1. jakeinlove says

    Hope that they don’t slip up??? How is assaulting someone and slicing their face a “slip up”?

    Squeal piggy!

  2. Alberto says

    I’m glad that the Senate took this action, but in the piece you lump together the No Votes as “buddies of the anti gay girlfriend beater.” My state senator is Eric Adams, who is a champion of marriage equality here in New York. To my knowledge, he was in favor of censure and not total expulsion. The story made it appear as if he’s in thick with Monserrate, and that’s not true.

  3. Don says

    Three of the pro-Monserrate votes were also anti-marriage equality votes: Diaz, Kruger, and Monserrate. It’s amazing to me (but shouldn’t be), listening to Diaz, that this is still all about them and not about doing what’s right or about doing the state’s business. Diaz has to be the most pompous, most ignorant, most arrogant piece of trash that has ever been elected to public office.

  4. walter says

    it is not surprising that this group who voted for the girl friend abusing monster rat also were part of the democrats who voted against gay marriage so it okay to okay to abuse your girlfriend but not marry your boyfriend he got what he deserved and now on to espada and diaz