John Mayer’s Only Gay Kiss Was a Pretend ‘Fag’ Bashing

Mayer  More from the John Mayer Playboy interview I posted about in the news round-up yesterday. Here he's asked if he's ever kissed a man:

"The only man I’ve kissed is Perez Hilton. It was New Year’s Eve and I decided to go out and destroy myself. I was dating Jessica [Simpson] at the time, and I remember seeing Perez Hilton flitting about this club and acting as though he had just invented homosexuality. All of a sudden I thought, I can outgay this guy right now. I grabbed him and gave him the dirtiest, tongue-iest kiss I have ever put on anybody—almost as if I hated fags. I don’t think my mouth was even touching when I was tongue kissing him, that’s how disgusting this kiss was. I’m a little ashamed. I think it lasted about half a minute. I really think it went on too long.


  1. David C. says

    Here we go. Another celebrity yutz who in one sentence has to make sure everyone who reads this tripe knows he 1) dates women 2) is NOT gay 3)would ONLY kiss a guy if he was tanked on alcohol and not responsible for his actions and 4) if he did it like he totally hated “fags”. What a jerk. And what with the “have you ever kissed a guy?” question? Who cares, so what, big deal. Anyway, anybody (“destroyed” or otherwise) that would kiss Perez Hilton has got to be an idiot. What a pandering maroon.

  2. Marcito says

    Mayer = Hypomania
    Hypomania: A condition that resembles mania, but is less severe and disabling. People who are hypomanic experience euphoric mood, talk more and are more active, and need less sleep. They may also be unrealistically optimistic and/or narcissistic.
    In other words, this dude is f*^%king nuts…

  3. Leonard says

    God, someone (his publicist maybe?) should’ve stepped in while this interview was being conducted. He’s pissed off African-Americans and now he’s pissing off gay folks. Whose next on Mayer’s shitlist?

  4. daftpunkydavid says

    enough with the pc bullshit already. i think there’s a difference between what he said and someone who uses words to hurt, whether that be for blacks or gays. what does it tell about people when they get offended for every stupid little thing ?!

  5. Beef and Fur says

    It’s not Fag Bashing when there’s tongue you self inflated douche nozzle. In one sentance he enforces two fucked up sterotypes…fags and fat fags are contemptable. Sadly, some of you here beleive this to be true.

  6. says

    “I grabbed him and gave him the dirtiest, tongue-iest kiss I have ever put on anybody—almost as if I hated fags.”

    Almost, John? Really?

    Hates homosexuals.

    Hates black women.

    Will his career be ruined? Or will he get a pass?

  7. says

    I fail to see that incident as “fag bashing”. If anything, it’s a tipsy, masochistic version of “Perez Hilton bashing”. And really, who among us hasn’t wanted to get in on that particular act now and then?

  8. says

    yeah, gaylib, he was totally out of pocket for that; but why while he was dating White Princess Sexual Napalm he couldn’t control himself enough to NOT hate-tongue (it’s like hate-sex, only no balls I mean lips are touching) a man who’s VERY politically homosexual. I mean, really, what’s this line mean? “acting as though he had just invented homosexuality.” Why would a straight man care? John Mayer has issues. Was he drunk during this interview?

    Beef and Fur, you have a point about the double dis. You also have a point about how some gays are going to think this is all ok. It isn’t.

  9. Pitt says

    I’ve never really liked him, and always wondered why he doesn’t have any consonants in his songs as he seems to just sing all vowels; but now I really dislike this pig. What a piece of trash.

  10. Chitown Kev says


    “Or will he get a pass?”

    Z, haven’t you heard? This c*nt has a “n-word pass” already, at least according to him.

    I am curious as to what this bitch is smoking or tooting or shooting prior to these interviews so that if I do relapse, I know what not to do (at least initially).

