1. Christopher says

    I think she meant that she had friend chicken at her hotel prepared for her then there was fried chicken in the studio’s kitchen which Oprah referred to as “my kitchen.” That’s why she said “So you had already had friend chicken this morning.”

  2. Marcus says

    @ Rodney…it’s all the PR machine at work. Until I see actual receipts and transactions, I call it a bluff. Any pop star right now can’t be outrageous with spending or there will be a total backlash against them. For Fakey Gaga to say she is doing all this donating is carefully crafted PR.

    Don’t believe me? Check out today’s Gawker which basically proves that all the $ that people have donated to Wyclef’s charity front for Haiti relief is more or less a scam.

  3. says

    >>Does Lady Gaga come from wealth?<<

    If you go back and watch the whole thing, Oprah covers her background and yes, she grew up in a very affluent area in New York and attended High School with Paris Hilton. I guess that pretty much sums it up.

  4. JR says

    I like her a lot and think she is a really good performer and will continue to evolve, but that was kind of messy. Wardrobe malfunctions, bad 80s effects, clobbering the taxi cab with a morning star, running to the piano, too much. Less theatrics more performance, Lady.

  5. Joe says

    1. was she supposed to smash the taxi window? it was messy, whatever it was supposed to be (maybe loss of strength/energy after the collapse)
    2. her cheeks looked fuller than normal which made the contouring really obvious and kinda … “odd” looking.
    3. She looked pretty down to earth in this interviews, and all though that fervent prayer to “Lord” was creepy with all the monster makeup, i guess i am starting to rethink my feelings that she sold her soul to the devil.
    4. that is all.

  6. Kerry says

    she also said that on January 24th, any money from merchandise sold at her website is going to be donated. good for her. where’s her money coming from? the 8 million cds shes sold! and she’s lady gaga.

  7. Distingue Traces says

    AVG has just started identifying Towleroad as a malicious site. It also started doing that a couple of days ago with Queerty.

    I’m sure it’s fine, but is it happening to anyone else? Could it be one of the ads — or a new click-tracking software?

    The thing that was trying to load for a while before I got the “malicious site” warning was called something like “static.crowdscience” or similar.

  8. Phillip says

    Even if you are not a fan of her music…it is hard for me to understand how you could not be a fan or at the minimum a little supportive of her as a person, especially when she is so outspoken on GLBT issues. Whenever I read articles posted on this blog about her, and read the comments, it just amazes me how many people say so many negative things about her. Back off bitches and save your negative thoughts for those that truly deserve them…cause you ain’t bein very Lady Gaga!

  9. Ventura says

    No other artist out there goes out and performs 3 freaking songs from their new album in just ONE tv performance!!! She is a working monster and it is paying off!
    Very talented, humble as most artists SHOULD be, and simply put…AWESOME !!!

  10. Kakapo says

    Hmmm… The Gaga backlash is pretty predictable. I think she’s unusually genuine as a popstar. I don’t COMPLETELY like any of her tunes, but I can enjoy most of them and I like seeing what she’s going to come up with next. She says some sort of dumb things from time to time but overall is pretty impressive for a 23-year-old popstar who hasn’t been in the public eye for very long. I’m not particularly invested in her, but I find her extremely likeable and think she’s smart enough to continue entertaining me and build on that. U can’t quite fathom the hatred she elicits from some folks. I just ignore people I’m not interested in, unless they’re doing something offensive.

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