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New Obama Health Care Proposal Drops LGBT Provisions

Gay-related provisions in the original health care proposal have been dropped from a new version announced by Obama yesterday, Metro Weekly's Lisa Keen reports:

Baldwin  "Most LGBT and HIV activists had supported the House bill because it included key LGBT specific provisions, including provisions. In addition to the data collection, it prohibited discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in the provision of health care; enabled people with HIV and low incomes to obtain Medicare coverage earlier in the course of their illness; and eliminated the tax that gay employees must pay if their same-sex partners or spouses receive health coverage from their employers' plan. Straight employees don't pay that tax but, for gay couples, the coverage is characterized by the federal government as additional income for the gay employee.  [Tammy] Baldwin said Monday she would 'continue to fight for all of my priorities in the final health care reform bill, including those related to LGBT health.'"

The bill, being called a "starting point" by the White House, does have a provision for health centers, which, MW notes, could include some LGBT and HIV centers around the country.

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  1. Once again we're stabbed in the front.

    And I don't want to hear any crap about how wonderful the Republicans are.

    Posted by: David Ehrenstein | Feb 23, 2010 10:25:49 AM

  2. Well fuck.

    Posted by: Pender | Feb 23, 2010 10:29:57 AM

  3. Hello gays, meet Mr. Bus. NOW GET UNDER IT!

    Posted by: joe | Feb 23, 2010 10:36:54 AM

  4. LOL.

    This administration is just getting better and better.

    I'm wondering if it's some kind of sick joke or not. I mean, why else right? Nobody asked for dropping those points, so there was no need to, and LGBT people are already pissed off with Obama. Is he really that stupid or does he just hate us?

    Posted by: Stan | Feb 23, 2010 10:39:42 AM

  5. But they invited the cast of Glee to the Easter Egg hunt so I guess this is OK.

    Posted by: Trev | Feb 23, 2010 10:40:57 AM

  6. Trev- great comment- and so true and they love them some HRC as well-right?
    so all is well.
    Hypocrisy or Hope-you be the judge.

    Posted by: Nick | Feb 23, 2010 10:43:34 AM

  7. Fierce advocate.

    Posted by: acorlando | Feb 23, 2010 10:49:26 AM

  8. Were those things in the Senate bill? I remember the tax cut in the House bill, but never heard about the Senate version. Anybody know if it was there?

    On one hand this sucks, but on the other: are they specifically and overtly cut or do they just not appear in an 11-page (as opposed to 1000+ page) document?

    Posted by: KevinVT | Feb 23, 2010 11:03:36 AM

  9. That bus we all thought Obama was throwing us under is turning out to be a steamroller. I can't wait to hear how HRC spins this. "Don't worry, the president still has his secret plan for us," or some such.

    This kind of treatment is what we get for letting the Democrats take us for granted all these years, and for blindly trusting HRC, which let them do it.

    Posted by: jomicur | Feb 23, 2010 11:24:26 AM

  10. What a fucking Disaster!

    Posted by: John Normile | Feb 23, 2010 11:29:43 AM

  11. Over the past year I've learned this is what you can count on this administration for: ZERO. Expect nothing from Obama and I assure you, you will not be disappointed. He's a sheep in sheep's clothing.

    Posted by: Bob R | Feb 23, 2010 11:35:09 AM

  12. I've only had time to briefly look at Obama's 11-page plan. I didn't see this (though it would be par for the course).

    Does anyone know where Keen saw this change?

    Posted by: Rob | Feb 23, 2010 11:41:42 AM

  13. Well, were these provisions in the Senate bill? If not, the argument would seem to be a moot point. The process of reconciliation will probably strip a lot of desirable things from the House bill, including LGBT provisions. The House bill isn't what's on the table.

    The article is unclear whether Obama's proposal stripped these LGBT provisions and left in others that were in the original House bill, or not. I'm not saying that this is fine and dandy, because it's not, but saying that Obama suddenly committed this draconian act out of thin air seems to be an unsupported assertion if these provisions weren't in the Senate bill to begin with.

    Posted by: FML | Feb 23, 2010 12:05:32 PM

  14. Obama's proposal is closely related to the Senate bill which is more moderate and did not include those same provisions as the House bill. We'll be lucky if any bill gets passed at this point so it doesn't surprise me that some of the more controversial items would be taken out to satisfy moderate dems.

    Posted by: Brian in Texas | Feb 23, 2010 12:13:23 PM

  15. It's Joe Lieberman's fault!!


    Posted by: GrabbinNewscum | Feb 23, 2010 12:30:20 PM

  16. Of course teh gay is tossed aside.

    Posted by: Psychodrew | Feb 23, 2010 12:41:02 PM

  17. So typical.

    "Read my lips..." Oh, that was another one...

    Posted by: Martin | Feb 23, 2010 12:41:13 PM

  18. "Straight employees don't pay that tax but, for gay couples, the coverage is characterized by the federal government as additional income for the gay employee."

    So we need to teach government how to treat us (and stop acting like the sissies that bullies know they can target without repercussion) -

    Subtract the difference from any taxes owed this April 15th....if you still pay the bully.

    Posted by: Queer Equality Revolution | Feb 23, 2010 1:29:59 PM

  19. All gay men and woman need to face the music. All politicians want us for is our money. Period. The little that is done for our inclusion and equality legally is crumbs for dollars. We will have to fight our own fight and realize that our "friends" in high places are fair weather at best, our actual enemy at worst (they make us complacent and we follow them like sheep all the way to our eventual slaughter. A slaughter we have paid for.)

    here should be the new slogan off all gay rights organizations:

    No Change = No Money.

    Posted by: Bart | Feb 23, 2010 1:31:00 PM

  20. How ya like him now?

    Posted by: Name: | Feb 23, 2010 1:49:42 PM

  21. I'm just appalled by this. You were fooled by the teleprompter trickster!

    Now say sorry to Mrs Clinton and get working on Hillary 2012!

    Posted by: Sean R | Feb 23, 2010 3:14:38 PM

  22. Nothing from this administration surprises me. Rahm is Rove.

    Posted by: Jubal H | Feb 23, 2010 6:16:15 PM

  23. Instead of HRC bashing why the hell don;t you pick up the phone and call your F*&king CONGRESSMAN!!!

    Hell you keep complaining that HRC doesn't speak for do it yourself...
    Except ANDY and his swarm are too busy trying to reestablish themselves after the OCTOBER MARCH movement produced NO RESULTS!!

    Posted by: MCnNYC | Feb 23, 2010 7:58:33 PM

  24. The tax on insurance policies is a huge burden for our household. GLBT citizens pay millions of dollars in unfair taxes. This should never have been stripped from the House bill. Fierce Advocate. HA.

    Posted by: Happily Married | Feb 23, 2010 8:02:14 PM

  25. Don't just talk about it, congresswoman.

    Threaten the President of the United States.

    Everyone else has and he apparently doesn't mind.

    The last time they voted on health care legislation the result was 220-215 with one Republican in favor. That Republican - Joseph Cao of Louisiana - has since said he won't vote for it again. Which means it is 219-216 now. It would only take two gays to KILL THE BILL. There are three in the House of Representatives.

    Posted by: John | Feb 23, 2010 8:07:07 PM

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