News: Swans, Earl Wild, Peanut Butter, Haiti, Betty White, Nepal

 roadRead transcripts of the federal Prop 8 trial HERE.

 roadMan found dead on gay cruise in the Cayman Islands.

Pbkid  road"Nutty" fan at UGA-Tennessee game figures out a way he can get on the court without anyone touching him.

 roadThis ad has triggered my deepest fears.

 roadGay pianist Earl Wild dies at 94.

 roadArjan Writes talks to gay artist Matt Morris about his new album and his duet with Justin Timberlake at the "Hope for Haiti" telethon (if you missed their performance, watch it here — it was definitely the best part of the telethon).

 roadHere are all the 'Hope for Haiti' performances.

 roadBeautiful ad fights deforestation.

 roadGlee's Jane Lynch plans to marry in May, according to reports.

 roadThere's an 80% chance Harold Ford Jr. will run for Senate in New York, says a supporter.

 roadIsrael's top gay dating website celebrates 10th anniversary: "The number of active surfers on Atraf has already passed 100,000 – and while the site associates itself with the queer community, some 41 percent of regular users identify themselves as straight.

The surprisingly high figure of 'straight' surfers can likely be attributed to those who have not yet come out of the closet and are wary of identifying themselves with their picture (even if it is hidden) as 'interested in men.'"

 roadWATCH: Betty White proves why she's a national treasure.

Gohil  roadGay Indian Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil to marry in Nepal: "The ceremony is the start of what Nepalese lawmaker Sunil Babu Pant
hopes will become a lucrative business for his country, whose once
thriving tourist industry is still reeling from a decade-long civil war
that ended in 2006."

 roadLithuanians apply for Gay Pride parade permit.

 roadMale model fix: Francisco Lachowski.

 roadJudge gives 30-day deadline in lesbian child abduction custody case: "Lisa Miller has disappeared with 7-year-old Isabella Miller-Jenkins, and
Miller's former partner renewed her call for help finding the girl."

 roadNew York courts growing accustomed to transgender name changes.

 roadArchy & Mehitabel: Musical duo pens track to benefit Matthew Shepard Foundation.

Swans  roadSwans in rare divorce: "It is not unheard of for the birds, which usually
mate for life, to find a new mate but it tends to be because one of the
pair has died, they said."

 roadGeorgia upholds life sentence in gay panic murder case: "At trial, Hall said he was high on cocaine when he stabbed Cook more than 20 times while in a trance triggered by childhood
memories of seeing his father stab his mother to death."

 roadWestboro Baptist to picket at Stanford.

 roadHawaii's long history on gay unions. "Regardless of H.B 444's fate, no one believes the controversy over same-sex unions will fade any time soon.

Arakaki said he can't recall any other issue during his 20 years in office that touched such a raw nerve. 'It's because the evangelical and other churches are a lot more involved. It's become their issue and what they stand for and what they represent. It also speaks to traditional family values that we have here in the Islands and in the country,' he said."


  1. says

    My college roommate was one of Earl Wild’s students. What an amazing gift he had for performing and teaching, and what a loss to the community of musicians. If you haven’t heard his recording of the Chopin etudes, go get it.

  2. Sargon Bighorn says

    The deforestation psa is oh so touching and the question is asked, ‘if your city park were being cut down would you stop it?’ or a similar question. In America the forests have already been cut down! HELLO! From Montana to the Pacific, from Juneau to San Fransisco, there was one huge forest just 150 years ago. So too with the East Coast about 350 years ago. ALL GONE. For what? The rail roads and gold mines of CA. So should other nations be denied their turn at “development”? Seems they want the same things Americans want. Is that so wrong?

  3. Jeff says

    It is common for royal families of other countries as well as heads of state to attend royal weddings.

    Nancy Regan represented the U.S. attending Prince Charles’ wedding.

    I would be interested to know, for example, if Prince William or Prince Harry will attend the wedding a fellow prince in a place that had once been a British colony.

    I wonder if the Obamas were invited or if the U.S. will have a representative there.

  4. DD says

    @ lark

    @ Pat
    Yes. Hopefully campus police will kick them out. I know they did at my university (also private).

  5. Randy says

    Thank you for posting the Earl Wild link–your site is the first place I learned of his death. To add to others’ previous comments, his piano transciptions/recordings of the Rachmaninoff songs are absolutely gorgeous.