News: Catholic Adoptions, Rhino, Rachel Maddow, Capleton, ENDA

 road Frank: ENDA passage on track

 roadWestboro Baptist Church signs on to campaign against safe schools chief Kevin Jennings.

Yakovleff  roadSuspect in Boston hairdresser Daniel Yakovleff's (pictured) murder blames third man.

 roadA very sweet reunion.

 roadNathaniel Rogers does some Vancouver Olympics figure skating costume-gazing.

 roadRachel Maddow steps into CPAC: "Since I was in town, and I knew we’d be talking about CPAC, it made sense to just stop by and see for myself."

 roadMike Manning really is bisexual: deal with it.

 roadBehind the scenes of Rihanna's "Rude Boy" video.

 roadCatholic Archdiocese of Washington D.C. ends foster care program rather than comply with the district's new marriage equality law which prohibits discrimination to same-sex couples: "Catholic Charities, which runs more than 20 social service programs for the District, transferred its entire foster-care program — 43 children, 35 families and seven staff members — to another provider, the National Center for Children and Families. Tommy Wells (D-Ward 6), the D.C. Council member who chairs the Committee on Human Services, said he didn't know of any problems with the transfer, which happened Feb. 1." Plus, Maggie Gallagher doesn't get it.

 roadLady Gaga wanted to represent the future with McQueen tribute.

Glambert  roadMore Glambert.

 roadAustralian broadcasters crack gay jokes during Johnny Weir figure skating performance: 'What about the fashion at the ice skating?' said Eddie, of Weir’s skin-tight, skating ensemble.
'They don’t leave anything in the locker room those blokes,' said Molloy.
'They don’t leave anything in the closet either do they?' was Eddie’s reply. Molloy told him to watch it or he’d get himself into trouble. Although it didn’t stop them later throwing in a reference to Brokeback Mountain."

 roadAnti-gay reggae singer Capleton booted from bill in California.

 roadConservatives to beat Pelosi piñata at CPAC afterparty: "We’re hoping to have the females whack the piñata and males try their hand at a Harry Reid punching bag."

 roadProsecutors outline evidence, theory in unsolved D.C. murder of Robert Wone.

 roadTempe, Arizona penis tree enrages neighbors.

Rhino roadHope: Critically endangered Sumatran rhino expecting calf in captivity: "The calf will be the fourth Sumatran rhino to be born in captivity, and the first in Indonesia.
The number of Sumatran rhinos has halved in the past 15 years. There are now an estimated 200 in the wild."

 roadJournalist in Uganda speaks to CBC Radio 1 about anti-gay situation there (scroll down to bottom).

 road113 countries sign treaty to protect shark species.

 road70-year-old British man seeks to be cleared from conviction over homosexuality in 1959: "'I came into this world without a criminal record and I'd like to leave this world without one,' said Crawford, a retired butler. 'The police beat me and beat me and forced me to confess to being gay, but I know in my heart I did nothing wrong.'
Crawford's bid to clean up his record is backed by gay organizations looking to help others who were convicted under Britain's once draconian anti-homosexuality laws, which began to be eased in 1967 as social values changed and sex acts between consenting adults began to be decriminalized."


  1. JT says

    Gay icon Crystal Mangum arrested in Durham, NC, for assault and arson. (Just thought I’d tell you since we know the twin Andrews Towle and Humm are going to hide from that one).

  2. Jim says

    You’ve got the Wone story backwards. Wone, according to the government, was straight. Three gay men are accused of trying to obstruct the investigation of his murder.

  3. drew2u says

    I don’t know if it’s going to do anything, but on the Rachel Maddow story link over at POLITICO, I went through all of the comments (182 at the time) and reported abuse anything derogatory towards her sexuality. Left/Right bashings I left alone, but I felt it far overboard to attack anyone based on sexuality that I had to act.
    I would urge anyone who reads this comment to do the same.

  4. Phil says

    Michael Jensen at After Elton is not my favorite person in general, and his spiel/interview (4 pages, really?) about/with Mike Manning is pointless. I’ll deal with Mike Manning being a real life bisexual once everyone else starts dealing with me being a real life Unicorn.

    There are 3 types of “bisexual” males:
    1. Straight guy who’s done too many drugs.
    2. (a) Straight guy with an occasional dick fetish, and the even rarer reverse of this is a (b) gay guy who eats a pussy once a decade.
    3. Gay guy clinging onto a level of masculinity because he fears being full gay invalidates his manhood. AKA a self-hating homo.

    When it comes to who you would want to be in a relationship with, marry, adopt Malawian babies with, open up a mutual checking account with, etc, all those above examples have a clear cut line of what they want, and it’s not a choice. Examples 1 and 2(a) can only truly love a woman, and love as in the deep emotional sense of love, in the combination of sexual passion and compulsory desire to spend every free moment with this person. Examples 2 (b) and 3 could only really love another man in that hard-to-define, poet’s sense of Love.

    PS. Who the F is Mike Manning?

  5. daftpunkydavid says

    what is going on with some of you guys that you despise any notion that not every queer guy has to be gay??
    i’m thinking someone’s projecting their own internal homophobia onto others…

    let bisexuals be themselves. you would have us believe that everybody has got to be attracted to only one gender, aspire to build a life with only gender, have sexual fantasies only with one gender… that’s preposterous, and here’s one quick example to show you why:

    before judeo-christian mores became the norm in much of europe, were there any cultures that allowed same-sex love? huh? what? did you say? sparta? athens? rome? really? nah… they must have all been closeted gay men who really wanted to be exclusively with men.

    and what about same-gender sex in prisons? those guys couldn’t possibly be straight, right? not even a possibility: they must be gay!

    some males can develop emotional, romantic and/or sexual relations with other males w/o the use of drugs, w/o having a fetish, w/o being self-loathing. sexuality is more complex than some of you argue.

  6. northshore says

    How is the Real World “news”? Its the SAME plot season after season– just a different cast of characters. There’s the gay person, religious person, sheltered person, homophobic person and unstable person. Yawn.

  7. jamal49 says

    @JT, you’re still a dick. Crystal Mangum was never a “gay icon”. Unless, of course, you’re an LCR. But then, you probably think Maggie Gallagher is a decent sport about it all. Asshole.

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