1. L.J. says

    I applaud you, Towleroad, for the practically instantaneous way you bring this type of information to us.

    I doubt this will appear on some other popular blogs until much later today — or tomorrow morning.

    It’s good to know we can count on you to be “in the know.”

  2. Bob R says

    John McCain is a neanderthal but an eternal darling of the mainstream media. Meet The Press should change it’s advertising slogan to “If it’s Sunday it must be John McCain on Meet The Press”! David Gregory is also a very bush league “journalist”, but there seem to be few is any real journalists any more. I think Colbert was absolutely correct when he called the press corps nothing more than stenographers. McCain is a very hateful, amoral and corrupt old man who is fighting for his political life against against a fascist in the GOP primary. That means he’ll be moving even further to the right of Attila the Hun to save his political life.

  3. shane says

    Either you’re with us or against us.
    I remember a prior commenter suggesting the term “straight supremacists.” Couldn’t be more on-target.

  4. Jeff says

    Since when is bureaucratic bullshit taken more seriously than the Admiral’s “personal beliefs?”

    Oh that’s right – Forever and always.

  5. Rich says

    McCain is a pathetic has been who sold his soul for one last shot at the Presidency, and continues to do so in order to try and keep his job in the Senate.

    He flip flops more than a fish out of water.

  6. TANK says

    C’mon guys…his politically inert family (daughter and wife) are gay pals, though…when it doesn’t matter. Old bigoted cancer face is going to live a looong looong time if his mother’s longevity is any indication.

  7. says

    Yes, by all means, it is important that we have the feelings heard of those who serve. That makes sense. Afterall our armed services are not controled by a structure of officers and a commander in chief. It’s done by committee.
    And while we’re asking them how they feel about things. Can we ask them how they feel about serving in Iraq? Afghanistan? Waking up at 4am? The possibility of having to take part in Stop Loss?
    Why stop at gays in the military? I’m sure there are a LOT of issues on which they would love to offer comment.

  8. JD says

    Totally agree with L.J. Saw this episode this morning, and didn’t expect to see a post about it until tonight. Very nice to see how on the ball everyone is here :)

    As for the comments in question, couldn’t care less. John McCain should listen to his wife and daughter, and stop being a predictable puppet of the Conservatives when he needs their support.

  9. Randy says

    (Note that McCain didn’t quote the Navy, of which he used to be a part — gee, I wonder why? The Navy wants DADT gone)

    Why is McCain presenting the US military as a bunch of shivering nervous weaklings who don’t take orders?

  10. says

    Doesn’t really matter what the old goat thinks on the subject, or any other for that matter. The Tea Party already has a candidate propped up to run against him in the upcoming primaries in Arizona. Bye Bye Papa McCain. Even they see through your bullshit.

  11. Brian says

    He’s not the only one who’s doing this exact same thing. My congressman (or the congressman who represents my district), Jim Marshall (D-GA)–yeah, I know “D,”–did the exact same thing, he’s just not on tv.

    I wrote to him after the State of the Union to ask him to cosponsor the current House bill to repeal DADT (Military Readiness Enhancement Act), and he sent me a response back saying that he was waiting for military personnel to tell him that it was okay to repeal it. This letter was postmarked two days AFTER the congressional meeting where Mullin and Gates advocated for repeal, so I sent him another letter asking him what his position was now. He pulled a McCain saying that this wasn’t the time to repeal, blah, blah, blah. So was he lying the first time or this time?

    If you haven’t already done it, write to your senators and congressmen and -women to ask their position and tell them yours. And don’t think that just because they put a D next to their name that they’re not out there pulling this same shady sh**. I’m sure Jim Marhsall’s interns are getting pretty sick of hearing from me, but I’m not going to stop until he changes his opinion or gets voted out.

  12. james says

    If McCain’s colleagues in the senate felt he was too old to serve next to them, what would he think? This isn’t a matter of popular opinion.

  13. John says

    McShame was the one who eulogized that gay Republican 9-11 “hero,” Mark Bingham, and then hurried back to Washington so he could vote against granting the man’s partner benefits from the Victims Fund.

    In spite of, or perhaps because of his experiences in Vietnam, the man has entitlement written all over him. He practically demanded the presidency because it was his “turn.” He has neither honor nor integrity. And no matter how one might feel about Obama, America really dodged a bullet when it rejected him and Ms. Alaska.

  14. el camino says

    McPampers genuinely is a bigoted old relic that even his WIFE and DAUGHTER have disavowed on gay rights.

    And to think there were some who called him a courageous maverick. That’s not what he is or has been, he’s a reactionary prejudiced old throwback to the 1950’s.

  15. dards4444 says

    This is a guy who ask Sarah Palin, I can see Russia from my laundry room window, to be his running mate. Why would anybody take anything he has to say seriously?

  16. jesse james says

    How humiliating for poor John to have to ask Sarah P. what he thinks now.

    John: Sarah, how do I feel about gays in the military?

