Buffalo Bills Wide Receiver Terrell Owens Models Tina Turner Wig


Buffalo Bills wide receiver Terrell Owens took to New York Fashion Week runways last night to flaunt his football bod for A*Muse, designer Richie Rich's line. The highlight of his ensemble was a cropped Tina Turner-style wig which he doffed at some point to reveal his dome.

Most folks, however, were talking about Pamela Anderson's outfit (or lack of one – probably nsfw).




  1. Chitown Kev says

    No. She. Did. NOT go there.

    TO is SUCH a drama queen (sheeit, I’m tempted to take the drama out of it and say that she’s just a queen). Fabulous body and I wouldn’t kick her outta bed but I would have to keep her mouth closed.

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    CHI KEV,

    I like him too much to hate him. He’s the Second Coming of Dennis Rodman…in pigskin style.

  3. Brian in Texas says

    Haha, love him! Yes, he’s a diva, but really doesn’t take himself that seriously and knows how to poke fun at himself.

  4. AM says

    I would let him do any nasty filthy thing he wanted to do in bed to me. And then I’d thank him…and beg him for more.

  5. MickW says

    WOW…A post about a black man that doesn’t include him being homophobic….is this for black history month?

  6. Sundance 2010 says

    Fashion Designer John Robert Holbrook ( J.R. Holbrook ) selects the 5 best and worst dressed celebrities that attended the 26th annual Sundance Film Festival January 21-31, 2010. http://www.johnrobertholbrook.com

    5 BEST

    1 RYAN REYNOLDS – This man has golden era movie star style and looks! Why is he married again? He could be the new Warren Beatty!

    2 KATIE HOLMES – Elegant, slender, talented and TALL! I wondered if she smacks Tom around? Her film “The Romantics” was a lot of fun! Katie’s game is ON!

    3 JOAN RIVERS – She is the original funny girl and style guru! She is a hard act to follow. She is the reason I started The Sundance Fashion Review in 2002!

    4 MARISA TOMEI – A graceful, ageless beauty that has great taste. Her clothing brought out her beautiful skin, hair and smile!

    5 JESSICA ALBA – The Sundance home run hottie! Amazing coat over a warm, elegant casual outfit! Loved it! Her film, “The Killer Inside Me”, traumatized me for days!

    5 WORST

    1 ADRIAN GRENIER – The line from “Devil Wears Prada” came to mind when I saw him, “I asked for clean, athletic and smiley and they sent me DIRTY, TIRED and PAUNCHY! He acts to big for his britches and there are many examples of his bad manners throughout the festival!

    2 BILL GATES – He is the worst dressed billionaire! He was dancing at a house party trying to be hip and cool and it was totally not natural for him. The girls at the party were laughing at him and it took him right back to high school! Sorry Billy.
    ** On an amazing note, Bill Gates donated 10 billion dollars today to immunize the world children! Awesome!

    3 KRISTEN STEWART – She looked great in the movie “The Runaways” but her personal clothing choices were off. She was always hiding her face from the crowd like a vampire. I guess that is what happens when you have a shy actress portray a fearless musician!

    4 TILDA SWINTON – I would have liked to have seen her in more feminine clothing to offset her extremely masculine features.

    5 MARK RUFFALO – Guy-rilla! Did you make your own clothes on your family compound!? He looks like one of the cast members of “BIG LOVE”! Pull it together!!!

    Fergie & Josh Duhamel – All I can say is GLAMOROUS! They are the new Brangelina!

    Tommy Lee Jones & Chris Cooper – A lot of talent that looks TIRED! I did love their film “The Company Men”!