1. Jane Roe says

    Eh, the guy goes off into NWO/illuminati/conspiracy territory. Papa Bush actually comes off looking good.

    Also I wonder if his security detail is secret service or private security he’s paying for. Lord knows he and all the former presidents are wealthy enough to pay for their own.

  2. brian says

    George W. Bush is the first American President of the modern era NOT to get lifetime Secret Service protection. From Bush on the President will receive 10 years of protection.

    Jimmy Carter, George HW Bush, and Bill Clinton will all receive lifetime protection.

  3. TANK says

    Milhous discontinued his SS security detail in 1985.

    As tasteless as this is, the bush family is a cancer on this country’s history. They are poison.

    That said, this sure isn’t going to get him to reflect on a life spent enthusiastically undermining this country’s founding principles.

  4. DavyG says

    Seriously? He’s a killer how? For liberating Kuwait from annexation by Hussain and his crime family? Bush Snr. steps in an prevents the occupation of a sovereign nation, a member of the United Nations and the Arab League, and he’s a killer? Bullshit. That guy needs to get real.

  5. Rodney Wollam says

    I’m guessing the people that are equating Bush Snr with W. are too young to realize that H.W. was the last of the moderate Republican presidents. And a decent man too.

  6. Fanci says

    I think it makes sense to provide former presidents with lifetime secret service protection. Though sometimes it’s pointless. Lady Bird Johnson used her guys at the end to carry her luggage. George Senior was rather moderate, but he’s gone very right wing in his old age (and he put in a lot of time with the Carlyle Group). Have you ever seen any of his post-presidency speechs? He totally rabid and irrational.

  7. Garrett says

    I guess we are all guaranteed freedom of speech — and everyone is certainly entitled to his/ her own opinion, but does he really have to use the profanity? How does he think he came across to the other patrons of the restaurant? Does he think he changed anyone’s mind about Bush after his hissy fit? Jane Roe is right — he came off more like a paranoid conspiracy theorist than someone with sound arguments (much less a sound mind)

  8. Dave says

    It doesn’t matter whether he’s “right” or not. Ranting and swearing like a lunatic just makes him look/sound like a disaffected nutjob, best ignored. I feel bad for people who share his point of view — this guy just dealt them a setback.

  9. Jordan says

    This is incredibly tacky, and I wouldn’t complain if this guy, whose inflated ego is probably telling him right now, “You’re a hero for doing this. You really, really are” got a quick punch in the head from the Secret Service.

    What a lunatic.

  10. Jane Roe says

    “I think it makes sense to provide former presidents with lifetime secret service protection.”

    It makes sense for them to have protection, yes, but do we have to pay for it?

    The new rule that goes into effect for GWB and all presidents after him was enacted because modern presidents make boatloads of money after their presidency from speaking fees, book deals, etc. They can afford to pay for their own security.

  11. peterparker says

    @Rodney Wollam: George HW Bush was a ‘decent man’?! When asked about gay rights, Bush Sr. stated “I just wish it would go away.” If that is your definition of a ‘decent man’, then you and I will never agree on what makes a man decent.

  12. Rodney Wollam says

    @PeterP: When Bush Sr. was president, gay marriage wasn’t even an issue. Though he and I disagree on many issues, I believe- in his heart- he had hatred for no Americans.

  13. TANK says

    Rodney’s a true believer! What about his involvement in propping the hussein regime up in the beginning? Go to church…please. Clutch sarah palin’s book close to your breast, and see no evil.

  14. TANK says

    Those “magnetic” topics (re: dr. williams) about which these disagreement occur are such that neutrality or civility are symptoms of mental illness (e.g., sociopathology, if that still exists as a classification) than etiquette.

  15. plinx says

    OK, I’m a lifelong Dem and liberal, but Bush Sr. is the wrong target to heckle. Bush Jr. and Cheney, yes, but Bush Sr. is Ghandi compared to those guys. Sorry, this attack looks shrill.

  16. TANK says

    Because it was french word, rodney? We all know true americans hate everything french… ROTFLMAO! Awww, did I lose the game you were playing with yourself (emphasis on those last three words, please)? What a shame. I’m crestfallen.

  17. meh says

    Ummmm yeeeah, liberate Kuwait from Hussain? Learn your history: we put Hussain in power & took him out when he was no longer needed. I’m humiliated as an American just typing this.

  18. peterparker says

    @RodneyWollam: I didn’t say that Bush objected to gay MARRIAGE…I said that he objected to gay RIGHTS. When he was President of the United States of America, he was asked by a member of the White House Press Corps what he thought of gay rights and his response was to say, in an annoyed tone of voice, “I wish it would just go away!”

    There are some things on which I can disagree with others. I can disagree about abortion rights. I can disagree about gun control. I can disagree about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I can disagree about the wisdom of drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. I can disagree about who was responsible for the devastation faced by the citizens of New Orleans after Katrina. I can disagree about the bailout of Wall Street. But I CANNOT disagree about whether or not you and I deserve the same basic rights as everyone else. And I would say that if you can still think a man is “decent” after he’s indicated that he doesn’t think you are equal to everyone else then you are seriously fucked in the head.

  19. Rodney Wollam says

    Frankly, Peter I didn’t know he said those things. He just always came off as decent to me …

    And I’m not the type to go around publicly humiliating people either. Especially people not in a position to change things.