  11. d1gn4n says

    So, this interview went a little off the rails. As someone who knew John before his VH1 days, I’ve got to defend John and say that the characterization of “gay-basher” is a bit offbase. First, he is both completely straight and gay-friendly, but he’s still kind of a self-aware geek who was propelled to mega-stardom. His use of derogatory language in this interview is flummoxing and definitely not cool, but John isn’t exactly cool like Keith Richards. Some of the most honest points in the interview that everyone seems to be ignoring is John’s confessions to being a mega-nice self-depreciating guy who wants nothing more than to just be liked. I’m not defending his choice of words here. However, Perez (the object of the alleged “gay bashing”) used the “f” word in an arguably way more hateful manner last year. And to quote TCW above, kissing Perez Hilton *would be* disgusting. (Ugh, can we please stop giving Perez a pass as a victim and community leader simply for being gay and semi-famous?) This intereview is definitely cringe-inducing and regretable, but I think characterizing John as homophobic is wholly innacurate.

  12. Greg says

    One of things I like about Mayer is his seeming total lack of self-censorship and “restating” that is so common in celebrities – which is uncommon, I think, in people who also love the spotlight as much as he does.

    I can totally see one of my straight friends who is completely normal about all things gay saying this in this way. The comment about Perez being annoying in an abrasive, over-the-top-shrieking-fag way makes perfect sense (and not just annoying to straight people) and c’mon – HE TONGUE-KISSED ANOTHER MAN. Whatever his reasons were, no phobic guy is going to do that.

    We want straight people to be open like this, but then we jump on them when they are. That doesn’t make sense.

  13. Landon Bryce says


    There really is not a way to read this story as something other than a display of bigotry. Mayer claims to have been bothered because Hilton was acting too gay, right? That means he’s not as gay-friendly as you thought he was, doesn’t it?

    I still prefer John Mayer to Perez Hilton, and I don’t think anyone other than Hilton himself views him as a community leader or victim. It’s still not okay for Mayer to call gay men “fags” in an effort to prove how cool he is.

    And it’s not okay for gay men to send the message that acting the way he has should be laughed off. Mayer doesn’t think he’s racist or homophpbic. He is obviously both.

  14. Glennn says

    I had a straight guy grab and kiss me at a party to prove he’s cool, but I felt violated. The problem is that straight guys think that we are up to kiss and have sex with ANY other male, and that just is not true at all.

  15. says

    d1gn4n, I think that your defense of John Mayer’s use of the word faggot as not unlike Palin defending Limbaugh’s use of the word retard.

    It’s never ok to use these words casually, and, if anything, his careless use of them is indicative of his character.

    It’s ok if you’re friends with a homophobe. Just stop trying to defend a quality of his character that doesn’t exist.

  16. LincolnLounger says

    It seems appropriate to me that John Mayer’s punishment for being a megalomaniacal douche is having his tongue in that disgusting, self-loathing Perez Hilton’s mouth.

  17. says


    Yeah, he’s phobic in that quote, too. Basically says gay bars are fun because gay men are less masculine than straight men, doesn’t he? Then is apparently offended that people claim he was getting kissed by guys.

    Read the actual words. He’s cute, I like some of his songs, he thinks he’s cool, he’s a bigot.

  18. Greg says

    Landon: Um, no. He says what he says, not what you say he says. Really. I’ve seen a lot of agenda-driven misrepresentation but you’re not even close to the original text! Or maybe it’s just incredibly poor reading comprehension skills. In either case, what he said was _positive_, and he wasn’t offended that people thought he was getting kissed by guys because it made _him_ look bad, he was offended because it made the guys in the dance club appear disrespectful and out of control when it was exactly the opposite.

  19. BCLance says

    @Landon Bryce: “I remember seeing Perez Hilton flitting about this club and acting as though he had just invented homosexuality.” It doesn’t take much parsing to realize that Mayer was not, as you claim, “bothered because Hilton was acting too gay”. That’s not what those words mean. Indeed, a more straightforward reading would suggest that he was irked by Perez Hilton’s sense that he speaks for or represents a single, “authentic” homosexuality.

    I’m not defending Mayer, whose interview shows just what a douchebag he is, but I don’t think we need to overstate what’s actually going on.

    Mayer buries himself in the interview, he doesn’t need any help.

