1. Walter says

    It is amazing how gay men have been sucked into the fraud of an unnatural worked out gym body as the ideal — the bottom line is that in REALITY most men that look like this are unhealthy narcissists who treat most other people like dirt.


    But hell — the gay media will keep selling that ideal to get hits and sell ad dollars to porn and fashion companies.

    Very twisted and sad – and not real.

  2. latebrosus says

    Photographic retouching probably plays a part as well. And don’t forget that these shoots are planned in advance. Fashion/fitness models always have time to diet down to get as ripped as possible. That’s what’s really unfair about such ad media. The models don’t go around looking like that all the time.

    I am glad to see that it is a rainbow of men: can’t recall the last time I saw an Asian modeling underwear. But there’s no need to delve into narcissistic psychology, methinks.

  3. says

    Four gorgeous men! I would note that sitting on your ass all day in front of a computer eating high fat, high sugar, processed food all day is not natural. Working out, being fit, is! This is how men in their twenties should look.

  4. Andalusian Dog says

    @ Mike: “This is how men in their twenties should look.” Wow, I didn’t get the memo that you had been appointed chief and overlord of what and what-not a 20-something looks like. Thanks for clarifying with your proclamation from on high, though. You twat waffle.

    And what if there’s a 20-something gay man who exercises, eats right, and is generally healthy overall, and doesn’t look like one of these guys? You don’t just roll out of bed looking like this. Much of one’s body appearance is genetic. Most people would have to spend copious amounts of time (that few have) at the gym and diet intensely, and probably unhealthily, to get this kind of body. Plus, airbrushing is certainly a factor. I am in my 20s, work out hard 5-6x a week, don’t drink, and have a great healthy diet, and don’t look like that. I probably never will, and am okay with it. I know I look really good anyway, and — most importantly — I feel fantastic. You, however, are living in what sounds like a rather depressing fog of fiction, and I suggest that you seek help before you get sucked in deeper.

    Walter’s comments may have be misplaced, but yours are equally so, just from the opposite end.

  5. Maleka says

    I agree. Young guys SHOULD look like this. I see so many guys that are already overweight and sitting on their asses playing games. Get out, enjoy life and chisel that body into something you can be proud of!

  6. Bootsrfun says

    Holy Bat Crap, Fat Man! Andalusian Dog – do you generally get this worked up over things like cute guys in their undies? lol – My vote is for healthy people, whatever they look like. But Kellan is definitely going in my spank bank. yum!

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