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    they’re acting like the Armed Services is a circuit party ca 1999, that thousands of “teh gay” are going to run and join up and start swinging from the tents or whatever. as you wrote, Andy, thousands and thousands of gay people are already in the service. the men and women that enlist want to fight for our country,not score a Colonel or redecorate their barracks in puce and chartreuse.

    now since Tiger is no longer Nike’s spokesperson, let me have a shot at my interpretation: Armed Services: Just Fuckin’ DO IT.

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    sorry. my comment was meant for the story below this, the DADT post.

    and what’s going on with your site today anyway? i’ve tried NINE times to post this comment and keep getting TYPEPAD CAN’T FIND PAGE TO LOAD.

  3. gr8guyca says

    This is one of the most brilliant political performances that I have ever seen. Obama displays an amazing grasp of the facts as well as the ability to frame an articulate defense of his positions. He was also charming and kept his cool, even as the Republicans threw loaded questions at him. He also explains, with refreshing candor, how the political game really works in DC. People say that he made the Republicans look foolish; in fact, he merely made the fact that they are fools self-evident.

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