Jim Hutton, Partner of the Late Freddie Mercury, Dies at 60


The Irish partner of the late Freddie Mercury died on New Year's Day and was laid to rest yesterday, the Irish Independent reports:

"Jim Hutton, who also worked as a hairdresser for the Queen singer, died on New Year's Day after a battle with cancer, just three days short of his 61st birthday.

He lived with Mercury for the last six years of the singer's life and was present at his bedside when he passed away at his Kensington home in London on November 24, 1991.

The star died from broncho-pneumonia induced by AIDS after publicly acknowledging he had the disease the day before his death.

Mercury left his partner £500,000 as well as a plot of land at Rutland Terrace, Carlow where Hutton built a house. The bulk of Mercury's estate went to Mary Austin, his former girlfriend of six years.

Hutton himself tested positive for AIDS in 1990 but he didn't tell Mercury for nearly a year afterwards."

Hutton was buried in his hometown of Carlow, Ireland.



  1. Henry Holland says

    What an incredible singer, songwriter and performer Freddie Mercury was. Jim Hutton was hot too, in that bear-ish way I like.

    RIP Freddie and Jim.

  2. Will says

    My apartment in Munich was on the same small street where Fredy lived and where the girlfriend remained after Freddy died and we had the same favorite bar, Ochsengarten. One of my brushes with fame.

  3. Steve Kerbow says

    How sad! Two beautiful men gone! I had always had a crush on Freddie and never really got to know the personal life side of him, so I can’t say that I had a crush on Jim. It’s always a sad moment when you hear about the partner, of a person that you know that you’d never be able to have, passing. They are now together and are probably more happy no to be back together with one another! Sleep well my two handsome men!

  4. steve says


    According to Wikipedia (not the most reliable of sources, I acknowledge), Freddie was tested HIV positive around Easter of 1987.

    If Hutton found out his own positive status around 1990, he may not have been the first in the relationship to have contracted the virus.

    I’m just sayin – we don’t know the full circumstances.

  5. KATY says


  6. Sharon says

    Freddie and Jim were both exceptional people and good good friends. After Freddie passed i did some fundraising for the MPT and also the album launch party in L.A. at the Rainbow and an adjacent venue for Made In Heaven. Hollywood records did very little to promote this album- in fact they completely ignored any sort of album launch. The proceeds from that went to the MPT. As for Jim Hutton- he inherited the birt of property that they had planned to build their “retirement” home on in Ireland- not far from his family. I still have the last Christmas card I got from Jim. It doesn’t matter what he died from- he was a dear , kind person- and he was one of the FEW who took care of Freddie- and loved him without a personal “agenda.” Rest in Peac my Friend- may God be with you …Sharon

  7. Dan says

    It’s ironic how shy he was in public and how flamboyant a performer he was onstage. I hear Micheal Jackson was the same way. I thank Queen for all of their music.

  8. Rachel says

    Freddie was diagnosed with AIDS in 1987. Not HIV. AIDS. The entire syndrome had already set in. Jim wasn’t diagnosed as HIV+ until 1990. If anything, Jim contracted HIV from Freddie and he KNEW Freddie was HIV+. By not telling Freddie, Jim was likely just protecting him from worrying. There was no risk of making Freddie more ill than he already was anyways.

    Two wonderful people lost to a preventable illness. Sad.

  9. alex says

    meaning….yet another OPEN couple..he got dick somewhere esle…some love that is ! thats not a relationship ! makes us ALL look bad !
    Id dump his ass is i knew he is getting dick elsewhere….

  10. lisa says

    So sad, but at least they’re together now. It’s sad that Mary made Jim, Phoebe and Joe leave garden lodge when it was Freddie’s wish that they stay there as long as they wanted.
    R.I.P. Freddie and Joe, lost so young to such a terrible disease and R.I.P. Jim, lost to a terrible disease and also fairly young :( I hope you and Freddie and Joe are having lots of fun up there!

