1. Richard says

    Congratulations, whoever you are.

    Are we getting reports of every same sex marriage that takes place, or am I supposed to know who these folks mentioned are?

  2. says

    No-No: the lucky couple live in New York which doesn’t recognize gay marriage either. it was obviously a symbolic gesture. they have a new $10 million penthouse apt to come home to in SoHo. I’m $ure it was love at first $ight. bitter and jaded i am not.

  3. says

    How lucky for them! Congrats BIG TIME! They have been in love for quite some time and my best wishes to them both for a long happy marriage. What a thrill! All the rumors were true – they did go to St. Barths to marry! HooRAY!!!!

  4. says

    I just finished reading all of the comments and have to ask – what FU*K is wrong with the majority of people posting? WHO is Marc Jacobs? Do you even *belong* to the gay community? Dear God, get off your fat tushes and look him up! Marc Jacobs Marc (born April 9, 1963 in New York City) is on of America’s most prestigious American fashion designers. He is the head designer for Marc Jacobs Yeah, his own freakin’ label/company/institution), as well as the diffusion line Marc by Marc Jacobs. Jacobs is currently the Creative Director of the prestigious French design house Louis Vuitton.

    Grow up. Get lives. This is YOUR world for Godsakes.

  5. Alex says

    Funny, we expect people to respect us and treat us as equals yet, it is apparent that most of the people posting here have so much internalized hatred that they can’t bare to see two other people happy.

  6. Josh G. says

    I was a big fan of Jacobs until I saw he and his partner walking their two little dogs in the West Village.

    They let the pups shit all over the sidewalk and didn’t bother to pick it up.

    He’s sort of dead to me now.

  7. crispy says

    “This is YOUR world for Godsakes.”

    My world is jetting off to St. Barts for a celebrity-studded engagement party? Well, shit then… somebody owes me big time. I ain’t seen none of that action.

  8. DR says

    “Grow up. Get lives. This is YOUR world for Godsakes.”

    Why is it “our world”, because we’re gay? That means we *must* be interested in fashion and design? Uhm, no. The only thing Marc Jacobs, his boyfriend, and I have in common would be the tattoos. Otherwise, his world is not my world.

    I do wish them a happy and healthy life together, they look really happy and I’m glad for them.

  9. qjersey says

    “WHO is Marc Jacobs? Do you even *belong* to the gay community?”

    I don’t belong to the wealthy white one where people care about over priced clothes made for pretentious designers in third world countries with low pay scales.

    And he can wear that f*cking kilt all he wants as he has for the last several years…WE ARE NOT picking up on this trend.

  10. says

    No dude, it is YOUR world. If you are gay you can’t turn your back on it no matter how much you dislike it. We are all in the same boat here and you need us as much as we need you. Ever ride an elevator, stop at a floor and a black person gets on? If not, pay attention next time. No matter what they always acknowledge any other black person on that elevator – with a nod, a hello or some kind of gesture. But not gay people. Hell no! The majority turn their head (God, don’t let him out me…) and raise their noses to the ceiling. After all, we couldn’t possibly be associated with THAT queen. Unless we accept our world, for whatever it has to offer, we’re always going to be seen as “less then everyone else”. Maybe that’s the way you like it but the majority of gay people are tired of it. So get over it. Congratulate Jacobs and husband and thank God two gay people have enough balls to stand out there proudly for what they believe in.

  11. stephen says

    What a cranky bunch of fools… I’d love to curl up next to Lorenzo and I am grateful that they put a spotlight (especially in the Caribbn) on marriage for MENs!!! :)

    I would appreciate a press-release on the inequality of marriage, but hey…

    Best Wishes you big MO’s. Wish I could’a been there! xo, s

  12. Sam says

    Dude, in vast difference of you I am OK with who I am and have no issues to work through surrogate pseudo role models. But you could google “projection” and start working from there.

    I turn my back not on my sexuality, but to Marc Jacobs and his likes, pretty good pictured in one of the previous comments (kudos for the remark about the third world – sure, why think of it, if we can buy his DESIIIIIIIGNER shit! for he’s a DESIIIIGNER! – and not really care what it costs to people we don’t even know, don’t care of and with some luck – and DESIIIIIGNER sunglasses – can pretend they don’t even exist so they won’t bother us in our DESIIIIIGNER glass castle!).

    Wait, on a second thought, I’m not turning my back on him… Don’t want him to get CREATIVE. For judging by the fugly cake, I’ll hardly be pleased by the result.

  13. Paul says

    I know who they are, but why should we care about these two idiots? Because they’re gay? Not a good enough reason. Please, less stories about these two and focus on the real issues!!

  14. sean in dallas says

    LOVE the topper! The likenesses are fantastic and unlike most toppers, there is real life & personality in their eyes. Kudos to the artist who sculpted them.

  15. Neddam says

    I think most of the hatred probably comes from the disconnect between the designer and average joes. I look at them, one part of me wishes them all the best in the future, but one part of me think that they can be so open because they have all the money and power so they don’t have to worry about being beaten or worry about losing your job. But ultimately, my good side won and I wish that all gay people not hate on each other (I know it’s the most difficult thing to do even as human beings)

  16. KevMusic says

    Wow. Who needs straight people to gay bash when you have this pack of bitter queens. You don’t have to be into fashion to know who a fashion designer is. I don’t play golf but I knew who Tiger Woods was before the scandal. Can’t people just wish other people well? Tearing someone else down doesn’t build you up no matter how hard you try.

  17. DR says

    Knowing who they are and throwing them a party because they’re gay are two different things. Many of us feel a disconnect because we’re not into high end fashion just b/c we’re gay, and this is just another fluff piece (which turned out not to be true). As I said, I hope they have a great life together, they look very happy, but that doesn’t mean I feel a shred of camaraderie with them just because we’re all gay.

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