1. alguien says

    the guy is fuckin’ scary. look at his eyes when you watch the video-there’s nothing behind them. it’s as if he’s completely soulless.

  2. Jonathan says

    I want to know two things from Harold Ford Jr.

    What did he say after the commentator told him he was Ann Coulter’s favorite Democrat. There are a number of right answers to that (for instance, “Can’t be. I’m alive.”), and even more wrong answers.

    And I’d like to hear his answer to the very simple question, “Why are you a Democrat?”

  3. Marc C says

    If there was an anti-Christ, Harold Ford Jr is it.

    On a side note, when I first attempted to post this, the security image was 36m666. No lie.

  4. Jane Roe says

    Damn. Ford’s lucky he’s handsome because he’s one stupid, stupid dude. Trying to primary a sitting Democratic senator from the right in a liberal state.

  5. Rob says

    yeah, i mean good for him if he “saw the light” with gay marriage (allegedly) but anyone that thinks they can go from trying to represent tennessee to new york either has a huge ego, or is just retarded. nothing that he stood for applies here!

  6. John says

    Remember that lady from Arkansas – and former Barry Goldwater fan girl – who became the junior senator from New York after a one-month listening tour?

    As with California, New York’s liberalism is more an invention of the media than anything else. It is the home of Wall Street after all. The worldwide headquarters of the people who screwed over, well, everyone.

    This is, fundamentally, a very conservative country.

  7. grego says

    Powerful presentation here, lets see it WIDELY distributed. I can hear the melody from Deliverance playing, :O

  8. Jane Roe says

    Yes, NY had carpetbagging senators, but let’s not compare apples to oranges. Bobby Kennedy was US AG and the brother of popular and slain US prez. Hillary was the wife of popular prez.

    Ford is just some hick for Tennessee who already lost a senate race in his home state, married some rich gal, and is Fox’s news’ fave Dem. I’m not sure any of those things will particularly endear him to liberal Dem primary voters.

  9. josepe says

    i find him cute but then he opens his mouth and shit comes out, he is no good he has never been good and by changing his views, trying to be sleek, he is showing his greed, and power hunger, i’ll say to him go back to being George bush’s friend because you belong in the past and not in new york , he is just a cracker/hick

  10. Bayley says

    New Yorkers…FIGHT and FIGHT HARD to ensure this man gets nowhere. Shed light on his evil. Educate fellow New Yorkers on the consequences of having this monster in office. Roll up your sleeves, educate yourselves than educate your friends.

    If this man goes anywhere in NEW YORK…LGBT issues are dead. New York inspired much of our movement, if we loose that state what do we really have to look forward to?

    Save and SHARE this video on facebook, myspace, twitter and mass emails.

  11. sunset10086 says

    Often I think, “do politicians actually believe we (i.e., the gay community; and our supporters) are so eager to obtain the constitutional/human rights we, as human beings living in the United States, deserve, that we do not to see through their many transparent attempts to win our votes?” Shiny and new can win me over in a New York minute; but when it comes to politics I prefer tried, tested, and true.

  12. says

    Thank goodness for video tape… it helps review bad football calls, bad cops and carpetbaggers and hypercritical politicians!
    Harold Ford Jr. reminds me of 2 hookers talking… and one says to the other… “I am moving to a new town and start all over as a virgin!”

  13. androjai says

    Just hearing the name Ann Coulter makes me hiss like a rabid cat… there are no polite words to EVER come to mind when I think of that C*ntty B*tch.

  14. Josh says

    I think it’s comical how closed-minded some of the commentators on this site can be. You just watched an edited, prepared montage of videos which had a very clear and direct purpose and message. I’m not saying Ford is a great guy, I don’t really know anything about him. I do know that I plan on doing a LITTLE more research before making up my mind. I’m sure that will be a barrage of reply comments from people that are “experts” on Ford Jr. (prob just after watching this video) telling us just how bad he is. Maybe even a comment from someone who “knows him” in Tennessee telling us all about his many atrocities. All I’m trying to say is, even if he does end up being everything the video makes him out to be, don’t allow one source to make your decision. Don’t be “Intellectual Morons,” willing to accept anything as fact as long as it coincides with your ideology and includes buzzwords like “Fox News” and “Coulter” and “Conservative” just to get your panties in a bunch….

  15. john says

    Oh my god he DOES look like the Green Goblin!! Why is he always so MISERABLE and pissed-off looking? he RARELY smiles, he always looks like he’s plotting the death of millions…he might be the devil.

  16. Chitown Kev says


    Ho-hum…the record shows

    1) voted for the Federal Marriage Amendment to enshrine discrimination into the federal Constitution. Twice.

    2) Voted NO on ENDA.

    3)Campaigned against hate crimes legislation.

    4) supports the upholding of DOMA.

    And that’s just the gay stuff (this is, after all, a gay site). Shall we go further?

    Ford’s pla here could work in Texas. Not in NY.

  17. Mort says

    While there’s no denying he’s more conservative than most northern Democrats. One thing needs to be understood: He was the Democratic nominee for Senate in a conservative state trending Republican.

    According to the 2004 Almanac of American Politics his voting record was center-left. His ratings from liberal groups were 50-100%, and 8-63% from conservative groups. He voted against Bush II’s tax cuts, for banning ANWR development, for campaign finance reform, against allowing federal funds for faith-based charities, supported Wash DC’s ruling against the Boy Scouts for expelling gays, against denying homeland security employees the right to unionize and for funding the international court. These are mainstream Democratic views.

    I disagree with his views on abortion and guns–and surely a number of other issues. My votes for Jesse Jackson and Dennis Kucinich should be evidence that I am in the left-wing of the Democratic Party’s left-wing. However, our party is big enough to welcome Mr Ford and the dozens of Congressional Democrats to his right. We don’t need to be as narrow and self-righteous as the Republicans are.