  11. melanie boyer says

    Sharon … What a privilege to read you!
    I am interested in the life of Freddie Mercury and I learned how you were precious to him … until the end. A strong relationship of friendship united you to him. I’m just a simple fan of quebec – canada, but I have great respect for Jim appeared to be a serious man, stable, who had family values and that allowed Freddie to grow in real relationship.
    My respects,

  12. Olga says

    Just finished the book ‘Mercury and Me’ by Jim Hutton (with Tim Wapshott). It was written in 1994. I started reading it not knowing that Jim has recently died. What a decent and loving man he was! It’s a shame he was treated by Mary that way. He was not being able to visit his own garden he created for Freddy or to pet his and Freddie’s cats (not to mention to take one of them). She was left with 6 cats. I thought better of Mary. Very selfish and incensitive…

  13. Juliawhoismissingfreddiemuch! says

    poor freddie and kitten i dont know if he was gay or not,i am not himself.although my cat looks exactly the same!rip freddie f*** off jim!sorry’bout the f word but im so shocked!freddie at least deserves a nice woman OR a nicer man.by the way,waaaaaah freddie!goodbye!sorry you cant see all this.but quite good cause some things would just offend u!

  14. John says

    Ugh, he had it coming. Maybe, though, he once put his faith in the Saviour of mankind and found that whatever his perverted propensities, he was a forgiven sinner. Somehow I doubt it.

  15. Pat from Michigan says

    I’m 66 yrs. old & just getting to know Queen & Freddie Mercury. I also just finished reading Jim Hutton’s book regarding his time with Freddie. I was impressed by the way he stayed by ‘his man’ through out his illness. It seems Freddie had few really good friends at his side & then to have Mary throw them out was a slap in Freddie’s face! I get the impression she was there for the money, whereas Jim, Peter & Joe were his true friends. As for Jim & Freddie’s relationship…..WHO CARES!!!! I look at people, not for their sexual preference, but what their character is. RIP Freddie & Jim, someday I will get to meet both of you & hear that awesome voice in spirit! Bet you are really jammin’ up there…lol!!

  16. says

    I just learned of Jim Huttons passing. I thought he was still alive and doing healthy? Was his death attributed to the HIV med’s? Some of those toxic cocktails cause Cancer.It’s so sad that Freddie had to die so soon before the life saving meds that keep Millions HIV positive,Aids Related Complex or Undetectable. RIP Jim atleast you lived 20 years more to know Freddie was loved!

  17. Tina says

    Its such a shame when someone dies the vulgar things people say about them and there loved ones we dont know the truth about there lives but yet you write things like you do shame on all of you,Mary and Jim God Bless you both for being there for him,and god bless all you fans of queens there music will rock on for years

  18. winters.h says

    freddie was a ‘great’ rock star.his performances gave everyone’goose bumps’,but having aids and going into a relationship knowingly with a person is committing murder.sorry to hear of jims death.RIP both.ps,mary probably knew of freddie’s situation long before,therefore stayed on for the ‘RICHES’AND THERE BY LETTING IN JIM!

  19. Maximus says

    All these comments about Freddie being gay.
    Wo cares? I’m 100% heterosexual and can’t understand how a man can find another man attractive, but obviously many do, and that is their business.
    My wife was an executive in the fashion industry, and a lot of her employees and friends were gay. They’d joke with me about coming over to ‘their side’, but it was all in fun and we got along fine.
    I’ve never met an uncaring or mean gay BTW. I can’t say the same for non-gays.
    Focus on Freddie’s contribution to music, and how he made you smile and feel good with his tremendous gift & talent. He and his partner look like a great couple to me. Leave them alone.
    I just heard about Jim Hutton’s passing (6 months later). I hope they are together and happy in spirit.
    Thanks for all the tremendous happiness you have us all Freddie … and Brian, Roger, John (and Spike – the quiet contributor to their success).

  20. Rachel Pacheco says

    I did not know very much about Queen and Freddie Mercury until recently but, I love the music and have done alot of research. I really wish he was still around and making more music. He was a little before my time but, love and miss him none the less. RIP

  21. cuby says

    Well its sad Jim Hutton died but don’t forget he gave the aids disease to Freddie Mercury who didn’t have to die being lied to. But its too late and now they are both gone. But Jim died of cancer how strange.

