirical means until at long last the concept is flirting with meaningless if is not completely meaningless…

    When people say that they believe in love, and that’s all that they mean by their religious faith (usually christian), that’s like worshipping gravity or a rock. Love exists–it’s pretty well documented and can be detected through investigation of the external world around us through empirical means. Do you worship gravity? Or is it just an emotion that you worship? Because there’s really no faith involved in “believing in love”…

  8. Philip says

    If they believe in a special imaginary friend, who grants their wishes and is invisible… and imagine that they eat bits of him, drink his bodily fluids on a regular basis and talk to him all the time who are we to judge?
    After all, shouldn’t we be kind to those who appear mentally ill and display schizophrenic and hallucinating/cannabalistic tendancies?
    And me? I am in London, UK, and have no invisible friends that I talk too, apart from the money fairy that is whom I ask on a regular basis to give me some extra dosh….. :-)

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