1. CKNJ says

    Absolutely classic, John! Shove it to that decrepit moron. He long ago ceased to be relevant… just someone forgot to tell him, and he is laboring under the delusion that he matters a damn! To Senator McCain: Find rock. Crawl under said rock. Stay under said rock. Forever! Enough!

  2. patrick nyc says

    Stewart was brilliant last night, as was Colbert, but this was not just a good slam at this old douche bag. McCain is one of the most frequent quests on his show, and make no mistake, what he says is heard down in DC.

    McCain was already called out yesterday by the MSM, now he is the laughing stock of DC.

  3. Martin in FLL says

    Let these old Senators filibuster… they will not make it thru the process and maybe that solves the problem with age.

  4. Paul says

    I watched Rachel Maddow’s show concerning this and I remember thinking to myself there is not one young person speaking here. these people are all senior citizens…and you have the military brass saying “get rid of it”. and what do that do…they bring “morality” and “unit cohesion”. WTF.
    and then they start talking about special barracks and special shower…as if these people aren’t already living in the same quarters or showering together. They try to hide their homophobia and yet end up sounding like a bunch fucking “out of touch” idots!! sheesh!!

  5. ChrisM says

    Recall how, when there were demands by these very same Republicans for Obama, the commander in chief, to follow the advice of the “Generals” and send more troops to Afghanistan? But now that many of the same officers, as well as the Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, have called for the abolishment of DADT the Republicans are falling all over themselves to demand that “they” (Congress) will make the decision and not those in command. Obviously the GOP (the party of NO) has the great burden of opposing anything that the President or the Dems’ in congress propose regardless of its value or merit.

    Quite honestly nothing would make me happier than if all of the gays currently servicing in every branch of the military would go their commanding officer, announce that they are gay and demand that they immediately be discharged and sent home. I can assure you, from first hand experience, that there would be units losing as much as 30% of their personnel – and in many cases in the most critical of areas.