1. Justin says

    He’s super HOT and extremely talented. I had the chance to visit Buenos Aires last year and was extremely impressed with the city and the HOT Argentinias!

  2. Drew says

    One angle = Zachary Quinto
    Another angle = JFK Jr.
    I’m confused!

    Oh, he’s not that hairy… the shadow just accentuates it more. He looks normal otherwise.

  3. Barry says

    Please, queens — let’s have all the “He’s gross” or “Nasty love handles” posts. Please, let’s live up to what the Pat Robertsons of the world think. And thanks, as always, Towleroad, for informing us with this gay “news” of hot guys with their shirts off.

    Gay culture is pathetically infantile. Why on earth could the right think we’re all obsessed with having sex with young guys?

  4. nic says

    i simply don’t get you silly sissies. “yuk” and “ick”? what kind of man is ok with you? if this man walked up to you and said hi, you little bitches would swoon and die. i don’t have a type. i’ve out-grown that nonsense. on any given day, this guy is just as sexy as cristiano, beckham, nadal, federer, manu, parker, romo, etc. to paraphrase Poe, bitches, little slices of death, oh how i loathe you.

  5. Greg says

    Barry & Nic: you are so right: you don’t get it. You see, straight men do NOT show particular command of sophsticated language every time a Pamela Anderson look-alike pass by. Now that you have “outgrown” that attitude, the only thing left for you to outgrow is that solemnity (and pretentious into the bargain!) so common in teenagers deluded by “maturity”. Learn a bit about lightness, nobody will be hurt; that day you will be mature for good. C’mon it’s just a game…

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