1. KJ says

    And apparently, Olivia Newton-John will be doing a scene with Jane Lynch later this season.

    It’s true! There IS a gay agenda!

  2. SFshawn says

    I rented the first season of this show and it is incredible. One of the writers(Ryan Murphy) wrote Nip/Tuck and some of the snarky comments,etc. are in this show.
    See it if you can. If you enjoy musicals you’ll love it!

  3. Wes says

    I’m watching the DVDs of this show now and I like it but the main kid’s singing (the premature ejaculator) really bugs me. I think he sounds awful, especially with all the digital processing.

    I like Kurt’s character though.

  4. NickC says

    Love Chris Colfer!

    But why is it that both Ugly Betty and Glee–the two gayest shows on tv right now–have to put their gay characters in such over-the-top fashion? (I’m thinking Mark on UB.)

    It’s like a big pink(or plaid) wrapper. Look at me! I’m the gay one!

    My hubby is a long-time fashionista. He thinks nothing of donning his fully-sequined Versace tuxedo or gold patent leather Guccis. But even he ridicules the outfits on UB’s Mark and Glee’s Curt.

    Yes, let our gay characters be fabulous and fashionable. But don’t make them look ridiculous.

  5. Commeca says

    Hello? Anybody else notice that he’s got Jane Lynch’s pantyhose stuffed in his undies or… OMG! I can’t think about it!