Watch: BBC Newscaster Admits Killing Lover Suffering from AIDS


Police are investigating BBC newscaster Ray Gosling after he admitted, in an Inside Out documentary on death and dying broadcast last night, that he killed a lover who was dying of AIDS.

Said Gosling: "And maybe this is the time to share a secret that I've kept for a very long time. I killed someone once. Not in this region. Not in our East Midlands, but not so far away. He was a young chap. He'd been my lover. And he got AIDS, and inthe hospital one hot afternoon, the doctor said 'there's nothing we can do.' And he was in terrible, terrible pain. And I said to the doctor, 'leave me, just for a bit,' and he went away, and I picked up the pillow and smothered him till he was dead. Doctor came back. I said 'he's gone.' Nothing more was ever said." 

Watch Gosling's confession, AFTER THE JUMP...

Gosling told the show's presenter he had no regrets: "Absolutely none. He was in terrible pain - I was there and I saw it. It breaks you into pieces. I don't think it's a crime. If he was looking down on me now he would be proud that I did it and proud I've told other people. Some [of the man's family] know, some don't. It's best that way. Let it be."


Posted February 16, 2010 at 8:41am ETC by Andy Towle
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