1. David says

    This whole Tiger Woods scandal is just pathetic. A sports figure cheats on his wife and we should care? As if that hasn’t a million times previously. The “outrage” and “disappointment” are ridiculous.

    People need to get a life and stop pretending that they have some relationship with celebrities. Woods is the greatest golfer in history. His personal failures are between him and his family. This talk about Woods letting down his fans is nuts. When did he ever guarantee to pristine?

    Listening to the mistress du jour pop up to decry her victim hood is just the latest version of a gold digger trying to find away to make a buck off someone else’s sorrow. If any of these women had an ounce of class, then why did they bother committing adultery? They knew Woods was married and had children.

    Listening to the mistresses complain about how their affairs has hurt them and their families is the epitome of stupid. The majority of these people would have been unknown had they never come forward to brag about their exploits.

    Of course Woods is a great source of income for the media who desperately need some scandal to drive ratings, page clicks, and ad dollars.

  2. David says

    The Milkman,

    The greatest “hubris” I’ve seen in the Woods scandal has been that of the pundits and other fools who wag their finger at Woods. We have scum like Rush Limbaugh who opined that Woods is a cheater because he’s black (even though Woods is actually more Asian than African) or Brit Hume, who suggested that Woods become a Christian to improve himself. Yeah, how does Hume know that Woods isn’t a Christian and when did all Christians suddenly become immune to adultery?

    Save the moral outrage. It’s wasted and unwarranted.

  3. Luv Me N E way says

    David’s post was the very best piece of information I can agree with. I’m commenting on the fact that I enjoy his opinion and I wish people would see it in the same light. Thanks David!!!

  4. soulbrotha says

    Thank you, DAVID!! Spot on! Now let’s see if this thread devolves into a cesspool of racist idiocy.

  5. David says


    I’d like to hope that this thread wouldn’t devolve into racist crap.

    Sadly, this whole scandal reeks of race panic. Ultra wealthy “black”/brown man with a beautiful blonde white wife and more sex? Really, look at the idiots who wonder why Tiger isn’t dating “black” women. Hello? As if it would be a compliment to anyone to be a home wrecker.

    Although I feel sorry for Tiger’s wife and family, it’s not a horrific tragedy. She’s going to walk away with tens if not hundreds of million of dollars. I feel more sorry for the millions of people who are broke, worried about foreclosure, or are homeless.

  6. Chitown Kev says

    Oh, dear, tiger has a little man boobage…

    This is an interesting hip hoppish image of Tiger Woods that I could well break it down in a disturbing way…

  7. Mike says

    I agree with some of your points David but *some* people in failed marriages start affairs, actually tell the truth to the person he/she is having an affair with and leave their spouse and stay with/marry the second person. So yes, one or some of these women could have actually had their heart broken. Is it the ideal situation? Absolutely not. But *some* do stupid things when the ole’ heart gets in the way.

  8. Jack M says

    What the hell is Brit Hume doing on TV advising Woods to convert to Christianity? Oh, sorry I forgot, that was on Fox News.

  9. Glenn says

    I mostly agree with David, with one objection: Tiger put himself out there as an endorser of all sorts of products and services that have absolutely nothing to do with his unparalleled skill as a golfer (Accenture, Gillette, AT&T…) These advertisers wanted you to think that Tiger was a cool person and you should try to emulate him in every way. And Tiger went along with that. So, if you ask me, he made his personal character a matter of public concern (and made big bucks off of it) — it’s a little late to say, none of your business. Now, of course, this hardly makes him unique and the racial angle does seem hard to escape.

  10. SmartVac says

    JackM, Christianity is the faith for people who want material success. I read an article a few days ago about Prosperity Theology that teaches the importance of wealth and more wealth.

  11. mike nyc says

    Mr Hume is right.

    Tiger should be a good Christian like right winger Larry Craig and the noble gov from South Carolina.

    Is is there anything more tiresome than right wing Christian blow hards? The Romans should have crushed that sick cult 2000 years ago. The world would be a much better place.

  12. David says


    I disagree. All of those companies played on Tiger’s sports success and his ability to be a supremely successful master. Accenture is a management consulting company. Their ads played off Tiger’s excellence not his personal life.

    None of Tiger’s endorsement played off him being some sainted family man. Moreover, Woods never said that he was the epitome of family life while damning others who didn’t adhere to his life choices, like a ton of supposedly religious and moral celebrities and politicians.

    Those companies made a ton of cash off Woods. This is just another phony controversy.