  20. Rodney Wollam says

    What’s with all the attacks on me anyhow? I think it’s wrong to publicly attack and humiliate someone and I’m fucked in the head? It’s that what we’ve come to? If I don’t agree that we should all use hate as a weapon of choice, I’m disturbed?

    I served in the Army under G.H.W. Bush. I was overseas for most of it. He seemed a fine enough commander in chief to me, but then again I wasn’t constantly informed of what he said as President. If he said he wished it would all go away, fine. He didn’t want to deal. Does that mean he hated us? I can’t tell from that. Should I absolutely hate him now for what he said then? That seems like pre-judging someone based on one thing he said more than twenty years ago. Do we know how he feels about the issue today? I don’t. But then, I don’t bother myself with crap people are spouting in ultra-conservative places (like the Carslyle Group). It’s too depressing.

    If he’s come out and said things the likes of which George Jr., Cheney, Fred Phelps and the Phelps family, Sarah Palin, and many other nutjobs have said – I wasn’t aware of it.

  21. Rodney Wollam says

    I did a google search and found this in ‘The Rhetorical Presidency of George H.W. Bush':

    “Bush was seen as wavering in his position against more rights for homosexuals by allowing leaders of gay and lesbian rights organization to attend ceremonies at the White House and by involving homosexual groups with the publicity surrounding the April 1990 signing of anti-hate crime legislation. This wavering led many members of the Religious Right to vocalize their belief that Bush was becoming too moderate for their continued support.”

    He endangered his own chances of re-election and alienating one of the most powerful groups that had supported him in 1988 in favor of doing the right thing for our community. That doesn’t sound like a guy who hates us.

    That is, unless he’s changed his stance in the last 20 years.

  22. Mark says

    I am not a Bush apologist – his son was a disaster – but heckling George HW Bush is really just tacky. Couldn’t that energy be channeled into more productive uses?

  23. Recidivist says

    It is not a good thing to call out a president like this, even if correct. But we need to remember that these people work/worked for us. Part of being an American means that you can speak truth(as you see it) to power. George 41 or any of the rest of them, should not be immune to criticism. I once saw Robert Dole (a good man I think) arrive for a talk at a meeting I attended. He was accompanied by a retinue worthy of 50-cent. We are kept away from our presidents by security and they protect themselves from accountability through Secret Service and choosing their audiences. How can Americans’ ever have due recourse if they are prevented from approaching these people.

    As I say, I think that these outbursts are not the best way to go but if there is no other recourse, then go for it. Now who knows where Shrub has lunch? There is a man whose call out needs to be done by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir or equivalent.

  24. DavyG says

    How can anyone defend the rantings of this moron anyway? He’s not heckling him for anything he’s actually done, he’s heckling him for being part of a worldwide conspiracy (the Illuminati) and for killing people in the process of establishing a new global government, the New World Order. He says all of that nonsense in this video! If anyone believes that Bush Snr. is an Illuminatus and is conspiring to install a new tyrannical world government, then you are paranoid, gullible and ridiculous.

  25. bryand says

    Calling the former President ‘a piece of….’ only makes this heckler look like another raving queen without class. What a jerk. Screaming at Bush in the middle of a pizza parlor changes nothing – though it does add to the perception that all gays are simply angry screaming over the top fools. This heckler is the real idiot here…

  26. Sharon says

    When blubbering idiotic morons like this start getting a platform as being credible and newsworthy you have a great indication on why the country is turning it’s back on the Democratic party and Messiah Obama. I would much rather have Bush Sr as a president – who stood for something when he liberated the people of Kuwait from Hussein – than a lying hypocritical moron who cannot speak intelligently unless he has a teleprompter in the room.

  27. Tami says

    It speaks mounds of HOW that man was raised. I’m so glad my parents did not raise me like that. They say everything comes full circle, seems to me the guy was raised just like about 90% of the kids are raised today. No respect for nothing.
    SAD, SAD, SAD. I know his family is so proud of him.

  28. KSS721 says

    BRAVO! For those of you poor sheep that want to stay under a mushroom, sorry to burst your bubble, the Bush crime family is not a righteous Christian all American family. No one wants to know how evil some of our own can be, but it’s true. If you still want to believe that average citizens have made all of this up because they have nothing better to do, wrong, average citizens are trying to work hard and pay their bills. It’s too scarey, I know, but it’s even scarier when people stick their heads in the sand.

  29. MoJo says

    I wish that the heckler had been more articulate!
    And in the long video- I’d have respected him more if he’d have stuck to the facts & not veered so much into the secret society BS.
    Oh well, it was a fairly good attempt at speaking truth to power.

  30. Drvn says

    I was ok with most of what you said until you got to the part where you include Clinton and indicate he stole money from Katrina and was involved with the Bohemian Club. The bohemian club wouldn’t let Clinton in the door for one thing. And secondly, it was neither the time or place to express your feelings about the old relic, we need to worry about the people still in power who think the way he does. Think Sarah Palin for instance and let old George be, he can’t kill anybody else without getting arrested. And apparently the bush family has permanent immunity from mass murder or George and George Jr. would both be in jail playing gin with Dick Cheney.

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