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Marriage Equality Foes Ask D.C. Court for Voter Referendum;
39 GOP Congressman File Amicus Brief in Support

The Stand 4 Marriage DC Coalition has asked the D.C. Superior Court to order the Board of Elections and Ethics to allow their "Marriage Initiative of 2009" on the ballot so they can begin collecting signatures.

Bus This was not totally unexpected, but the really vile part of the news is the 39 congressmen who have filed an amicus brief to stand by Bishop Harry Jackson and his gang of bigots:

D.C. Wire: "In the filing, U.S. senators James Inhofe (Okla.) and Roger Wicker (Miss.) and 37 House Republicans align with Bishop Harry Jackson, pastor of Hope Christian Church, in asking the court to reverse a D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics decision prohibiting the same-sex marriage question to be put before voters. "Under the United States Constitution, they serve as members of the ultimate legislative authority for the District of Columbia and the very body which delegated to the District its limited legislative power under home rule," the filing states. 'As members of the District's ultimate legislative body, amici are concerned about the extent of the District's delegated legislative authority, the preservation of Congress's constitutional authority, and the interpretation of home rule.' The filing comes as Jackson and his attorneys appeared in Superior Court today for a hearing on whether a referendum should be held. In two separate rulings since June, the elections board has stated that a public vote on same-sex marriage would be discriminatory against gay men and lesbians. Jackson is vowing an exhaustive court fight to challenge those decisions."

In addition to Wicker and Inhofe, House Minority Leader John Boehner (Ohio) and Minority Whip Eric Cantor (Va.), the brief was also signed by (via americablog):

U.S. Reps. Robert Aderholt (Ala.), Todd Akin (Mo.), Michele Bachmann (Minn.), J. Gresham Barrett (S.C.), Roscoe Bartlett (Md.), Marsha Blackburn (Tenn.), John Boozman (Ark.), Jason Chaffetz (Utah), John Fleming (La.), J. Randy Forbes (Va.), Virginia Foxx (N.C.), Scott Garrett (N.J.), Phil Gingrey (Ga.), Louie Gohmert (Tex.), Jeb Hensarling (Tex.), Wally Herger (Calif.), Walter Jones (N.C.), Jim Jordan (Ohio), Steve King (Iowa), Jack Kingston (Ga.), John Kline (Minn.) Doug Lamborn (Colo.), Robert Latta (Ohio), Don Manzullo (Ill.), Michael McCaul (Tex.), Thaddeus McCotter (Mich.), Patrick McHenry (N.C.), Cathy McMorris Rodgers (Wash.), Jeff Miller (Fla.), Jerry Moran (Kan.), Randy Neugebauer (Tex.), Mike Pence (Ind.), Joe Pitts (Pa.), Mark Souder (Ind.) and Todd Tiahrt (Kan.).

Hopefully, sane and fair heads will prevail.

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  1. jesus save us from your followers

    Posted by: Lou | Jan 6, 2010 8:31:04 PM

  2. They need to let the District do what they see fit and stay the hell out of it. Civil rights should never be voted on. Republicunts are getting more outrageous every day.

    Posted by: Tony | Jan 6, 2010 8:41:32 PM

  3. They may be a pack of assholes, but they know how to stay on message, or whatever they're calling being assholes nowadays.

    Posted by: HW In SoCal | Jan 6, 2010 9:24:13 PM

  4. Lets vote for divorce.
    Lets vote for eating pork.
    Lets vote for the use of cell phones at movies.
    Lets vote for taxes.

    Posted by: Raul | Jan 6, 2010 9:41:08 PM

  5. When do we get to vote on straight marriages? How about women's suffrage and civil rights? How about left handed people? How about the 50% of the fucking retards in the Republican party with IQs below 100? How about voting on religious liberty?

    Posted by: Mykelb | Jan 6, 2010 10:46:12 PM

  6. "When do we get to vote on straight marriages? "

    That is EXACTLY what our big money sucking orgs should be doing, putting ballot initiatives out there that attack their basic human rights. Only then will the absurdity of it all be shown.

    Posted by: DEREK WASHINGTON | Jan 6, 2010 11:03:45 PM

  7. Once again Patrick McHenry reinforces the barricades of his closet door.

    Posted by: Zeke | Jan 6, 2010 11:05:30 PM

  8. No wonder the citizens of the DC want to stand separate from the gov't that resides there...

    Now they've got taxation with misrepresentation!

    Posted by: stephen | Jan 6, 2010 11:55:33 PM

  9. I'm surprised Dreier and Schock haven't signed onto this. Isn't it time for them to do something horribly evil and self-serving to keep their clueless constituents off their back about certain "sinful" behaviors?

    Posted by: John | Jan 7, 2010 12:03:32 AM

  10. Only 39 additional signatures (and all Republican) out of 438 representatives from the House side of the aisle is hardly a ringing or stinging (or significant) endorsement by the legislative branch to push for a vote, don't you think?

    Posted by: Keith | Jan 7, 2010 12:50:45 AM

  11. Souder has never once thought for himself. The boy does exactly what his party tells him, always has, and probably always will. No surprise there.

    Posted by: jon | Jan 7, 2010 12:57:46 AM

  12. Where IS Hope Christian Church? What? Not in DC? Maybe these godfearing christians should take all the money they are spending on lawyers and feed starving children in their hometowns. In their minds, better to feed the children of rich lawyers trying to prevent gays from living in loving marriages and families than to feed the starving kids in their own churches. These ARE the people who Jesus would not allow to walk with him. They are NOT Christians. They hate, they waste resources on hating and they could care less about those truly in need of help. They would turn off the heat in all of DC if it would stop gays from marrying. They ARE the face of Satan, and it is time this nation and this world sees them for who they are. They ARE NOT of Jesus Christ. They are EVIL.