    How many people will go to bed homeless in the U.S.? What’s the stats on domestic abuse? How many soldiers were wounded in Iraq?

    Again, some rich guy cheated on his wife. BFD!

    Also, I still don’t buy this crap that we continue to hear about athletes being role models and having to live perfect lives to appease their “fans.” It’s 2009, there’s been a sex scandal or some other scandal each year that features a sports figure, movie star, or politician.

    Tiger Woods doesn’t owe his “fans” anything other than being a good golfer.

  13. ChrisM says

    Yes Brit, the Christians have done such a fine job … ask Jimmy Swaggart, Ted Haggard, Jim Bakker, etc., etc., etc., … you can have morals WITHOUT being a Christian or member of any (dis)organized religion. If I want religion with my news I’ll watch the crazy Pat Robertson … Hume should be fired, but then again it’s Fox so it isn’t really news anyway.

  14. TANK says

    Tiger woods as a sex symbol ain’t gonna work. ET phone home. The scandal and those concerned with it are subcognitive.

  15. Phil says

    Correction: the greatest golfer is Jack Nicklaus and by all accounts, a far better person. Tiger is a lost soul who needs therapy. Either he is trying to still please his father and have all these women “like him”, I bet for his looks and personality. lol or He has a huge ego and needs to satisfy himself at every turn.

    He is a participant of one of the most boring sports on Earth. I remember when Oprah was jumping up and down saying “yes – the world needs Tiger Woods” like he was the next God or something. Pathetic.

  16. says

    Tigers Woods is not a sex addict, he’s a rock star. And like all rock stars, he felt he could get whatever he wanted whenever he wanted. But he should stick to the sex addiction excuse because diseases are much more palatable to the public than bad character.

  17. TANK says

    Jack Nicklaus is a antisemitic puddle of snot. He’s CURRENTLY the greatest of all time (second to tiger in terms of value), which will change as tiger woods easily destroys his record. And good. I hate golf, and I hate golfers…especially the asshole racist antisemites who dominated the sport and profession for most of its history…and continue to.

  18. Sami in Vancouver says

    I think that this is discusting.

    Not only at what he did, as that should be between him, his wife, and their lawyers.

    But, the media treatment is way overhyped.

    Monogamy is a an ideal that rarely works; its very much human nature to not be loyal to one partner only.

    All that said, I love this picture of him. With his recent scandals, it makes him look more human, and not the sterilised image that we had of him with his sponsors.

    The male animal is not one that is easy to tame.

    Me? I’ve never been 100% loyal in all my relationships, sometimes. But, I’m not a billionaire sportsboy.

    I wish Tiger all the best in his recovery. I also wish the media the best on moving on to other things.

  19. nic says

    tiger is getting hoisted by his own petard. elin has a “tiger by the tail, it’s plain to see.” david’s fruitless arguments not withstanding, there is something pathological about a man who immediately starts cheating on his wife. for gawd’s sake, his marriage was not even 5 yrs young with 2 children, and he’s fucking cunt number 14? whatever happened to the 7 yr itch? what ever happened to constraint? yet, common opinion is that gay men are promiscuous. what about wilt chamberlain who claimed to have fucked 10,000 women? should we be surprised? no. should we be complaining? yes.

    tiger woods did not only cheat on his wife once, he fucked upwards of 12 cunts while his wife was pregnant with his children. he built his reputation on a squeaky clean image, and he failed miserably. why should gay men excuse this behaviour while straight men get off Scott free? wtf is wrong with you gay men?

  20. David says


    Get real. Tiger’s behavior is between him and his wife. How does Woods sex life affect you? It doesn’t. You’re just as bad as the straight people against whom you’re railing.

    Sure the guy is a jerk for cheating on his wife, but how is that any of your concern? Did you even care about Woods before this phony scandal?

    Sorry, this moral outrage of yours is pathetic. You’re worried about gay men being admonished for promiscuity but you are willing to use Woods as whipping boy for his.

    The media are just using Woods’ story to make a buck. Charlie Sheen has a long history of violence, both emotional and physical, against the women in his life. he just allegedly held a knife to his wife’s throat, but he gets a free pass in the media. Please.


    Where did you get your Ph.D in psychology? The same place as Charlie Brown’s friend Lucy? Good grief.

    The bottom line is that Woods’ wife will either stay with him or leave him.

  21. Brian says

    WHAT were these woman thinking? IT WASN’T that they wanted him for his face/body..I agree with the statement he looks like the grinch..ICK! Once again woman literally prostrate themselves under a man for wealth and fleeting fame..sickening!