  22. says

    RIP to Jim, You know what? I’ve been thinking about this alot, It seems to me that a lot of people put the blame for Jim’s HIV on Freddie and I dont think I’d go that far, If you ask me Jim had HIV long before he was tested for it, He knew it, And for Jim to actually be tested positive in 1990 and to go right up until he died with out developing full blown AIDS, I’m kinda thinking that jim might be one of those lucky people that they call “non progressor’s” or how ever that is said and spelled, it’s when someone has HIV but they’re never really sick and they just dont seem to develop AIDS, And if that is the case, that jim was one of these rare people, well then who really know’s for sure?? I mean to be honest Jim could have infected Freddie in early 85 or whenever they first got it on, with out knowing he himself was carrying this, I’m not putting blame on either of these men, they loved each other no matter what, This is just a theory I’ve been thinking about, and it is totaly plausable if you think about it. Anyway Thanks for reading… RIP Jim and Freddie, Hope you’re together again at last :)

  23. queeniac says

    Jim hutton’s book mercury and me is a book of lies! Firstly jim should know how much freddie liked his privacy so why would he write such a detailed and personal story if he truly loved freddie. He made up so many stories in that book its disgusting. Mary austin had a right to kick him out, he had money and a home in ireland and she knew he didn’t really love freddie but was just using him, and if freddie really wanted jim to stay at that house too or have any cats or other speci he would have put it in his will. Do u really believe freddies last words were pee pee and he died while jim was changing him because he wet himself? And even if it is true why tell the whole world, why not keep it too yourself instead of embarrasing the man he supposedly loved

  24. Anonymous says

    Oh my god.
    I’ve been looking at this photo for twenty minutes and just noticed that Jim is holding a cat.
    I always thought it was his shirt xD

  25. SHARDA says

    Freddie forms part of my every day life now. I listen to his songs every morning on my way to work coz his songs have become my mantra now. He is my second most loved God after GOD himself. How he lived his life being a Gay is just what made him special. He was not a common mortal, he was like something ethereal. RIP Freddie. RIP Jim, you who loved Freddie unconditionally.

  26. star says

    Ive always loved Freddie and his music. Ive read on another blog that it was Mary Austin not Jim Hutton that really cared about Freddie. It’s a shame Freddie spent his life partying so much with people that didn’t care and now he’s dead because of it.

  27. Cin says

    Jim, did you kill Freddie???
    Untentionally or not…with Aids running thru the gay community, would like to know how such a beautiful talent was taken away from us, way to early…..and now you are reaping on his talent and life, …shame on you…

  28. Angel says

    What a beautiful couple and they loved cats! I don’t know all the history but i think if the lady he left his and Jim’s home to didn’t allow his surviving lover to remain there, go there, or take their babies (cats) then she is evil and i’m glad Freddie wasn’t around to see how disappointing she was … in the end, it doesn’t matter who infected who … being lovers, i doubt either would have changed the way they lived nor would either have blamed the other … there is some comfort, for me anyway, knowing that IF they had to die, as bad as the disease is, isn’t it sort of ironic they died of a disease borne of their love? … let them sleep in peace together and stop pointing fingers and wasting time on being angry .. send them love and remember them with love and in love.

  29. says

    Yeah – just wonder if Freddie had of been told about the HIV status and got onto medication earlier if he’d still be with us. Very selfish move and no sympathy for Jim. A lover, man-or-woman should be honest with their partner, no matter the circumstance. The world “could” be such a better place.

  30. Jane Stephanie Rudolf says

    I read the book by Jim Hutton this summer, and it was touching and diffecult to read towards the end. But I recommend reading it, if you like Freddie Mercury.
    Jim and Freddie seemed to be such a loving couple and cared a lot for people close to them.
    My daughter, who’s 17 is a big Queen fan, so I am used to hearing Freddies voice a lot in my home, nearly every day!
    Reading about how he was in private was so great; how he cared for his chineese objects, his cats and his garden. How everything around him had to be pretty and how he showered his loved ones with expensive presents.
    Jim and Freddie seemed like an average couple, with ups and downs, but with a love between them that didn’t die. And the end of Freddies life was lived with such dignity and so much love.
    I was saddened to read how Mary Austin really was. She denied Jim access to the house and took nearly everything with her when she left Garden Lodge. She was said to dislike Jim and it certainly looked like it, especially after Freddies death. What a shame! I hope she feels bad about the way she treated people close to Freddie.

    Queens music lives on and we have so many clips with Freddie to enjoy, although it would have been nice if he was still here to provide his special “kind og magic”!

    Thanks for everything, Freddie! R.I.P.

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