1. AED says

    Most of the Celebrities on “Guys with iPhones” are just stolen off of Twitter.

    Sorry to burst your bubble

  2. damien says

    I went to the site Guys with iPhones and realized something important: It seems, though I’m not certain, that most of the guys on there are douchebags of Jersey Shore level.

    Perhaps it’s just me.

  3. says

    i’m tired of that site. they have no problem posting photos of couples where the woman is giving us the finger, but they edit the comments when someone bitches about it. i don’t need to go to a gay site and be flipped off by a chick.

  4. aesthete says

    I’m sorry, I think those tattoos are HIDEOUS. He’d look a thousand times better without them. (And the tattoos will look even more hideous as he ages.)

  5. ggreen says

    White trash, check, tattoos, check, self important celeburtard, check, hey this is now the USA’s number one product.

  6. Hotter Perry says

    Doesn’t anyone find it interesting he’s snapping his foto in what appears to be a public toilet?

  7. says

    Hotter Perry: if you go to that site, 99% of the photos are shot in bathrooms, public and private. it’s like the only mirrors people own are in toilets. it gets boring by the third click.

  8. TANK says

    Vile tattoos…of course. And what a butterface! If he whinnyed, someone would throw a saddle at him.

  9. says

    If any of his ink was meant to commemorate some accomplishment, I might remotely care. But, as he is a complete fuck-up, the ink is even more ridiculous. He is without honor.

  10. Ed says

    @Hotter Perry & @Casey: I think most of the public toilets shots are probably gym locker rooms. a lot of guys snap pictures right after their work-out when their muscles are more pumped.

  11. El Brucio says

    Hmmm, average facial looks, hot body – I’m not quite sure where all the hate is coming from, unless only supermodel bodybuilders usually post to this site.

    Then again, I’ve never watched the reality show. Does he act like a total douche or something?

  12. NickIRL says

    I don’t mention it anymore (repetition), but tattoos are kind of a sign of mental issues. Nobody ‘normal’ who who works and has responsibilities wakes up and says “I need a tattoo!” Only people who are bored with their lives and/or drunk get them.

    Don’t even get me started with the Chinese symbols and letters on white boys who barely passed their public speaking classes in college, lol.

  13. PDQ says

    @El Brucio: “Then again, I’ve never watched the reality show. Does he act like a total douche or something?”

    In a word……Yes!

  14. Antny says

    Sorry to disagree, but he is in great shape and doesn’t look at all like he does steroids. I’ve never used and I’m twice as big. You get this way by not sitting on your fat hairy asses and going to the gym.

  15. TANK says

    Nick! How dare you! The chinese characters are DEEP! They individuate! It’s an expression of more than just an image–but an idear…idears!!!!!!!!! Tattoos are for low rent trash! End of discussion.

  16. says

    i have to admit, i was much more attracted to tats and piercings before 13 year old mall girls started flaunting them. i can actually remember a time when my tatted/pierced buddy was STARED at in banks and on the sidewalks, with young children crossing the street to avoid him, lol. those were the days. my favorites today are the unintentional misspellings i’ve seen on some people. now THAT’s funny stuff.

  17. says

    Hot guy, great body, great tats and he’s not afraid to show it to us. Why do some queens always have to make such a stink every time someone’s not ashamed to show off?

  18. Brad says

    I can only think of what Diana Vreeland used to say…”Never ink your body”, and a person more chic than her never lived.

    Tattoos are pure trash, plain and simple.

  19. Fred says

    Natural, my ass. In the second photo, he’s just starting to get bitchtits.

    As for the tats, these ones are the equivalent of doodles on high school notebooks. They look TERRIBLE.

    PS why do queens bitch about queens bitching about queens bitching about queens bitching about queens… sorry, too tired to find out.

