1. Sargon Bighorn says

    X meaning extreme. The point of these X sports and games IS the danger. It’s oh so Extreme and a “rush” for safe and secure Americans to dance with death this way. The rest of the world treats life with greater value. They don’t have X games, they LIVE X life.

  2. james says

    nic, we need pics of you so we can judge if you are ugly or not. so we can decide if we should care what you say.

  3. Drew says

    @ Nic: (A) We all love a good crash video and (B) some of us care for the survival of other human beings.

  4. John says

    I hope he’s alright.

    But I find extreme sports – like Civil War re-enactments, Renaissance Faires, and Tea Party protests – rather limited in their appeal. They are all activities for people who have way too much time on their hands. Some of us have more important things to do than dress up in ancient body armor and poke each other with spears.

  5. RGB says

    They are called “action sports” not extreme sports. Snowboarding in an Olympic sport and as such has people ALL OVER THE WORLD who appreciate and participate in these activities. As with ALL SPORTS the point is to push yourself further than you ever thought possible because then and ONLY then will you truly know what your limits are. It’s really sad that people can look at this with such disdain and condescension when in reality it was something very special and amazing to see. Because despite what happened to him in the prelims he picked himself up and showed the world what he was made of. This was inspiring and it didn’t deserve to be mocked just because somebody wasn’t able to see beyonds their narrow mind.

  6. Sargon Bighorn says

    RGB, they are called “X Games” not action sports games. X standing for Extreme. The element of risk and danger to person are greater than in general. Greater than in Olympic sports. I concede that ALL SPORTS YES ALL SPORTS have an element of risk, athletes kill themselves all the time, but these X games are more. Hence the Extreme.

    X games are like NASCAR people go to see the crashing and flipping cars. Watching a car go round and round and round and round and round….. get my point. Same with X Games. Seeing a guy go up and down and up and down and up and down and up and down… get my point. Yes they are gifted athletes, I’m not saying they are not. I addressing the taking risks with ones’ life aspect. Seems like only the West has that luxury. I don’t see too many Iraqis or Haitians engaging in X games for fun.

  7. james says

    ironically they are have a indoor snow mountain in dubai, second i dont see iraqis or haitians with iphones, ipads, flat screen tv’s either but that doesnt stop ppl from buying them.

    seeing a guy go up do a 1280 upside down flip, then down, to a 720 inverted twist. thats just like watching a car go ’round’n’round *note sarcasm*

  8. Randy says

    Well, we’ll find out in a few years what the actual damage there was. Brain injury sometimes takes a while to manifest.

  9. Mark in ATL says

    Shaun’s hot.

    Let me count the ways:

    1. Ginge.

    2. Professional snowboarder.

    3. Ginge.

    4. He’s handsome.

    5. Ginge.

    That’s five reasons, I only need one.

  10. Rodney says

    This is a classic example of a good looking kid ruining his appeal by growing an mangy hair-band haircut.

  11. Mark says

    It takes years of dedication, practice and discipline to be at Shaun White’s level. The young man is an exceptional athlete and a positive role model for children. The superficial, idiotic comments about his looks, etc., are immature beyond words. I’m glad he is OK and look forward to seeing him compete in the Olympics.

  12. Q says

    “The superficial, idiotic comments about his looks, etc., are immature beyond words.”

    You must be new here, Mark.

  13. Jeff in NC says

    Not that I know the answer to this, nor do I really follow sports; BUT, I do know he has done endorsements since his last Olympics. So, for the naysayers and those beyond perfection, I’m sure he’s totally dismayed at what you think and ruminating over it deeply as the money he earns, regardless of being ugly, mangy, and not worth being discussed, gets deposited into his account.


  14. XanX01 says

    Err I dont care about how hot or not he is… I just have to ask what does this have to do with gay news and or why is this gay related. If I wanted sports news Id watch espn:)

  15. Fred says

    Maybe it’s got nothin’ to do with gay news… but some X Games athletes are gay and even more Olympic athletes are gay. Like it or not, we’re everywhere!

  16. ^-^ says

    who cares about how he looks okay at least he is fine anyway i just got to say shaun is amazing he hits his head on a halfpipe and like 40 min later he goes out there and wins GOLD WOOT! go shaun meh wuvs u! 😀

  17. says

    I thought his head was going to pop off, when he hit the side of the pipe, but no, he stood up and boarded down the hill. This proves once again that he is a baller. No one can beat him!