News: India, Gordon Fox, Cockroach, Party Crasher, Dolphins

 road Azaad Bazaar, first gay-themed gift shop, opens in Mumbai, India.

Dolphin  roadScientists: Because of their intelligence, dolphins should be treated as non-human persons.

 roadBoise State football player is majoring in 'Cummunication'.

 roadI Love You, Phillip Morris to be screened at Palm Springs International Film Festival.

 roadDenise Williams, who became spokeswoman against hate crimes after her transgender son Simmie Williams was murdered in February, 2008, dies at 40. Simmie's case is still unsolved.

 roadA third alleged White House state dinner party crasher has been identified as Carlos Allen, a D.C. party promoter. Allen denies that he was there: “I don’t know what you’re talking about, I don’t know why people are saying that."

 roadMichael Cera gets a makeover from Jersey Shore's Pauly D.

Fox  roadGay Rhode Island lawmaker Gordon Fox front-runner to become House Speaker: "If his fellow representatives choose him as speaker, Fox will become one of the state’s most powerful politicians, leading the Democrat-controlled House as it struggles with the worst financial mess in decades.

He has competition from his party’s more conservative flank. Fox’s legislative priority list aligns him with the party’s more liberal wing. An openly gay man, he is a staunch advocate, for example, of same-sex marriage."

 roadMemphis Gay and Lesbian Community Center receives anonymous $50K endowment.

 roadDaytime confidential declares Scott Evans and Brett Claywell from One Life to Live, and Crystal Chappell and Jessica Leccia from Guiding Light, among 10 best soap couples of 2009.

Pavelka  roadThis is probably all of The Bachelor you really need to see.

 roadNew cockroach species discovered in New York.

 roadWashington lawmaker Jamie Pedersen prefiles bill that would recognize legal same-sex unions from out-of-state.

 roadBritney Spears to release new album in March?

 roadBefore New Year's I posted that the police were interested in talking to the ex-girlfriend in the hit-and-run dragging death of Leticia Martinez. That ex-girlfriend has since been arrested and charged with the murder.

 roadA memorial will be held Friday, January 15, at 5 p.m. at the Unitarian Universalist Church at 2120 North Fee Lane in Bloomington, Indiana for slain professor and author Don Belton. Hundreds attended a New Year's Day candlelight vigil.


  1. Rodney Wollam says

    I guess Dolphins will be taking over as the dominant species on this planet on 12/22/12 …

    Are they positive the new bachelor is straight? He doesn’t seem to be loving that kiss too much …

  2. Maverick69 says

    Andy please correct the post with Denise Williams. It’s Denise King. You had me confused thinking it was “Let’s hear it for the boy” singer which I had no clue she had a transgender son and thought it error that she was 40 years old.


  3. grimwig says

    i’m confused about the bsu bit. nowhere in the linked article does it mention anything about communication. and, moreover, what’s wrong with majoring in communications?

  4. sparks says

    I think Denise Williams deserved her own obituary post. Such a tragic loss.

    Excerpt ———-
    “Since her son’s death, Mrs. King “brought the conversation of love, acceptance and compassion into a community where black [gays and lesbians] are invisible,” said Michael Emanuel Rajner, a co-founder of Transgender Equality Rights Initiatives, who became a family friend after the murder.

    “The night of her son’s viewing, she left early because she had gotten a call from someone that evening that there was a youth, about 16, thrown out of his home because he was openly gay,” Rajner said.

    “Denise, not even knowing the child’s name, hit the streets with her car up and down Sistrunk looking for this child. She would take them in. Her home became this safe haven for people to run. In her pain she was moved to make certain no child was turned away.”

  5. SFshawn says

    For all the dolphin lovers like me be careful if you decide to watch the movie ‘the cove’. Next to Food,Inc it is one of the most revealing documentaries on how greedy and disgusting ‘humans’ can be.

  6. TANK says

    Great that speciesism is becoming a household concept. Score one for Peter Singer’s vision.

    Truly sad about Denise Williams, proving that hate crimes laws are necessary as the victims aren’t just those immediately involved.

    New cockroach species in NYC? I’ve got the perfect name! Krugereta.

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