    Posted by: Boone68 | Jan 7, 2010 2:38:07 AM

  13. As a DC gay Republican, this upsets me. Earlier today, I blogged about it. Read it hear.

    Posted by: DCbigpappa | Jan 7, 2010 2:49:15 AM

  14. Then maybe BigPapa you should go independant

    Posted by: Precious Magillicutty | Jan 7, 2010 3:32:17 AM

  15. well, I always say this...we have to stop with these local elections and hope that this get to the supreme court where there is no outside influence. They better pray it doesn't get there because at that point all the justices will have to work with is real FACTS and the bible is not a FACT it is FICTION. you can't rule on something that affects other people's life based on how uncomfortable someone else is. And as long as gay marriage doesn't hurt anyone else...they will have no choice but to rule in favor as other nations have!! The people have no business or intellect to vote on this issue.

    Posted by: Paul | Jan 7, 2010 6:33:18 AM

  16. I agree with Precious Magillicutty. DCbigpappa you SHOULD switch to Independent. The Republican party that was waht it was founded to be was is totally gone forever hijacked by these loons and will never come back (at least not in your lifetime) To continue being a Republican and iodentifying as such especially now in this climate is just wrong.

    Posted by: Wolf | Jan 7, 2010 6:34:13 AM

  17. Perhaps we should bus ads showing Marion Barry, Harry Jackson and Maggie Gallagher with a question about "Where would THEY BE if African American and Womens Rights were voted upon?

    I just cannot take how passive our orgs are. There is no combative fight. They are all to worried abotu thier paychecks and looking above it all.

    Sweet jesus can we please grow some balls and brains? Or are we going to sit back and be above it all once again and wait to be shat upon.

    Posted by: Wolf | Jan 7, 2010 6:46:31 AM

  18. Once again, it's time for members of the clergy who marry gay and lesbian couples to petition Congress for the bona fide right to affix their signatures to marriage licenses of same sex couples in the same manner they are vested with the power to do the same for heterosexual couples. Anything less is religious discrimination. Let Congress try to vote against the religious beliefs of ordained clergy who hold the belief that gay and lesbian couples are married in the eyes of their God.

    Posted by: Marck Adrian Fedor | Jan 7, 2010 7:38:12 AM

  19. Zeke, not only is McHenry a a closeted little troll, he was involved with the murder of a gay prostitute several years ago. I think Mike Rogers at BlogActive covered the story. He and Virginia Foxx are NC's loony tunes delegation. Walter Jones is just a bigoted old crank. It is a shame that our state has 3 of those signers, especially since we have the distinction of being the ONLY southern state without a constitutional ban on gay marriage.

    Posted by: gaylib | Jan 7, 2010 7:54:33 AM

  20. You know, if our country was running well, if there was no terrorism, if everyone had health care, if our educational system was top notch and the economy was perfect, then I could see these legislators spending time and energy to fight this. But this country is in horrible shape. The political games being played every day are appalling. And the fact that elected legislators all over the country feel like depriving some of basic rights is more important than fixing the f--king economy makes me want to throw up. Is there no reality check here?

    Posted by: Larry | Jan 7, 2010 8:36:20 AM

  21. Ignore them. This is going nowhere. The Human Rights law in DC is pretty strong and it will not allow for a vote. Not saying this asshats won't keep trying but they are just spending money on a lost cause.

    Posted by: B-rod | Jan 7, 2010 9:52:56 AM

  22. GLAA has a post on the significance of the brief.

    They, and the DC LGBT community in general, take great pleasure in pointing out the sloppy mistakes it includes.

    And while many people take great pleasure in jumping on the DC gay republicans, I for one am delighted that the exist. The Republican party in DC has asked Congress not to intervene in our business and to respect our right of self-governance. Generally, the DC Republican party in DC is support of LGBT rights. You might keep in mind the David Catania, the DC Council member who introduced the bill, was elected as a Republican. It is too bad the rest of the country is not as enlightened as DC.

    Posted by: PearlsBeforeSwine | Jan 7, 2010 11:50:35 AM

  23. I'm disappointed (but not surprised, I guess) that Scott Garrett of NJ is involving himself in this. Would love to see him defeated next election!

    Posted by: Jim H | Jan 7, 2010 11:57:02 AM

  24. Our government is LAUGHING at us, since we've yet to make the connection between being a FULL AMERICAN CITIZEN and the TAXES we pay (as 1/2 citizens). They know we will bend over, so on and on we go (repeating the same "approaches" to fighting discrimination that we've used for decades).

    Let's hope more INDIVIDUALS stand up for themselves and confront the I.R.S., since no organization will do it for us. The bullies know which victims to pick on - the ones who do not fight back.

    Posted by: John Bisceglia | Jan 7, 2010 12:24:55 PM

  25. You know, if these dumb-ass politicians spent as much effort and time on protecting our borders and airlines, there wouldn't be any terrorists attacks!

    They're too busy trying to control the American populace!

    Bunch of single-cell brain dumb-asses!

    They're afraid of us, a show of solidarity is what we need to do, not using the Gay politicos and lobbyists, they're just as bad as the freaks in Washington!

    Posted by: GaryJ | Jan 7, 2010 12:49:32 PM

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