  20. jakeinlove says

    Mr. Mayer has quickly lost his teeter-totter charm with me. I don’t think I could get through this article, I haven’t read the whole thing, with out truly despising him. I read another excerpt from this article and he calls his penis, not him, a white supremacist. Going on in a truly distasteful manner.

    He truly has some issues that he needs to deal with in a not so public manner. He’s unwittingly becoming a very ugly person.

  21. Marcus says

    He’s only kissed ONE man? Wow, is he serious? How stupid does he think some of us are? I’ve seen him make out with dudes in clubs more than ONCE.

    He should have really kept his mouth shut.

  22. says

    I don’t know. I think this is a non-issue.
    He talks without thinking (that he thinks with his dick is also well documented), but is he homophobic or into gay bashing– uh, no.

    Not sure why this blog on one day celebrates him (he’s been in countless posts that glorify his body, his tats, his love of gay people) and then shoots him down like this.

    Make up your mind!

  23. TANK says

    This guy’s an talentless asshole. The same people what defend him get that frisson thinking about gay for payers kicking the shit out of them in disgust after they allow them to give them a blowjob. Sad sorry sacks.

  24. Landon Bryce says


    Both you and John seem to think the idea that a man might have kissed John Mayer is inherently offensive. And anybody who says they acted as though “they hated fags” has issues with respecting gay men.

    I think you are bending over backwards to give Mayer’s words a benign reading. Certainly he himself acts as though he invented heterosexuality– are you going to claim he could possibly be justified in taking offense at someone else’s display of sexuality?

    He not only HAS a David Duke dick, he IS a David Duke dick.

  25. d1gn4n says

    @ Landon / JonBenet : Like I said in my original comment, I do not condone his or anyone else’s use of derogatory terms.

    Mayer is hyper-self-aware and you can certainly ascribe some personality flaws to him (he is human). However, I just happen to believe from personal experience that homophobia and racism are not part of the Mayer make-up.

    Again, the interview was pretty much a disaster (obvs), but the TMZ-minded public’s desire to grossly mischaracterize a celebrity is simply offbase here.

  26. FunMe says

    So he smokes pot, so I can understand his rambling.

    But what’s his obsession with the gay world. I mean he did go dancing at TOUCAN’S TIKI LOUNGE in Palm Springs.

    And this whole kiss is pissing off Perez Hilton (I know he’s a douche bag, too) … but check this radio interview he had on “Is John Mayer Gay”:

  27. Paul R says

    The thing about kissing straight guys is that most of them suck at it. (I’ve attracted my fair share of straight guys over the years thanks to ecstasy and alcohol.) Gays and women tend to be much better kissers.

    That said, I don’t give a flying crap about John Mayer and his issues. He seems desperate for attention (and, as someone else said, is desperate to be liked), and most people like that will take it wherever they can get it. So he kissed Perez Hilton to take him down a peg; I can’t object, nor can I really care.

  28. says

    Derek Washington, don’t even have to use Kanye’s name. Try ‘Mel Gibson’. I know what point you’re driving at, and I agree with it. I’d like to hear from Jews, Jews who are horrified that another Jew invoked David Duke and white supremacy. Nevermind why, just the invocations themselves. Where are they? Can;t wait to read those essays. How long should I wait?

    The black woman truly is the most despised creature on the planet. Thanks, Holly Robinson-Peete. The unattractive homosexual is third. Thanks, all gays who think its ok for what Mayer did (lie, deny, and lie some more) just because Perez Hilton was on the receiving end.

  29. says

    Landon Bryce, I agree with you. Given what’s been written about Mayer in the past, it’s all coming together. I agree with your assessment. Looks like some gays have taken the Holly Robinson Peete (‘I’m in the good section!’) stance, though. Any compliment is a compliment to be cherished, even when its backhanded.

    Tank, I hope less people are like that (filled with so much guilt for enjoying being gay that they enjoy being punished for being gay, more), now that being out of the closet is more acceptable.

  30. Skruffs says

    Belated, I know, but it seems that Mayer just likes to bolster his own self confidence by one-upping ‘easy targets’. I’d love to see him try to take on someone who wasn’t considered marginal by mainstream society, because then he would be forced to realize how marginal he himself is. Stupid pedo.

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