1. c says

    this thing looks like some tortured gentialia throw out in a harbor. That is just awful out of scale and inflating some Ego of a developer…the architect should be ashamed

  2. Rad says

    I was also thinking along the lines of how much abandoned and foreclosed property is already down there? Who are they catering to? Unless, of course, the backers are coming from Dubai and the UAE.

  3. Alfie B says

    I live in Miami, and I think this would be AMAZING.. I think it would jump start the miami economy, plus it would be nice to get the tallest building crown back to the US

  4. Steve says

    Ridiculous on soooo many levels: Miami doesn’t have the economic base to fill this kind of building, it doesn’t have the commercial infrastructure to support it, it’s in a hurricane zone, the other tall buildings in town all have occupancy issues….someone was drinking too many cuba libres when they thought this one up.

  5. Jason says

    I saw a presentation on the current state of the Miami Condo market and they have 120 months of inventory of over $1million condos. This will not happen for a long time; there is no way financiers would invest in something so asinine right now.

    Secondly, the hurricane issue must be relevant as well, although NY has been and probably will be hit by a cat 4 hurricane or bigger again, so I guess these buildings are built to withstand them.

    A friend of mine was at a party at the 30 or 40 story condo on the port during Wilma and people were getting motion sickness and puking at the bar on the upper floors. That is a fraction of this monstrosity.

  6. Greg says

    It’s a pretty ugly and threatening-looking building. And the computer rendering is shockingly bad. The artist could have done a better job of making the building look real.

    I can see the argument for it having a kick-start effect on the economy, but the Burj Khalifa hasn’t exactly saved Dubai from going down the pan economically. I imagine that Miami would be pretty upset to be forced to rename it the Ft. Lauderdale Tower just before opening.

  7. Paul B. says

    Another useless building, unless you are a base jumper and those will be the only people attracted to it (must admit that seeing those people jump off the Burj Khalifa building was quiet spectacular).

  8. ZT says

    I bet this thing would look much different in real life than in renderings (most projects tend to be like that). But it does need a revision…

    People, do you know there are already skyscrapers in Miami? do you think they make them out of sticky glue and wood!? they’re almost all made of concert and reinforced steel. This thing is obviously already built to prevent wind resistance (curved facade, and empty inner anatomy going up the tower).

  9. Tate Jacobs says

    I agree with Alfie…although I think the design could be altered to something different…I believe the concept and plan is an amazing idea! In ten years when its done, the economy will be back….the Dubai of America!

  10. Drew says

    Anybody read about how much sheer WASTE goes into such a building?
    – Space is limited higher up
    – God himself must help the water up and down just to flush a toilet
    – You can’t open windows on these types of buildings (if you live there, this is not a perk)

  11. TANK says

    Simply hideous. And given that FL has been hit so hard by the real estate bust, not going to happen. All skyscrapers are penises…if you’ve ever talked with an architect who designs them, you’ll understand why.

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