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FRC's Peter Sprigg: Homosexuality Should be Criminalized

In a discussion of the 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' hearings, Hardball's Chris Matthews gave a forum to the Family Research Council's Peter Sprigg and laid his homophobia bare for all to see. If you've been reading this site, you are familiar with Sprigg.

Sprigg Sprigg has criticized Obama's awarding of the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Harvey Milk, calling it "the first time in history that the nation's highest civilian award has been granted primarily on the basis of someone's sex life."

Sprigg has also said gays shouldn't be near children: "Homosexuality is associated with higher rates of sexual promiscuity, sexually transmitted diseases, mental illness, substance abuse, domestic violence, and child sexual abuse, and those are all reasons for us to be concerned about placing children into that kind of setting."

And he has said gays should be deported from the U.S. rather an allowed to immigrate: "I would much prefer to export homosexuals from the United States than to import them into the United States because we believe homosexuality is destructive to society."

Last night, Sprigg spewed more of his anti-gay rhetoric, finally admitting that he believes homosexuality should be criminalized in the U.S.


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  1. Oh, wow, another Christian busybody obsessing about the sex lives of others. That's a suprise. And he makes a living doing it. What a weird little creep.

    Posted by: sjorgl | Feb 3, 2010 7:30:53 AM

  2. and why do all these guys have such bad dye jobs?

    Posted by: MargueriteGautier | Feb 3, 2010 7:40:09 AM

  3. This story had better get picked up by the mainstream. And please note, after he says gay actions should be criminalized, he *laughed.*

    Posted by: DN | Feb 3, 2010 7:41:15 AM

  4. Hate should be criminalized along with Xtian fundamentalism----

    Posted by: NIck | Feb 3, 2010 7:46:33 AM

  5. The Religious Rong's take on Christianity is now so far removed from the teachings of the well-meaning Jewish carpenter from Ancient Nazareth that Sprigg and co might as well just start calling themselves Satanists and cut out the middle man...

    Posted by: wirrrn | Feb 3, 2010 8:03:19 AM

  6. The really sad part is that yet AGAIN, such offensive comments won't be featured in the mainstream news. The ambivalent middle of America really has no idea who they are supporting indirectly when they vote against our rights.

    e.g., "Do you know that the people who spoke to you about the evils of gay marriage (and convinced you to vote their way) also want to put gays in prison or deport them?"

    Posted by: qjersey | Feb 3, 2010 8:12:31 AM

  7. That guy Sprigg obviously believes the men and women in the military are incapable of conducting themselves within the rules and regulations of each branch of service. He imagines a scene in which hoardes of soldiers are raping and molesting other soldiers against their will.

    He is offensive to not only gays and lesbians serving, but to all members of the military. Shame on you, Mr. Sprigg.

    Posted by: Rodney | Feb 3, 2010 8:26:51 AM

  8. These People just keep digging their own graves....

    Posted by: John Normile | Feb 3, 2010 8:26:55 AM

  9. I want to know how this sort of speech is not considered the same level of hate the KKK has. It's absolutely shameful that people get away with saying things like this in public. Once again I fall back on the tired cliche - if they had been talking about any other minority he would have been hounded out of town. Because it's gay people, everyone can snicker about it. I'm beyond disgusted!

    Posted by: MT | Feb 3, 2010 8:35:53 AM

  10. this guy should change his name - leave the "s" and change the "gg" into "ck", seriously.

    Posted by: sylva | Feb 3, 2010 9:04:29 AM

  11. Another showing of incompetence by a gay rights activist. Why can't gay rights activists prepare? They always seem stunned heterosexuals hold these views even though gay people have been surrounded by views like this from day one. The point of view of anti-gay bigots is the same as it was 20, 200, 2000 years ago. There is no excuse for being unprepared. There is no gay rights activist who can speak clearly and succintly for us. These hateful views are common among heterosexual so there will be no outrage on their part.

    Posted by: Bill | Feb 3, 2010 9:13:48 AM

  12. there IS no difference between this group's hate speech and the KKK. that is the entire reason Matthews had this guy on. i think this interview was brilliantly conducted. Matthews kept asking in and around the real reasons, parlaying as it were, like a fencing match, until going in for the 'kill' at the end. there is no way Sprigg meant to go on TV and admit out loud that he thinks we gay people should be criminalized and thrown in jail. He went on to spew crap about gays in the military. he was totally outmaneuvered by Matthews into revealing the true depths of that group's hatred. THAT Is the entire point to giving these people a forum. I've had my issues with Matthews lately, but this segment was just brilliant. Now we can only hope it has a long life on YouTube at least.

