1. DL says

    It’s worth pointing out that one of the city council members at this press conference, Randi Shade, is openly lesbian, as is the Travis County district attorney, Rosemary Lehmberg.

    I’m hoping that the pressure on the Austin Police Department gets them to think a little bit more if something like this happens again. The chief who took over a couple years ago really likes to throw huge amounts of manpower around, but it didn’t happen this time as far as I’ve heard.

  2. rob c says

    I believe that all officials are there to protect all citizens not to go agasint them or else what is the point of having that job all this is unepcetable and all things that go agaisnt LGBT people should be a CRIME no exceptions we have the hate crime bill all those who commit serious crimes towards LGBT people should be PUNISHED it’s the law NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!

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