1. Michael says

    Finally some aggressive PAC action for our cause! I’m so tired of the HRC and their bend-over-take-it-again approach to supporting GLBT rights. This is the way forward in today’s politics!

  2. Brian NYC says

    Monster-ette doesn’t have a chance of being elected. This is just Gill-grandstanding.

    It would be better to focus on who we support, than who we hate.

  3. Keith says

    Bryan, why can’t it be both? I TOTALLY agree with Gregoire, the voting public is generally to busy or just plain apathetic to care. Remember the crack whore Marion Barry?

  4. Keori says

    Heard at Monserrate’s New Year’s Party: “Hiram thinks marriage is between one man, one woman, and a broken bottle.”

  5. Jesus hates me. says

    A Politician’s life is harsh these days. If they Photoshopped him into a wife-beater T
    and an “I love NY” quote, would the irony be lost? It certainly would be ugly, for sure…he is.