News: Bozeman, Liberty University, Kept Boys, Doomsday Clock

 roadExodus: Gays abandon South Beach for Fort Lauderdale.

Hamm  roadJon Hamm sports full beard.

 roadSnowballs: the new pets.

 roadBozeman, Montana adopts LGBT anti-discrimination ordinances: "The commission voted 3-0 Monday night to move forward with plans to protect homosexual and transgendered city employees from discrimination and to provide same-sex partners with the same benefits as opposite-sex couples. Commissioners also supported spelling out same-sex partners' equal right to health care insurance and other benefits in the city's employee handbook."

 roadMan murdered in Sydney, Australia park last year revealed to be gay.

 roadDivorce rates HIGHER in states with same-sex marriage bans.

 roadConan won't budge from late-night slot.

 roadLiberty University withdraws sponsorship of CPAC over involvement of gay Republican group GOProud: "In the letter withdrawing its sponsorship from the event, Liberty
University Law School Dean Mat Staver wrote that gay Republicans, by
their very existence, work against his university." CPAC keeps GOProud.

 roadHeidi Montag says her new album, Superficial, is as good as Thriller.

Object  roadMystery object buzzes Earth.

 roadDoomsday clock to be changed.

 roadStories of older gay Irishmen go on stage in New York: "The music is lovely and the performers earnest — perhaps too earnest — but to a New York audience, at least, the tales may seem somewhat elementary and generic. A man mourns the death of his longtime partner. A mother declares her love for her gay son despite her religious convictions. An AIDS diagnosis changes a father-son dynamic."

 roadAnnise Parker discusses Obama voicemail.

 roadGoogle reviewing operations in China due to censorship.

Gaga road Lady Gaga is putting herself out there for the gays again at a
benefit this Saturday at Club Worship, House of Blues at Harrah’s
Showboat Casino in Atlantic City following her show to raise money for
LGBT groups Empire State Pride Agenda, Garden State Equality, Equality
Pennsylvania and The Power. Said Gaga: "I am honored to be able to continue to raise awareness
and money for this cause and these outstanding organizations.
Organizations like these are in the trenches every day working on
behalf of all of us, whether you are LGBT or straight. Equal and full
civil rights are supposed to be for all of us." It's a minimum $20 donation.

 roadJohn Mayer performs internet cleanse.

Nextny  roadEvidence that NY's nightlife scene needs an epitaph.

 roadGay man's murder at rural Louisiana gay bar goes unsolved:
"Detectives are not ready to commit to any theory of a single motive.
Whether the crime was motivated by money – about $4,000 was reported
missing from the bar – by hate, or by personal animus against LeCompte
remains undetermined."

 roadDustin Lance Black and Neil Patrick Harris join Trevor Project board.

 roadDan Savage and Benoit Denizet-Lewis debate sex addiction on the Michelangelo Signorile Show.

 roadTickle the ivories, on YouTube.

 roadTen trolls every blogger will encounter.

 roadGay "housewife" still wanted for LOGO's show Kept. Gawker: "One of the reasons recruiting might be difficult is because some men
don't like the tenor of the show. Our source says, 'Lots have backed
out. They positioned it as gay housewives when in fact it's based on
gold diggers. It's called Kept and [they] are having trouble
finding guys who are happy having a sugar daddy yet interesting enough
to fill reality TV. Best cast for reality shows are normally pushy with
big opinions and personality! These aren't the peeps who marry rich old


  1. JT says

    Well, Mr. Hamm’s bearded look certainly gets my pulse to speed up. My stars and garters, that’s hot!

  2. bozemanmontana says

    The only thing that makes me happier than Hamm’s beard, is seeing that our commission decided to move forward on the ordinance. I was shocked that it passed, Bozeman isn’t known as the most gay-friendly place in Montana…sometimes it’s down-right dangerous.

  3. THE QUEEN says

    but dahlings, we ALREADY have gay marriage, men who get married with women, have kids, and fool around on the side with other men… what could be gayer than that?

  4. Zach says

    Silver’s point about the divorce/same-sex marriage statistics bears emphasis: they do not necessarily provide causation. I’m going to sidestep them and simply make the argument: Americans, particularly conservative Americans, feel deeply insecure in their personal relationships and externalize their problems by ostensibly safeguarding institutions that they simultaneously value and feel threatened by. By doing so, they compensate for their own inadequacies.

    No, the real step to reversing divorce rates is for couples is to extend the courtship phase past the initial infatuation. When people feel relaxed and able to define their relationship on their own terms, they are better able to handle the societal codification.

  5. George says

    The Exodus to FTL happened years ago, southbeach is filled with breaders and thugs very sad that a magical place like SOBE is fading.

  6. MADMAN says

    Jon, I’d love to objectify you with your hot new beard but your shirt is getting in the way of my analysis. Please remove ASAP.

  7. gagging on gaga says

    Fort Lauderdale/Wilton Manors will always be Miami/Miami Beach’s ugly step-sister. The only gays that moved away are the ones that called it SoBe. Good riddance.

  8. TJ says

    At the risk of being called a troll, I found the bit on trolls disturbing. I had thought the term referred to those who were deliberately disruptive. Now, apparently it means anyone who disagrees, or who bothers to write more than a few sentences – sight bites instead of sound bites. God forbid anyone should be challenged to learn or grow, or have to expend any brain power in the process.

    The internet, as I have long feared, is being used to lead us to the next Dark Age.

  9. TANK says

    I don’t get the attraction to ft. lauderdale…it’s a seedy place with a dark past. Of course, there are areas that have been fixed up, but still…it’s just ft. lauderdale.

  10. THE JESTER says

    My word ladies, it certainly has been twice a full moon since I have seen her majesty, the Queen. Pray-tell my lovely, where have you been?

  11. says

    these years and recognizing the work of others — i can honor and enjoy their work in a message that has nothing to do with this trendy, pretentious, and hypocritical detritus that has ultimately been less productive than it could have been