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Quebec Newscasters: Johnny Weir Flamboyance 'Sets a Bad Example', He 'Should Compete in the Women's Competition'


Johnny Weir met the flamboyant Stephen Colbert over the weekend.

Meanwhile, more sports commentators are the subject of complaints regarding their treatment of Johnny Weir, this time in Quebec, from veteran sportscasters Claude Mailhot and Alain Goldberg.

Said Mailhot: "This may not be politically correct. But do you think he lost points due to his costume and his body language?"

Replied Goldberg: "They'll think all the boys who skate will end up like him. It sets a bad example."

The exchange wasn't the first time they had made questionable comments regarding Weir: "In earlier RDS coverage of Weir, Goldberg and Mailhot also brought up South African runner Caster Semenya, who was forced to undergo gender testing following her 2009 win at the world track and field championships in Germany. 'We should make him (Weir) pass a gender test at this point,' Goldberg said and Mailhot then jokingly suggested Weir should compete in the women's competition."

The Quebec council of gays and lesbians has demanded a public apology.

Meanwhile, Weir gave an interview to  Eddie McGuire, Australian newscaster who suggested Weir "didn't leave anything in the closet" when performing.

Weir forgave McGuire: "For me, I take everything as a game. I am very laid-back as far as that goes. I like to poke fun at people, there's no harm with that, it's all in good fun."

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  1. Pure and simple - Johnny was robbed for all the wrong reasons! He is a true Olympian, and if you would like to do what I did to state my shear disappointment in the IOC, go here:, pick a form, fill it out, and send it to the IOC Olympic Committee stating your views. Not only is it a way to get the word to the IOC, it will show your support for Johnny. Check out the archives for a sample, if need be. Help spread the word as well! Thank You!!

    Posted by: Dartainian | Feb 23, 2010 11:22:53 AM

  2. He apparently likes to skin animals to show how manly he his.. Class act Im so proud of him F

    Posted by: Hoser McTouqe | Feb 24, 2010 10:28:57 PM

  3. As a Canadian, it is no surprise to me to hear this kind of bigotry being spewed from the mouths of two Quebecers. Quebec likes to hold itself up as the centre of progressive thought in Canada but most rank-and-file "Quebecois" (French-speaking 'native' Quebecers) are quite bigoted in their worldview - anti-English, anti-immigrant, anti-Islamic, anti-Semitic, anti-everything other than white, French-speaking 'pur laine' Quebecois. This is a society which celebrates racists and white supremacists (Abbe Groulx) not to mention cold-blooded murderers (Paul Rose). This is just another example of the deep-seated bigotry in Quebec society.

    Posted by: especiallylisa | Feb 25, 2010 1:47:12 AM

  4. Now I respect Johnny Weir. I always used to think he was so self-centered but after seeing his remarks on those idiotic comments I'm proud/glad that he is representing my country.

    Posted by: SAM | Feb 26, 2010 1:46:03 PM

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