News: Pennsylvania, Scott Brown, Icebergs, Kellan Lutz, Crocs

 road Pennsylvania court rejects 25-year legal precedent, rules "that a parent's homosexual relationship cannot be used against the parent in determining child custody."

Scottbrown  roadA NYT profile on Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown gets into the pink leather shorts he wore on the first date with his wife: “I did the couture shows, and instead of paying in cash, they paid in clothes. And one of the things I had to wear were leather shorts. And these happened to be pink.”

 roadHot for Crocs.

 roadA clip of James Franco's gay short film.

 roadSF Weekly looks at "the clusterfuck" that lost the California Prop 8 campaign.

 roadA march against hate will take place in Austin, Texas this Saturday in response to the anti-gay hate crime committed against two softball players.

 roadNew Britney Spears album due in June.

 roadSF Bay Area woman wins right to parental status and visits with daughter of former lesbian partner: "The high court denied review Monday of an appeal by the birth mother, identified only as Kristina S., who challenged her former partner's right to be considered a parent. Kristina's lawyers, from the religious conservative group Liberty Counsel, argued that recognizing parental status after a few months of care violated a mother's right to control her child's upbringing."

Engaged  roadAs soon as it's legal: Karl and Michael are getting married.

 roadTrial begins for killer of gay man who paid the accused to fight him.

 roadHandler: You say “Ice Dancing,” I say “Gay.”

 roadWho's going to win the Olympic gold medal for shirtlessness?

Magi  roadAn astonishing ruling against Google execs in Italy: "An Italian court yesterday convicted three (ex) Google executives in a trial over a video showing a teenager being bullied. The Google Italy employees were accused of breaking Italian law by allowing the video of bullying of a teenager with Down’s Syndrome to be posted on YouTube in late 2006. Despite the fact that Google removed the video within hours of being notified of its existence, Judge Oscar Magi (pictured) absolved the three of defamation but convicted them of privacy violations. The three executives have received a suspended six-month sentence, while a fourth defendant was acquitted." Google responds.

 roadO bloody glacier.

 roadHomophobe in finals of Brazilian Big Brother.

Lutzdog  roadKellan Lutz urges dog owners to adopt, don't buy.

 roadMiami Beach drag queens perform for city planning board, win right to continue performing at Palace restaurant's Sunday brunch.

 roadArachnophobes beware!

 roadDavid Beckham to buy George Clooney's Italian villa.

 roadTaylor Lautner to get Oscar anointment.

 roadAmerican Family Association slams CPAC for inviting gays: "For David Keene and the others who run CPAC, natural marriage is not, in their judgment, a fundamental conservative value. This conference, for the sake of truth in advertising, should be relabeled 'The Libertarian Political Action Conference.' It has forfeited any legitimate claim to the 'Conservative' moniker. …

The bottom line here is if conservatives are looking for an annual convocation of genuine conservatives — those who are fiscal, national security and social conservatives — the place to be is the Values Voter Summit."


  1. Scott says

    I don’t know who that humorless moron who posted the Chelsea Handler tweet is, but I wanted to smother him after reading a few of his posts. Even when I agreed with him I wanted to punch him.

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    “Obama did coke and Scott Brown wore pink shorts. Now they’re even?”

    No, the President began with a brain, and it survived.

  3. Bob R says

    I want to thank Kellan Lutz (and reluctantly PETA)for the “Adopt, don’t buy” campaign. All my dogs have been adopted, either shelter dogs or abandoned dogs or abused dogs. I’ve had just about every breed and mixture you can think of at one time or another and they’ve all been great. I have nine dogs now, from a couple of ankle nipping Chihuahua’s (abandoned) to a German Shepherd mix, Doberman, Boxer, German Spitz and Pit-bull mix, all shelter dogs or owner abandoned. They all get along and provide great companionship. There are so many good dogs (and cats) looking for a home there is no need to buy one when adopting is so much better for everyone. Thanks Kellan!

  4. Jon says

    Absolutely adore J.R. Celski too, but I’m missing his tattoo in the pic! That’s what caught my eye about him in the first place!

  5. Bayley says

    Bob…you’re post perfectly proves why gay people will get in heaven before any “conservative”…as a dog lover, I can promise you a shelter dog who KNOWS it’s life is at your mercy will love you SO much more for giving it a second chance at life and will realize it too.

    Oh! and NEVER under any circumstances trust someone who is not an animal lover, and thats coming from many personal experiences.

  6. GraphicJack says

    Interesting regarding the AMA/CPAC rift… hopefully the right wing will continue to fracture over opposing views of rhetoric, making the left wing stronger… divide and conquer, baby!

  7. Paul says

    I have to laugh about American Family and CPAC…what a bunch of losers. First off, aren’t they always spouting off about how they “hate the sin” “love the sinner”? and wasn’t gay marriage low on its list of priorities? I hope these people fizzel out along with the tea partiers. sheesh.