    Posted by: casey | Feb 3, 2010 9:37:34 AM

  13. So after all this I suspect CBS would still sell the Family Research Council - an anti-gay hate group - airtime for the Superbowl as long as they talked about adoption.

    I guess the Klan and and American Nazi Party can have pro-adoption ads as well.

    Scum still rises to the top of corporate America. That is what all of this proves.

    Posted by: Walter | Feb 3, 2010 9:41:05 AM

  14. Bill, I don't know to whom you refer - I thought Sarvis did a great job. Would you rather have an Act Up/Queer Nation/Radical Faerie up there debating on DADT? No.

    There are gays of every stripe, every temperament. Each has a place where they can be effective as an activist. On this topic, we should want and a) veteran who b) is soft spoken and c) knows his shit to counter the civilian blowhard. There can be no question in a viewer's mind - whatever his or her prejudices - who the crazy one is here.

    Posted by: JesryPo | Feb 3, 2010 9:44:33 AM

  15. Casey, yes, Sprigg meant to go on TV to say out loud gay people should be criminalized. He's proud of it. Stop being delusional. These are common views among heterosexuals. Think on your own. Gay people are desperate to believe haterosexuals don't hate us but they do, look at history past and present.

    Posted by: Bill | Feb 3, 2010 9:49:31 AM

  16. He's as extreme if not more extreme than Fred Phelps. His gestapo, antiamerican beliefs were made crystal last night. I can see at least one comment tried to defend "faith" from association with this jackbooted thug for jesus., he's just as much a "true" christian as jesus; though he's definitely not as good a person, if jesus even existed. And of course no one cares, because they're common beliefs. He's the stuff christian terrorists are made of. The kind that murder doctors.

    Posted by: TANK | Feb 3, 2010 10:13:21 AM

  17. Some anti-gay people are self-loathers.. that much is true. But make no mistake.. there are people like this piece of garbage that not only want us thrown in jail.. but dead.

    Posted by: Zach | Feb 3, 2010 11:29:01 AM

  18. The issue with anti-Americans like Sprigg is the simple fact THEY THEMSELVES sexually objectify people around them and assume everyone else does likewise. They project their own deeply-seated anxiety over self-control onto others. (I'd wager--assuming he isn't living in a double-wide closet--Sprigg likes to fancy himself something of a lothario with respect to women.) Personal integrity and professionalism are the key matter here; something Sprigg entirely misses.

    Posted by: Laurence Ballard | Feb 3, 2010 12:21:38 PM

  19. How does anyone look at that and say, "Yeah, he has the right idea."

    Posted by: Tim | Feb 3, 2010 12:29:08 PM

  20. I think Woody Allen said it best, when in a film about talking to Nazis, he said you don't talk to Nazis, you use baseball bats. Time to take this douche bag behind the shed.

    Posted by: patrick nyc | Feb 3, 2010 12:29:20 PM

  21. still don't understand why he hasn't been shot in the face yet. really.

    Posted by: wtf | Feb 3, 2010 1:38:05 PM

  22. People always shun comparisons to the Nazis and they are a bit over the top. But the fact of the matter is, gays were openly accepted in the Weimar Republic in 1920's Germany, and 10 years later they were being sent by the truckload to concentration camps right alongside Jews and Poles. Gays in America (and all over the world) today should never forget this. It can all turn on a dime, at any moment, easily within 10 years time. If we don't put up the pressure to fight for our rights, and we buy into the whole "just a tiny little bit of bigotry is still ok" argument they keep making, pretty soon, we're all gonna be in prisons and death camps. It is well within the capacity of heterosexuals in America to do this to us, and in fact they have rounded us up and tortured us before.

    Posted by: Steve | Feb 3, 2010 2:19:06 PM

  23. He should just go fuck himself. That's all I can say on that.

    Posted by: Matthew | Feb 3, 2010 2:37:43 PM

  24. My faith rests in the power of the law. Let this disgusting religious bigot say what he wants about criminalizing homosexuality, because he can't do anything about it. The law is the law. We cannot be criminalized anymore for what we do in our private lives.

    Ignore this pathetic, bible thumping, bigot slob! His words are powerless! We're seeking the same legal protection in the proposition 8 federal challenge!

    Posted by: FlexSF | Feb 3, 2010 4:40:43 PM

  25. This know it all, bible thumping bigot, deserves a punch in the head! What a raging asshole!

    Posted by: FlexSF | Feb 3, 2010 4:49:20 PM

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