1. says

    Priceless! Utterly, indescribably pricless! One would expect such talented people to be invited to perform at the White House…but inviting the latest gay sensation to perform at the event that has come to symbolize “Obama Foods Special Brand Of Crumbs For The Gays” is hysterical.

    90% of his promises to us abandoned including the latest “repeal DADT this year,” LGBTs dumped from the healh care bill, …. but a medal for gay movie sensation Harvey Milk, now the Glee kids will bring the musical gayness….too bad the White House swimming pool got filled in decades ago. It could be frozen and Johnny Weir invited to skate on it.

  2. Craig says

    Michael, don’t get me wrong here, I really do love Glee as much as the next gay boy. But you can’t *possibly* think “throwing crumbs to the gays” is the White House’s primary motivation for inviting the cast of Glee to perform at a children’s event, can you?

  3. Michael says

    @ Craig. The point is that the White House Easter Egg Hunt was already used as a major “Crumbs for The Gays” event last year. Did you miss all those gays with kids falling on the floor, wetting themselves [the PARENTS, I mean], and speaking in tongues just because they were invited when gay families had even been let in the year before when Shrub was still POTUS?

    So, this year it’s going to be Super-Sized Crumbs for The Gays by adding The Glees.

    At least we can hope the Jock Glees show their baskets and the Gay Glee dons Judy Garland drag from the movie “Easter Parade.”

    “In your Easter Bonnet with all the political pandering on it, you’ll be….”

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