  20. Neo says

    Yeah, he’s kind of douche but his mom is a vapid bimbo and his step dad is a fucking-tool-mega-douche-bag. So you can’t really blame him for being a loser. Anyway, yes, he looks like he’s on steroids and who really cares. He’s kind of hot, so let his shriveld dick fall off and I’ll just lust after him from afar.

  21. MK says

    I’m going to disagree with a lot of the posts, this is my kind of guy. Great face, kind of baby ish but with a body that screams man, and the tattoos show it.

  22. David says

    LOL Most of you would still suck his dick! I know I would and pay his bus fare! Last time I saw the show he did not have a ride :( But don’t tell him where you work because those types show up and cause scenes! Shew be careful with that straight *wink* trade, honey.

  23. Oscar in Miami Beach says

    It is ridiculous for these queens to rant about the boys of Jersey Shore but if any of them italians make a pass at any of them,their legs will go up so high and so fast that people will think new towers have already be erected.The guys are hot and I’m sure none of you will kick them out of bed.Hypocrites.I like them and enjoy their nakedness.There.

  24. Kyle says

    About people with tatoo’s , I think they are hot and I don’t have to be stupid, drunk or just bored with my life just cause I got a tatoo.. I am in school to become a dentist, I am sucessful and have a tatoo…it’s people like u sitting around on ur fat ass gossiping about other guys cause ur jealous about how good this guy really looks..go workout and stop beind drama queens..

  25. Frozen North says

    Seriously, funny how y’all clicked on the link to “see more” and feel compelled to bitch, that he’s butterfaced, or rape face, or has ugly tattoo’s.

    Where you expecting something different from, um, the first photo?

    I, for one, think he looks great. And I’d like to see your photos for a side-by-side comparison, negative bitches.

  26. izzie says

    NICKIRL…you’re ignorance amazes me!
    Tattooing is an art form that is practiced worldwide, and has been around for thousands of years. For many people, a tattoo represents a statement of one’s individuality and self-expression, and others would argue that they are inherently spiritual. Traditionally body art was a form of sacred self-expression with connections to religious and spiritual beliefs. Certain ethnic groups such as Maori people in New Zealand and Polynesians have tattoos laden with cultural and spiritual significance. So there is no doubt that tattoos are associated with events beyond the mundane level of existence.
    And guess what else?!? Plenty of ‘normal’ people who work and have responsibilities have tattoos. In fact, recent polls have indicated that between 15 to 25% of American people have tattoos. Even if that figure was only around 10%, it would still represent quite a lot of people with ink. People from all walks of life and social demographics are getting tattooed including lawyers, professors, and police officers. Why are you placing your judgements, intolerance, and prejudices onto others? Prejudice is prejudice in whatever form you find it and is symptomatic of a diseased mind which has deluded itself into thinking that the other person (be they black, gay, or covered with tattoos) is somewhat inferior.
    I find it particularly interesting to find such prejudice within THIS cyber community. How can you possible feel any better about yourself for posting a comment which projects negative attitudes directed at people based on aspects of their identity?

  27. says

    total butterface

    and I’m still not convinced Guys With iPhones is a “gay” site per se, but definitely an exhibitionist one

  28. TANK says

    “NICKIRL…you’re ignorance amazes me!”

    Says it all, doesn’t it? LOL! Kinda sad, actually.

  29. Darrell says

    Next step is some JO site or a gay for pay site, where he has his first experience with another guy for $$$$$

  30. Tim says

    This dude is totally my type. To everyone who is whining, bitching, moaning and complaining, you are jut jealous. You know damn well you would drop your pants and underwear for this dude in a heartbeat. I would and he can fuck me as many times as he wants. These pics just scream real man and lots of hot sex.

  31. cindy says

    GROSS, he is double ick, his face is creepy & he is really a 100% loser screw up.. so disgusting..

    ditto for Vicky’s son Michael

  32. Tania says

    Sorry did not know this was for gays. Why so secretive nothing to be ashamed of unless you are hurting others to cover your shame