    Sarah: Well, all righty now, if the AllMighty wanted it we would have had it already. So, no John, no gays in the military. The AllMighty will give us a sign when it’s time. Like Obama’s second term, maybe then John.

  17. says

    GROW UP, Queens! Those who “don’t care” what McCain thinks, that is.

    This will come as a shock to you and the Mama who spoiled ya, but it doesn’t matter what the fuck YOU think about him. He’s the highest ranking Repug on the Senate Armed Services Committee who will not only vote to KEEP DADT but who influences other Repugs and homophobic Dems to do the same thing.

    Doesn’t matter whom he’s defeated by in Nov. IF he is, unless the world is entirely wrong in predicting that the moderates will lose so many seats then that repeal will be dead FOR YEARS the second their replacements are sworn in.

    Those who genuinely care more about this issue than simply proving how blase and dickless they are about predictable Troglodytes should be demanding Obama get off his ass come out swinging against McShame et al, and arm-twist enough Dems to get repeal passed before those elections, just like Kennedy and Johnson’s hardball got the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 and 65 passed in a Congress far more racist than this one is homophobic.

    If he doesn’t WEIGH in, as he repeatedly promised to do over two years while trying to get our votes for the Party’s nomination, REPEAL WILL NOT HAPPEN!

    WH TELEPHONE: 202-456-1414

  18. Alfredo says

    I’ve had more “soldiers” in my bedroom than I care to remember. McCain is no war hero, he was captured for christ’s sake. Nothing heroic has ever come out of his mouth!

  19. TANK says

    “I’ve had more ‘soldiers’ in my bedroom than I care to remember.”

    You know, when they’re dead, they’re just hookers. Right?

  20. Bryan says

    No matter how many times some hetero bigot with two faces and half a heart repeats “hopefully,” hope is exact what this should not inspire in anyone concerned with justice or even simple decency.

    In the military, as in most other entrenched bureaucracies, “study” is what you do instead of act. Study is a euphemism for “bury.”

    DOD has been “studying” LGBTQ people since long before we adopted that awful, garbled acronym. Other than the occasional promptly discredited fantasy, they’ve yet to come up with a single valid objection to the presence of openly gay people in their ranks in 50 years.

    There’s nothing left to be studied, only something to be admitted: bigots will stop at nothing to preserve the status quo, particularly power bigots put and kept in positions of authority by the idiocracy.

    The only thing left to study is why the real America must love Jeezus and hate fags, and how their chosen leaders became so morally, spiritually, and ethically bankrupt as to allow themselves to represent such a degraded people.

    McCain and his ilk will stop studying and act when we force them to do so, and not one day sooner.

  21. Dickster says

    Dear John, you know, waaaaay back in the day there were many in the services who were against desegregation. But their bigoted opinions weren’t solicited; the military was desegregated.

    Later, there were many chauvinists who didn’t want women to serve in the forces. Many of them believed women serving alongside men would result in sexual bedlam. But their chauvinistic opinions weren’t heeded; women were integrated into the military.

    Now, homophobes such as yourself believe queers serving in the military must be sacked because you know, that sexual bedlam thing is still around. And immorality. Immorality!! Because you want to frame homosexuality as a moral issue, we should poll service members? Puhleeze.

  22. Walter says

    Now he wants the enlisted men to vote on the repeal —- yeah how often does the Military care to send the vote down to the grunts on what happens?

    I guess as long as they can stir up hate to support Straight Supremacy it is a good idea.

  23. Dawson says

    When did this become a position where you had to have complete agreement? If this was the case nothing would ever get past congress. This isn’t up to a vote (thank god–or whoever)with 100% affirmation.

    The party of NO is quickly becoming irrelevant. Problem is the Democrates are terrible at exposing b.s. and don’t know how to play dirty. Too much ‘let’s play nice.’ Sorry, not on our backs.

    What really is the problem with gays in the military? Are they afraid that we are going to hit on them or see them naked? Isn’t this really the issue? Oh, yes every gay man and woman can’t control themselves. Isn’t the issue really about sex!

    Republicans have been to preoccupied by sex, whether it be a woman’s right to choose or who sleeps with whom–gay, straight, black, white, etc or whether the man is on top and the woman is on the bottom. Makes you wonder why the majority of the people in Congress caught for some sexually issue are normally Republican.

    To cut to the chase this is really about dick. Those embarrass by theirs or envious of others.

  24. RugbySkin says

    So we base policy on what people in the military are thinking? My dad was in the Air Force before I was born. He says he was never asked if we should get involved in Vietnam. When My grandfather was in the Army, they never asked him about desegregating the service.
    Oh well, Mr. Lowest Score at West Point not knowing policies doesn’t surprise me…

  25. GRC says

    Huckabee, McCain, Palin – all hate mongers desperately seeking attention and using the media to further incite injustice, inequality and violence against individuals and their families. Don’t they know any gay people? Shame on them all.